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  1. It's a stretch to say that it's a natural version of Finasteride. There are claims that it can help the hair in the same ways that Finasteride does, but these aren't founded in any concrete studies. (And this is coming from someone who's a big believer in natural forms of supplements and treatments, and I still don't think I would be alarmed about any side effects from Saw Palmetto as I'm not sure how effective it would be to begin with.
  2. pkipling

    First Time Poster

    Congratulations man. In many ways, one of the harder parts is over: Choosing a surgeon and being courageous enough to schedule the appointment. You might experience lots of second guessing between now and then. My suggestion would be to keep track of any new questions you have that come up and reach out to the clinic every so often for reassurance if you need it (just don't call every other day lol). I found this to be very helpful in calming my anxiety leading up to my procedure. They also put me in touch with a former patient who was kind enough to make himself available to me to discuss his experience and help put my mind at ease.
  3. Without more information - and with before and after pictures - it makes this difficult to assess. It would also be visually supportive if you could make a collage of some sort so that we can see the pictures side by side: Left side before/Left side now, and the same for the right side. To answer your original question though - Yes, you can expect to continue to see growth even after 8 months.
  4. There's a difference between hair loss related to MPB and hair fall, which can be simply be a seasonal shed. Seasonal sheds happen and there's nothing (to my knowledge) that we can do about it. Maintaining a healthy diet so that you're getting all the necessary vitamins and nutrients may help in keeping your hair healthy and vibrant, but the shed i simply a part of the hair cycle - and nature is gonna nature. Otherwise, if you mentally understand that when these sheds happen that they are temporary, it will make them much easier to cope with.
  5. You're already setting yourself up to win by really looking at the longterm goal here and making sure that you plan accordingly. One thing you have working in your favor is the curliness of your hair, which will aid in adding the illusion of density. My main question would be this: Are you satisfied with your surgeon, and is this someone you trust and want to move forward with throughout this entire journey? If so, I would lean heavily on him to support you in coming up with each next step, as it's called for. If this isn't the surgeon you want for your entire journey, I would suggest getting other consultations and opinions and seeing if there's someone out there you feel comfortable enough with to take this task on with you. I would also caution you against planning everything as if you won't care what happens after 40/45... While that may seem like the case right now, you'd be surprised at how much this all continues to matter - with guys getting HTs even into their 60s. So while I commend you for thinking relatively longterm already, I urge you to take it a step further and really set yourself up to win even into your older years.
  6. The opinions on the efficacy of a supplement like this vary amongst different people and surgeons. I took it for quite some time but honestly can't speak to if it even worked or not, nor did I experience any side effects. I think it's a great alternative to Fin if you experience side effects with Fin, and I don't think there would be any harm in taking it and trying it out... And there's also no harm in stopping a supplement cold turkey. That said, when it comes to medications (or anything somewhat related) it is best to consult with a doctor and have them formulate a game plan for you.
  7. pkipling

    Donor Hair Opinions

    You definitely look like a good candidate for a HT - and the curly hair will really do you some favors in adding the illusion of more density on top. My main suggestion would be to really do your research in terms of surgeons and get a good consensus before moving forward, particularly re: FUE vs Strip. FUE can be trickier when it comes to curly hair, so if choosing FUE you really want to make sure you're choosing a surgeon who is very competent and has a proven track record of similar cases.
  8. I would discuss this with your doctor, as each surgeon will have different protocol for this, but as a general rule, the grafts are fully anchored after 2 weeks. There's a study that shows the first 72 hours being the most crucial in terms of the grafts surviving/being anchored, and by week 2, they're all set. Then it's just a matter of being very careful and meticulous when buzzing it so as not to damage other parts of your scalp.
  9. Nope, leave it alone! What you're wanting to address is so minor, and not only do I think it's not necessary, I think you run an even greater risk of not being happy with the outcome. As Melvin said, chasing perfection in a cosmetic procedure usually doesn't pan out very well, and I find it to be a very dangerous game.
  10. The main issue would be the thinning of the blood, hence why you don't want to drink leading up to/immediately following your procedure. HopefulRaven is right that the answer really does vary from doctor to doctor, so listening to your specific doctor and following his instructions is going to be your best bet. If we're speaking in terms of alcohol consumption actually negatively impacting your growth, I'm not aware of any research to back that up - and personally, I would feel comfortable consuming alcohol about 2 weeks after the procedure. (Even that I think is being fairly cautious and conservative.)
  11. I started taking Fin leading up to my HT and took it for a couple of years, and I also stopped due to mild side effects, primarily, weaker erections. I don't remember how long it took for things to return back to normal, but they did. It's a choice I made that I am happy with. It's been 4 1/2 years since my HT, which at the time was focused primarily on my hairline. My crown has gotten a little thinner over time - but there's no way to definitely know how different that would be if I had continued with Fin. The crown is something that may need to be addressed in the future, medication or not, and so I'm just hanging tight until then. For now, I'm in no immediate need for round 2, so I'm confident in my decision to stop taking it - and ultimately chose my sex drive and sex life over hanging on to some of my hair a little bit longer.
  12. pkipling


    As Fozzie said, there's no way to know for sure how your body will respond until you take a chance and take it. Personally, based on research, data, and just anecdotally following this forum for several years, I think it's much more likely that you won't experience sides - and I say that as someone who stopped taking it due to side effects. I used to take the 5mg tablet and cut in into 1/4s as you mentioned (although this is more to make it more affordable than anything else), and after a couple of years, I decided to stop. Even though there's a risk of side effects, the medication does work, so if you want to give it a go, my advice would be to start with a 1.25mg either daily or every other day and then take it like a vitamin and forget about it throughout the day, so as to try and prevent you creating side effects in your head that may not be there. And I suggest to do this under a doctor's supervision so they can tweak the dosage as needed should you run into any issues.
  13. The timeline that Shera posted is a good reference point, but like he said, there's really no set formula for how fast your hair will grow and how quickly you will see results. It really does vary person to person. While what you're describing may not be ideal, it's not necessarily indicative of anything wrong, so stay positive and optimistic. It is relatively early, but I would go ahead and stay in communication with your doctor anyway just to be certain. Post pictures here if you'd like... Your results may be better than you realize and some outside perspective may help ease your mind.
  14. I've never heard of this before either. In fact, I started taking Finasteride in preparation for my hair transplant. So unless some new studies have been done to support this, I suppose this is yet another thing we can add to the long list of discrepancies between various surgeons when it comes to giving advice.
  15. Tons of good advice - and what you'll realize is that there's no set formula or answer for this. I got my HT on a Thursday and was back at work on Monday. Granted, I had FUE, minimal swelling, and I was able to wear a hat to work so that I didn't have to worry about it being undetectable. If I weren't able to wear a hat and wanted it to go completely unnoticed, there's no way I would've been able to return to work on Monday. That said, this was 4 years ago, and even since then, the attitude in society about hair transplants has already shifted in a really positive way. So much so that I have a coworker who just had a HT in December and was completely open about it. We knew why he was taking the time off, he came back to work 5 days later with minimal swelling, and it's become something that we talk about from time to time as he moves through the very slow growth process. Nobody thinks twice about him having a hair transplant, just like they didn't think twice when I finally came clean about mine. All of that to say - depending on where you live and the culture of your work place, it's worth considering not being so concerned about it being a huge secret. My experience (granted, I live in LA) is that people really don't care and will eventually forget it was a thing that even happened. So if being open about it would relieve you of some stress, I'd say consider being open about it. In hindsight, I wish I had been more open about it instead of waiting 6 months to "confess". Trust your gut and do what's best for you - and in the meantime, keep researching surgeons!