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  1. Glad you're getting it figured out. I know first hand how stress and anxiety can really have a negative physical aspect on your body. I suffered from frequent migraines for years without being able to find a solution, and once I made the connection to some certain issues I would find myself stressing out about (and recognizing how the migraine would soon follow), I began addressing those anxious thoughts instead and the migraines have pretty much gone away.
  2. If it's only been 5 days then you definitely shouldn't be worrying. In the original post you said 5 months, which made it seem much more problematic. The fact that you reached out to Dr. Rahal and he also said not to worry is a good sign. Give it time. You just went through a surgery and had thousands of tiny holes punched into your scalp, so give your body time to bounce back and heal itself.
  3. pkipling

    FUE sleeping hairs

    It's unlikely new grafts are growing already. I'm assuming the surgeon shaved your recipient area, so the really small hairs your seeing may just be some of the existing hairs growing back - although without pictures it's hard to know for sure. I will add that I think the best advice I got when having my hair transplant was to not overanalyze it and examine it daily for new growth. Not only is the growth process really slow and gradual, but the timeline is fairly unpredictable and there's no way to know for sure when you'll start seeing significant growth, when you'll have large bursts of it, etc. So my suggestion is to try your best not to keep looking for answers when it comes to the whole process... Allow yourself to look at your hair at the most once every two weeks. Otherwise, you'll start to drive yourself crazy with questions and only bring added stress to the whole process. The less you think about it, the better chance you'll have of waking up one day and realizing "Omg, I'm really seeing some progress here."
  4. I think it's totally fine as well - especially if you're just trimming the back and sides. Be upfront with your barber and let them know you had a transplant so that they can take any necessary precautions, particularly if you have a strip scar that they need to be aware of. Personally, I was buzzing my head about a week or so after surgery, as I decided that I wanted things to be uniform. I did it myself and was extremely careful not to make contact with any of the grafts in the recipient area (although they were anchored and secure by that time anyway), and things worked out great. That said, you can always run this by your doctor just to be safe, as every surgeon has their own opinions/views on post-op care.
  5. Have you asked anyone in your life if they notice a difference as well? Posting the pictures here for us to see would be helpful, but if you have close friends or family members that can also weigh in to see if this is more exaggerated in your mind or if it's noticeable to others. I would also speak to your doctor/GP about this. I think the likelihood that taking a relatively small number of pain pills having this effect is very small. It's not like you were abusing medication for months and years on end, so this may warrant a trip to the doctor to have it checked out and see what other underlying causes there could be.
  6. pkipling

    FUE sleeping hairs

    It's a pretty good indicator, although you're right in recognizing that even with a full head of dense hair, there are times when our hair will appear thinner due to the amount of hairs that are in a sleeping phase. Spex has talked about this in his posts (seasonal sheds and whatnot), and just by being aware that this is something you'll experience really helps ease your mind when it happens. The best thing for you right now is that once you reach 9 days post-op, the chances of losing a graft are extremely low, so now you just get to be patient and watch the magic happen.
  7. pkipling

    Is FUE reversible?

    Like Sean said, this would be possible, but would be worst case scenario. Ideally, if you do your research and decide on a reputable surgeon with a great track record, then this wouldn't even need to be considered. And even if it did come down to having it removed, you would no longer have an untouched scalp and there is a chance there would be scarring left behind.
  8. pkipling

    Whey protein and hair loss

    Whey may not contribute to hair loss, but I don't think it's the best option when it comes to protein powders. I've found that plant based ones are much easier for me to digest (Not that you asked.... 😉)
  9. It's definitely possible. And any potential "puffiness" you're describing that stems from the (natural) direction of the implanted hairs could most likely be overcome with the right styling product, and I don't think any surgeon would want to implant the hairs in a direction that wasn't natural anyway. (Nor do I think you would ultimately be happy with it if they did.)
  10. You can use any shampoo you want at this point, depending on what your personal hair needs/qualities are. Nizoral is very good for dandruff, and I personally prefer using it instead of Head and Shoulders.
  11. pkipling


    It really all just depends. Once it starts, it can be sudden or gradual - and no matter how they shed, it won't have an impact on your longterm results. It's the same with the growth of the grafts... You can start to see growth as early as 3/4 months, but sometimes it won't start until later, and the rate at which it grows isn't indicative of how the final result will be either. Just remember to be patient.
  12. I don't think there's any way at all that this could affect your hair transplant. The grafts have been secure for months, so if you're able to stress less about any one thing with all of this that's going on, I think the HT would be number one. I'd be more concerned about this persistent headache and trying to get to the bottom of it.
  13. pkipling

    My transplant :) 6500gr.

    I really, really hope that this works out for you and you don't end up regretting using so many grafts for the beard. But since what's done is done, happy growing! If you can, update this thread once you start seeing results. We don't see a lot of beard transplants around here so it would be cool to see how this turns out.
  14. This sounds very similar to what I experienced after my HT, but mine was isolated in the donor area. Permanent nerve damage is extremely rare, so what you're probably experiencing is temporary nerve irritation and it will most likely subside. My pain got worse at night when I was trying to sleep, so I used an ice pack on the back of my head to help numb it a little, along with some pain killers as needed.
  15. Hopefully you've already been in to see someone that's able to help you (or better yet - a response from your surgeon). In the meantime, I would also make sure not to pick at anything on your scalp that could cause the infection to get worse. And great advice regarding sending emails to your surgeon to have a record of the communication attempts. Keep track of the phone calls/voice mails left as well should (worst case) you need this information down the line. Really hope this works out.