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Surgeon didn't do the full 3000 grafts


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Hi, I recently had FUE surgery and paid for 3000 grafts. The surgery was over two days. 

On day one I was told 2100 grafts were inserted. On day two I was told the other 900 were inserted. 

I saw the sheet where they tallied the grafts. On the second day they only extracted 650 grafts but told me it was 900. I quickly got a photo of the count (attached) after I was told surgery had finished as it seemed very quick on day 2. I did ask the surgeon who said again he did 900....


1 - is there a way I can check how many grafts have been done? My head is all red and scabbed over now.

2- has this happened to anyone here before? If so, what did you do?

Any help would be appreciated.









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One thing you can do is post what clinic or Dr it was, so everyone is aware of a possible issue. I say possible issue because we don't know for sure. There are a few clinics who charge by the procedure rather than the graft count. They give you an estimate of how many they will do and set a price. Then you are leaving it up to them whether they actually give you that amount of grafts or not. I am not a fan of that at all. My feeling from the few cases I've heard about who have done this is that they will rarely do the amount they charge you for. It's a way of setting a seemingly low price per graft while actually charging you much higher than if you went somewhere else. I don't know what happened in your case, of course. I'm just posting some thoughts here.


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@DF1234 can't you just be 100% completely honest with the clinic? Don't accuse them of deception of course, just say you are very worried there were not 3000 grafts used and also show them your picture. 

I really don't think you have anything to lose. They already did the surgery.

I understand not posting the clinic and doc name if you are having active conversations with them. But that also could also help in determining the validity of this claim. 

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I think this could be cleared up with an honest conversation the clinic. Maybe I'm naive, but I think more often than not, people aren't intentionally deceptive. This could be a misunderstanding, there could be a reasonable explanation, or it could be an honest mistake that they own up to - but regardless, I think the only way to get answers is to be direct and speak to them about it. 

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Contact the clinic, they could’ve out the final count on a different sheet. I know some clinics actually use clickers to count.

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When I had my surgeries, there was a large digital count on the wall.  Dr Vories extracted every graft himself and I believe he had a foot-peddle which would record each extraction on the wall for everyone to see.  I would contact the clinic prior to posting who performed the surgery.  There could be a very reasonable explanation of what happened.  Keep us posted.

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