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  1. While you never want to haphazardly remove them, it's fine to support the crusts/scabs in coming off around days 7-10 - but it should be done by letting them soak in warm, sudsy water and then gently massaging them away. They should come off with ease and it actually helps the healing process. That said, what's done is done - and as long as there was no bleeding/pain, your grafts are fine. They're secure by day 7 anyway, so I wouldn't worry.
  2. Post some pictures so people can better advise you and give input. Have you been taking the Benadryl and doxycicline like your doctor suggested? How long have you been taking it? How long did he say it would take for you to see improvement? And have you reached back out to him to let him know things haven't gotten better? Hopefully you can get some answers here in the forum - and I still suggest you to stay in consistent communication with your doctor. He should be your best resource in getting this resolved.
  3. As gillenator said, you'll find lots of useful threads on the forum where this is discussed in great detail. You can do a forum search of certain key words that will filter them for you. In short, it's best to avoid the sun after a hair transplant for at least the first few months - although each doctor has their own guidelines as to how long you should do this. Anywhere from 3-6 months seems reasonable, though as you mentioned, some say to wait a full year. Personally, I think this is a bit overboard.
  4. Your hair still looks a-okay to me. I don't see any changes from these pictures to the last ones.
  5. While I tend to agree that you're not in "need" of a hair transplant and you have a perfectly appropriate mature hairline, I also don't think it's out of the question for you to want to alter the hairline for purely cosmetic/aesthetic reasons - MPB/recession or not. If this is something you want to do, you'd need to take into account all the factors every other person takes into account when making this decision... Have consultations with several top surgeons to evaluate the quality of your donor area, any miniaturization levels of your hair, genetic/family history and make a decision based on what your projected hair loss pattern likely is. Based on what you've shared here, it probably wouldn't take much to lower the corners just enough to give you the cosmetic look you may be looking for.
  6. While a lot of us can go down to a #1, I would say a #2 would be safe as a general rule - at least in terms of managing expectations before following through with a procedure. I usually do a 1.5 fade myself.
  7. Yeah, I definitely had it for a few weeks - but it wasn't so bad for me. I buzzed my head completely and had significant redness in the recipient area, but I convinced my employer at the time to allow me to wear a hat to work for undisclosed "medical reasons". They obliged and I used that to get me through first several weeks. After that, the redness had gone away just enough that it just looked like a mild sunburn, so I ditched the hat and nobody asked any questions.
  8. Hmmm. A couple thought/questions: 1) Is it this noticeable in the actual photo when you're not zoomed in like this? We can pick out any flaw when zooming in so closely, so I'm wondering how accurate of a representation this is to what most people would see when they look at the photo. 2) Is this an example of a photo that you would actually use/share? The photo almost seems like a silhouette, in which case it doesn't seem like it would be a useable photo to begin with. 3) Lastly, lighting is key to taking quality photos in regards to any physical feature - not just the hair and its density. If the lighting isn't great, then neither the skin, eyes, teeth, etc. will look great... But that doesn't necessarily mean that those things need to be "fixed" - if that makes sense. I know this may go off course from your original question and what you're looking for - but at the moment I'm not so sure this is something you "need" to address. Fix the lighting as you would for any photo, and you just might be set!
  9. I also agree that you should leave your hairline as it is... Don't mess with a good thing.
  10. Haha! Amazing. What a couple of geniuses we are. 😎
  11. I met up with a friend this past weekend who is recovering from a torn ligament repair that has left his arm full of red marks and he mentioned that he puts fresh aloe vera on it every day to support the healing process. The reason? When he was a teenager, he got 2nd degree burns on his face from a fryer while working at McDonald's, and the doctors assured him he'd have permanent marks/discoloration. His mom applied aloe vera on the burns every day throughout the healing process and he virtually has no signs of anything ever happening. Even the doctors couldn't believe how well he healed. I found that fascinating regarding combatting redness of the skin, so take that for what it's worth.
  12. For anyone in the San Diego area this Saturday, September 21st, Dr. Mohebi is hosting a free seminar at the Manchester Grand Hyatt starting at noon. This is the perfect opportunity to meet with one of the best in the industry and get one on one time with him to assess your hair loss and discuss what your options are for hair restoration. Come with a list of as many questions you may have and leave with tons of answers, being one step closer to making the decision that is best for you. I'll be heading down there with him from Los Angeles and it'd be great to meet some of you in person... Call the office at the number below or send them an email to RSVP... And send me a message on here that you're coming so I can keep an eye out for you. All the official details are below! With gratitude, Brent/pkipling Date: Saturday, September 21stTime: 12:00 pm to 2:00 pmAddress: Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego1 Market Place, San Diego, CA 92101Meeting Room: Bankers Hill in Seaport Tower on 3rd FloorPhone: 818.788.8363Email: info@parsamohebi.com
  13. Definitely don't use mascara, as that's typically black and used for eyelashes... (Ntm can often be semi-permanent and hard to remove). Either mascara means something different to LaserCap, or he just isn't well versed in makeup and beauty products. I've seen posts here before about guys claiming to use aloe vera, but I can't confirm how well it works from personal experience. My redness lasted longer than I wanted it to (have always had a sensitive scalp, so it was no surprise to me), but I was also able to wear a hat to work for the first 4 weeks so it wasn't a huge deal to me. I'd do a forum search of some former threads and see what you can find. I know there have been some detailed conversations about this over the years.
  14. If you only knew how much money I spent on expensive shampoos years ago (one in particular that had Argain oil as the main ingredient) so that my hairline would come back... Not to mention all the years I spent kicking myself for thinking I brought my hair loss on to myself for wearing a hat so frequently as a kid/young adult. Thankfully, I learned that that was a myth and still enjoy wearing hats all the damn time completely free of stress that it's causing MPB.
  15. You're making really great process in a short amount of time. Lots of early growth - and the undetectability of that strip scar in the last photo is amazing!