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  1. Thats a lot of frontal grafts and the results reflect it. I’m sure your patient is very pleased. You really packed them in and it looks really good. Congrats.
  2. Looks really good Dr. Yaman. Your patient looks similar to my hair loss with similar results. I was a Norwood 6 when Dr. Vories transplanted 5,250 grafts over three days in 2012. I’m sure your patient is very pleased. Congrats to both of you.
  3. I agree with “Baldrick” above. Looks like a pretty decent result. You’re a young guy, wait a while and see how things look in a couple years.
  4. JohnCasper

    Help! Considering FUE transplant

    Good post by “Raphael”. Most of us would have been thrilled to have that much hair at 28. My recession leveled out in my mid-30’s and I’m glad I waited for surgery. Everyone is different but I hope your family history and genetics prevail. Start documenting your hair loss with similar angle photos quarterly. Wait a couple years and see how much if any hair loss occurs. Start a personal hair transplant savings account so you will have a decent amount of money saved just in case you decide to have surgery....down the road. Good luck. Thanks for the pictures.
  5. JohnCasper


    I’m sorry but that is the only picture I had prior to the second surgery. Hope it helps. I’m sure cutting your hair with a 1-guard would be a safe way to go .....if you choose to in the future.
  6. JohnCasper

    FUE Scarring - Small Procedure

    I don’t have a better picture of my donor area after 1,750 grafts were re-located in 2012 but I hope this picture helps. Scarring is barely discernible. I’m sure the advice above in this thread from Melvin and others, is valuable information. Cutting with a 1-guard may be the answer. This picture was taken two years after my first surgery (5,125 total grafts).
  7. Everything looks quite normal. Take a look at my website (below). Look in the archives section for Sept. 2012. I provide a narrative of everything to expect including pictures and videos. It may help with expectations going forward. Good luck and keep us posted with your progress.
  8. JohnCasper

    HT#2 with Dr. Nader

    Looking good. I’m sure you will be pleased with the growth in the coming weeks. Thanks for the update and new pictures.
  9. JohnCasper


    FUE isn’t scar free but here’s a picture I’ve posted many times. Keep in mind the area highlited generated over 1,750 grafts from my first surgery. This picture was taken minutes before a second procedure over 2 years after the first surgery. There is very little or no discernible scarring.
  10. That’s a very interesting balding pattern. I’m with Melvin (Moderator) get another look and opinion. Please keep us posted with any news and progress.
  11. Thank you.....NO. I’ll take my 7,125 grafts all extracted and placed by the hand of Dr. Vories. I believe the Artas Robot uses a relatively large punch size as well. Well said....Spanker and others.
  12. That's a tricky one. Not sure what has caused that. It's probably a temporary issue. I'm curious that you only had a 200 graft procedure? Did you leave out a zero (2,000)? Can you tell us a bit more?
  13. JohnCasper

    Sleep position after FUE

    I also slept in a similar position. Since you're at the four day mark, your grafts should be just fine with no danger of dislodging at this point (under normal circumstances). I also do not think you have to worry about any scarring recurring at this point. You should be just fine. If you want to see what to expect going forward, you can visit my blog (below). I documented everything with narratives, pictures, videos, etc. Just look at the archives on the right side of the screen and click on September 2012. Good luck! You have a lot to look forward to in 3-4 months.
  14. Good luck during your “anagen phase” of the hair growth. You should experience about a 1cm or nearly a half inch of growth per month. Thanks for the update.
  15. JohnCasper


    Best of luck to you. Glad you chose FUE and willing to share your experience with us. You have a lot to look forward to. Post some “before” pictures, game plan, and how many grafts you expect to harvest.
  16. Very nice crown results with only 2,500 grafts. I’m sure your patient is quite pleased.
  17. Looks very nice. I had a mega-surgery (5,125 grafts) over 3 straight days in 2012. Melvin is right.....very age appropriate. Congratulations.
  18. Very nice crown results.....congratulations. Looks great.
  19. JohnCasper

    Can donor area regenerate new follicles?

    Regenerating new follicles??? Sounds like a dishonest way to lure gullible patients.
  20. Every head and donor area is different. It’s very difficult to say but if your hairs per square centimeter is accurate a skilled surgeon could work with that. It also depends on whether you want to wear a short cropped haircut. I’ve had over 7,000 grafts moved and doctors at the International Hair Restoration conference a few years ago suggested 2,000 more in my crown area. A reputable FUE surgeon should lead you in the right direction. You can see my before/afters at the website below. Best of luck to you.
  21. JohnCasper


    It’s hard to tell at this point but I’m sure it will look fine as your hair grows out. Keep us posted each month with new photos. If you look at my website below and look at my photos from January 2015 you will see my progress after my second surgery along with pictures of my donor area during that time. Keep us posted here on the HTN.
  22. JohnCasper


    Everyone’s donor area yield is different. I agree with previous post, with your hair grown out, it should look fine. My first surgery was 5,125 grafts and a second surgery yielded 2,000 more. When I attended the International Hair Restoration conference with Dr. Vories....and was on display...hair surgeons were encouraging me to move 2,000 more to the crown area. Let your hair grow out and I’m sure you will be pleased.
  23. I noticed the previous thread of responses were in 2016. Do you have an update for us?
  24. JohnCasper

    Shedding!! Is this normal?!

    Let the scabs come off at their own pace. Most of mine came off in the shower but be careful as you shampoo and massage your scalp during the shower. Looking forward to seeing more pictures in a couple months.
  25. JohnCasper

    HT#2 with Dr. Nader

    Looking good “memzinla”, you’re very young for this procedure but the results look good. I’m sure you will continue to have some hair loss at your age but it looks like you have a plan to stay ahead of it. My hair loss stabilized about the age of 35. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures with us.