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  1. Hey @LonelyGraft - Here are the official 10 month before/after photos.
  2. Azza - I am truly sorry that you're in the situation you're in. Man. This really does break my heart. You've been given some great input here, and I really hope that you're able to reach a level of peace with all of this at some point. Nearly every single one of us on this forum who have dealt with even mild hair loss can relate to the negative feelings that come along with it, but what most of us experience doesn't come anywhere close to the amount of heartbreak you've endured. I want to reiterate what you already seem to know - and that's that any emotional/psychological trauma you've
  3. These results are top notch! I'm also envious of your ability to properly style your hair, which is something I will forever struggle with. Lol.
  4. Hey Rahul! Sending good vibes for a positive outcome with all of this. Feel free to reach out anytime if you do end up wanting to consult with Dr. Mohebi in the future. I share some of the same concerns others had here in regards to your donor supply, so I think Beard to Scalp may be one of your best options moving forward given where you are with everything, which is something Dr. Mohebi could definitely discuss with you. Hopefully this all works out in your favor and you get a significant improvement from this procedure.
  5. The most painful part for me was also the local injection... Fortunately, the numbing set in fairly quickly, so in hindsight it was over almost as soon as it began... But in the moment - holy moly, it was painful. 😳
  6. Glad you're reassessing this, because I agree that based on the photos and what you're desired outcome is, I really don't think getting a HT is worth it at this stage.
  7. Everything looks great and completely normal! And to add to your peace of mind, the first 72 hours are the most crucial in regards to your grafts being at risk, which you've already surpassed. After the first 72 hours, the risk of damaging your grafts is greatly reduced as they are most likely completely anchored in place. Keep being mindful not to hit your head on anything and follow your post-op instructions, and by day 10, it will be nearly impossible to damage them. If you do happen to dislodge a graft , it's typically quite painful and there is usually bleeding - so if you were to damage
  8. Hey Andy! I'm glad you found this forum early on in your quest for a solution. A few quick tips/points I would leave you with: A) Unfortunately, due to your age and the state of your hair loss, your options are fairly limited in regards to getting a full head of hair. There's a small chance that you would be a viable candidate for a hair transplant, but I wouldn't bank on it to be honest. It's hard to get a good grasp of your donor area based on this photo, but that is a lot of area to cover.. And since hair loss is progressive, an ambitious procedure like yours at a very young age is typ
  9. If it were me and I were going to do a hair piece, I would really have to have a certain amount of confidence to be able to pull it off. I can't speak to them from firsthand experience, but as Gatsby mentioned above, it seems like really owning it and being open about it would be the best bet. I've heard quite a few stories over the years of men who have them and try to keep it a secret, and it typically seems to weigh them down - especially in romantic situations where they feel like they're gonna get "caught". I hope you're able to find a solution that works for you - and if it ends up being
  10. This looks amazing. The only way anyone would ever notice anything remotely "off" in regards to scarring/density is if they themselves are familiar with hair transplants and FUE. Otherwise, this looks completely natural. I'm able to cut my hair this short as well, and it took me a long time to accept that even though I could see the "lesser density" in the donor area, nobody else would ever notice it - even when I point it out to them.
  11. You'd be cutting it pretty close with that timeline, but I agree it's a pretty safe bet. I had great results at 8 months, but I also was an early grower. Everyone grows at a different rate, but at the very least, your scalp will be completely healed by then and you'll be long past the ugly duckling phase - so I don't think you have a lot to lose tbh. If you have great results by then, great! If not, it will most definitely be an improvement from where you are now.
  12. I agree with what Phil said in regards to managing your expectations for crown work differently than you would for the hairline. While I agree that as of now, there's not a clear cosmetic difference, A) it's still relatively early and B) the crown is notorious for being particularly challenging anyway, so be extra patient with it. I think this could still work out in your favor, and all you can really do at the moment is monitor it over the next couple months and see if you start seeing some progress.
  13. Yeah, once you dive in to the world of hair transplants, you'll start noticing guys who have most likely had procedures all the time. It's hard to tell what his final results are, but should look pretty good - and most likely a good representation of how much difference a relatively small procedure to slightly lower the hairline and reframe the face can make.
  14. All I know is that in 5+ years on this forum, I've never seen any surgeon or rep tell people not to take meds as a blanket statement - in fact, it seems like not taking meds at all is the less popular decision... All good. Probably pretty much saying the same thing tbh. Glad you had such great success with the meds.
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