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  1. pkipling

    FUE Reversal

    Yeah, pictures and more details will really help in you getting some guidance on this. In the meantime... know that A) this is definitely something that's possible/fixable, so don't stress out about it too much and B) the same standard method for choosing a surgeon applies here: Use this forum and the list of recommended surgeons here as a starting point, narrow down your choices to your top 3 or so based on results, patient feedback, user opinions, etc., set up consultations with them (preferably in person, but Skype works as well), and then trust your gut and go with the one you feel most comfortable with.
  2. I've definitely heard that before but I don't know how effective caffeine is in providing tangible results in terms of your hair. I think it's one of those interesting scientific discoveries that are "technically true" but don't translate into actual, real life results.
  3. Definitely get it checked out as soon as you can. And if you're anything like me, remember not to pick at it. I have a really hard time leaving stuff like that alone, so whatever you do just leave it be and let the doctor resolve it for you.
  4. pkipling

    Growing donor

    I had the same approach and stopped buzzing mine around month 3... The donor hadn't fully recovered in terms of density, but it was good enough that I was able to let it grow from month 3 onward. I would give it a try around then and keep an eye on it every couple of days or so. As it grows in, if you notice that it's doesn't look the way you want it, just buzz it back down and try again a couple of weeks later.
  5. Dude! Absolutely incredible. It just keeps getting better and better. Very happy for you. : )
  6. I wanna point out that in addition to new growth that is likely to happen after month 5, the hairs that have already grown in will continue to mature as well and become thicker, which will visually translate as even more hair than what you currently see... You have a lot left to look forward to, so just breathe and enjoy the ride.
  7. I fortunately have really good insurance, so I pay around $10 for it with a copay. That said, the generic will undoubtedly be way cheaper that $125 even without insurance, so I would look into that. I wasn't treating my scalp with Clobex at the time of my hair transplant, and I only use it now on an "as needed" basis. I've found ways of keeping my outbreaks at bay, so I don't use it regularly.
  8. I didn't shave it, but I buzzed it with clippers. The recipient area was already shaved, and the hair behind it was left long in an attempt to be able to style it forward to conceal the transplanted area. However, I changed my mind after the procedure and wanted everything uniform. I was instructed to wait until day 5, at which point the grafts were very secure, and then I took clippers with a guard and very carefully buzzed the hair surrounding the transplanted area. I understand that most people may not recommend this, but I know how meticulous and careful I am and I was very confident in my ability to do this without coming into contact with the grafts - and also understood that the grafts were extremely secure by then anyway.
  9. I initially opted for option 2, but changed my mind after my procedure and wanted to buzz all the surrounding hairs on top. I spoke with my surgeon, and was given the ok to very carefully use clippers to trim the hairs around my recipient area after day 5. The first 72 hours are the most critical in terms of the grafts being anchored, and I made sure not to even come close to making contact with them anyway. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this, but it worked out just fine for me.
  10. Incredible! Congratulations. Very happy for you and looking forward to how this ultimately shapes out. Now to any newcomers to the forum, don't go getting the wrong idea that this is what you should expect this early! Haha
  11. pkipling

    Small talk during fue

    Haha! I didn't shut up either, and based on the replies here, it seems we're in good company. The drugs definitely make you loopy, which often presents itself as chatty. I believe Spex was inquiring about you saying that a technician did the extractions, which is something that only the surgeon should be doing. Assuming you went somewhere credible, I imagine the surgeon was actually doing the extractions but a technician was there to receive the grafts as he extracted them and then transported them to be cleaned and counted. You care to elaborate? (Also keeping in mind that you were quite drugged up, so maybe you don't fully recall.)
  12. pkipling

    Hair Miniturization

    Like Dr. Charles said, there's no crystal ball. However, surgeons can examine the miniaturization levels of your hair, and based on your age, rate of hair loss, family history, hair characteristics, donor density, etc. they can make an educated guess on where you may be heading and what the best plan of action is. I'd recommend having several consultations with trusted surgeons and seeing if they come to the same conclusion.
  13. The amount of Instagram and Facebook ads I see on my timeline promising quick, easy results (whether from a HT or some miracle drug) is astounding, and unfortunately, way too many men fall for it and end up paying a hefty price.
  14. pkipling

    Avoid Jumping To Conclusions

    Thanks for this post, Bill. The unnecessary panic that people experience from time to time doesn't do anyone any favors. It also makes me wonder why the growth timeline (and it's unpredictability) isn't made more clear by the surgeons of these patients. Either these surgeons are making it very clear that the timeline is approximate and these patients choose to ignore it, or the surgeons are sugar coating the experience for them and selling them a bag of goods by promising guaranteed results much earlier. Either way, this is important information for us all to continue to promote and stand by.
  15. Have you not had any success with the Clobex? I use the generic form of that and it works like magic for me. I have a similar situation and will have flare ups in my crown (the area where my hair is slightly thinner and may need to be addressed some years down the line). If the Clobex isn't working for you, speak to your dermatologist about other options. It's also important to see if there's any correlation between any products you're using on your hair and the flare ups. I've found that I'm quite allergic to a lot of products, and also need to wash my hair every day (or at the very least, every other day). For most people, it's often recommended not to wash your hair daily, but I simply can't get away without doing it or else I end up with a really bad breakout.