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  1. Looks amazing! Something to celebrate amidst all the craziness going on in the world these days. Hope the Mrs. did a good job with the haircut.
  2. The topic of sexual side effects in relation to Finasteride is very tricky, particularly due to how much of an impact our thoughts/anxiety over potential side effects can actually lead to us experiencing them psychosomatically. This isn't to say that side effects aren't real, but I do think it takes a certain amount of mindfulness for each individual to be able to more accurately determine what is going in their own body. The placebo effect (and the power of the mind) can't be ignored. I'm not sure of the likelihood of you experiencing noticeable side effects after just one week, but I suppose it is definitely possible. It's also possible that by simply having the threat of sexual side effects floating around your brain, you gave extra attention and meaning to things happening in your body that were otherwise normal and falsely misidentified them as physical side effects. Only you can trust your own judgment, and in my experience, the only way to know is trial and error. All of that said, I'm someone who truly believe I did experience side effects with the drug. They were subtle (less frequent "morning wood", erections weren't as strong, etc.) and I did my due diligence to make sure it wasn't all in my head. I stopped taking the drug after being on it for a considerable amount of time (a year and a half, or so - the timeline is fuzzy), and little by little, noticed my body getting back to what I considered to be my normal. I then tried the drug again to see if the side effects started back up, making sure to "take it and forget it" so that I wasn't giving it more attention in my mind, and they did start to come back. I then stopped taking the drug altogether, things returned to normal, and I am very happy with my decision. I hope that supports you in navigating what can often be a very confusing, complicated experience. There's no universal hard and fast rule for how any one person will respond to Finasteride, so you'll need to find a formula, dosage, routine, etc. that works for you.
  3. Hey man! I'd be happy to talk to you about my experience with him and answer any questions if you'd like. He's a class act. Shoot me a message if interested and we can exchange contact info.
  4. For me, the two most important things you want the surgeon to do - no questions asked - is 1) scoring the grafts and 2) making the recipient sites. The technicians are there to support in removing the extracted grafts once dislodged, sorting, counting, cleaning, etc. and then placing them in the recipient sites the surgeon made. The surgeon should also oversee all of this and make sure the grafts are placed correctly and adjust any grafts that need adjusting. And as Dr. Charles mentioned, there are laws in place in some areas stating that the surgeons are the only ones who can score the skin, but you want to make sure this is being followed.
  5. You'll have to do some trial and error with different products to see what works for you. If you go to a salon, they may have samples of different things you could try so you don't have to commit to buying a full bottle of something. Creams and leave in conditioners sound like something that might work for you. I've had success with both.
  6. Oh. My. God. I have so many questions and concerns. 😳That's absolutely terrifying. And yes - how could anyone forget a hair transplant story involving a man getting hit by a plane!!!! Glad you managed to stay safe.
  7. Damn. I think it's safe to say that at the very least, the top North American surgeons recommended on this site aren't the ones doing that... At least as far as I know.
  8. Dang, I'm really sorry to see/hear this. Hopefully this is something that can be addressed with SMP. I'd give it until the 12 month mark to see if your body and skin naturally heal more on their own, and then research to "dig through the crap" and find someone who's qualified to address this with confidence. Hoping as well that at least with longer hair things will look better.
  9. I was in a very similar situation, and it ultimately came down to what I valued more for myself personally... I went back and forth, tried different doses, frequency, etc. and ultimately decided that my sex drive/erections were more important to me and I stopped taking Propecia. One key factor regarding Propecia that I think sometimes gets lost in the conversation is that the medication does not actually stop hair loss... It simply slows it down (though quite considerably). The way I ultimately looked at it was that any hair loss I experienced after stopping taking Fin wasn't necessarily hair loss that was going to be avoided by the medication. Understanding that Propecia was in many ways just prolonging the inevitable helped me to be at peace with whatever was going to happen... I just may have to address it sooner than I would otherwise.
  10. It's not ideal, but I don't think it's the end of the world for your grafts. We tell patients to avoid the sun for the first 6 months, but the guidelines for how long to avoid sun exposure varies greatly from clinic to clinic, suggesting that there's some wiggle room there in terms of the hard scientific data. Moving forward, be more cautious, but I wouldn't panic at all.
  11. Really incredible... And ditto on you not looking anywhere close to your age. Keep doing whatever it is you're doing, brotha.
  12. Holy moly, that's amazing! And yes - as BjornBorg stated - that's a very bold hairline/temple point for a man his age, and yet... It works perfectly. Fantastic work and total transformation.
  13. I've created my own little home gym using some dumbbells and am having to really be disciplined to make myself use them. Going to the gym was so much easier, so this is an opportunity to create new habits. I'm also using the time to do a lot of things I used to put off because of "lack of time" - and given that I now have a surplus of it, I don't have anymore excuses! Making the most out of it and choosing to let this forward me.
  14. I was 28. I went to a new hair stylist for a haircut, and he had the audacity to trim all the loose/wispy hairs from my receding hairline that up to that point I hadn't even noticed. Ignorance really is bliss sometimes. Lol. Once he cut them and I realized why (he was trying to make the receding hairline less noticeable), it's all I could focus on. My anxiety went through the roof, I thought my life was over, and I proceeded to spend hundreds (and eventually nearly two thousand) dollars on miracle serums and solutions trying my best to reverse the hair loss. Obviously, that didn't work. Two years later, I discovered hair transplants, Dr. Mohebi, this forum, etc. and the rest is history.
  15. Hey Gillenator! So you're saying that even in the US/Canada, there are surgeons who allow the technicians to score the actual grafts - even though it's illegal?