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  1. It really varies case by case, and different surgeons have different opinions on the matter. Generally speaking, it seems most surgeons would recommend taking Finasteride in conjunction with a HT, but by no means is it a deal breaker. I took it on and off for a couple of years (started at the recommendation of Dr. Mohebi) but stopped a few years ago due to mild side effects. I've managed to hold up just fine without it, but that's not always the case.
  2. Your hair still looks considerably better than before you started the Finasteride. Fingers crossed for you that it shapes back up to how it was before and this is all a temporary shed. Regardless, there are still other options it seems like you can explore, so not all hope is lost... And stay focused on the progress you've already made.
  3. Hey folks! Reminder of Dr. Mohebi's free seminar this upcoming Saturday in San Francisco, in lead up to the new facility he's opening there this summer. I'll be there with him and it would be great to meet some of you in person. Let me know if you'll be attending, and send an RSVP to info@parsamohebi.com to get added to the list.
  4. There is no "one single doctor" in LA that specializes in hair loss. I would disregard that post, as it appears to be spam. Now, back to you... I appreciate your persistence in getting people to tell you what you don't want to hear, but I really think it'd be a good idea for you to listen to all the evidence that is currently supporting the notion that you have nothing to worry about at the moment. The general consensus in this forum is that your hair looks perfectly normal and you have doctors who are backing that up and the last medical professional you spoke to told you the stress could in fact be exacerbating whatever is going on. Invitation to let this all settle and focus your energy elsewhere at the moment. ❤️
  5. Hey gentlemen! Dr. Mohebi is hosting a free hair restoration seminar in San Francisco on 6/22. I'll be heading up there with him from Los Angeles and it would be great to meet some of you in person. Let me know if you plan on attending so we can make sure to connect. You'll find all the details for the seminar below: After our first successful seminar Scottsdale, AZ, we are excited to move forward to our next seminar in San Francisco, CA! The seminar will be held at 55 Francisco Street, Suite #705 San Francisco, CA 94133 on June 22, 2019 from 12 pm to 2 pm. In line with our mission of spreading the latest information about the field of hair restoration, our seminars visit a different city across the USA every 3 months, where I present a comprehensive review of the hair restoration process. After attending the seminar, anyone interested in undergoing a procedure will be armed with all of the knowledge to feel comfortable making a decision. I will walk everyone through a hair transplant from the early stages of determining if someone is an ideal candidate for the actual surgery and what patients can expect during the recovery period. I will also discuss the long-lasting results that can be gained by a hair transplant and how emerging technology will enable patients to enjoy results that are even more natural looking than in the past. You will also get the opportunity to: Meet Dr. Mohebi in person Ask hair transplant questions in person during a “one on one” session with the doctor Get an up-close look at the kind of results you can expect from Dr. Mohebi This is also a great chance to meet Dr. Mohebi in person and ask him any questions about hair transplantation before he opens his new San Francisco Hair Restoration Office. Hope to see you there! Email info@parsamohebi.com to reserve your seat today! (Spots limited)
  6. I hear you - and it's particularly tricky to see things differently when you're in it. When we find ourselves chasing perfection, it can get really slippery and messy real quick, so be mindful. I'm not saying to never consider another HT, but for what it's worth, your hair really does look incredible. Have you tried throwing a little Topik in the crown to add a tad more density? Would that be enough to make you satisfied?
  7. In my experience, the donor kept getting better/back to normal with time - so there's a great chance it will keep thickening back up and becoming less and less noticeable. (And even still - as the other guys mentioned - nobody outside of the HT community would even notice anything out of the ordinary.)
  8. Get a miniaturization test with a qualified HT Surgeon/Specialist if you really want to put your mind at ease. (And then if they tell you not to worry, trust them! Lol) That said, we shed on average around 100 hairs per day - so it's very likely that this is nothing out of the ordinary. Your stress/concern over this may be leading you to being hyperaware of everything and catastrophizing what is quite possibly a normal occurrence.
  9. Hey Goozer! I'd be happy to talk to you about my own experience with Dr. Mohebi and what drew me to choose him as my surgeon to begin with. And even serving as his patient representative, I also agree that you can't go wrong with either decision and commit to speaking candidly and openly about his practice and everything he provides. I'll reach out to you to answer any specific questions you may have.
  10. Incredible results! Since you mentioned being concerned about some current thinning, one thing to be aware of that I'm not sure has been mentioned is to be mindful of seasonal shedding - particularly within the first 18 months or so as all the new grafts start finding their own groove/cycle so to speak. Hairs go through a growth cycle, and there are times when your hair may appear slightly thinner than others and it is easy to jump to conclusions and think it means you're losing your hair. With time, you'll be in relationship with what this cycle is like for you and be able to understand that it's generally temporary when it happens.
  11. Based on all the information provided, particularly the photos and the two dermatologists who examined you and said you have nothing to worry about, I would 100% trust that and focus your time and energy elsewhere. And I do strongly encourage you to get a head start on managing your anxiety and getting ahead of that sooner rather than later.
  12. I agree with everyone here - particularly with Spex... Go live your life and have fun and save the hair loss stress for your 20s should you ever start noticing changes/accelerated loss. But for now, you seem to be in fantastic shape - and with a killer widow's peak!
  13. I'm not sure the "why" is something that is even possible to answer. What is deemed "attractive" in men and women is not only very subjective, but it also varies depending on the time period, social status, and the culture at hand. As a general rule, in modern day society a man generally more appealing if he has a good head of hair. However, there are plenty of guys with full heads of hair who society may not deem "attractive", and there are definitely plenty of men out there who are losing their hair who society does consider attractive. Then you throw in different factors such as wealth, success, confidence, personality, and charm (just to name a few) and whether or not a person has hair has very little to do with where they may fall on the attraction meter to a good portion of society. Does having a full head of hair or a strong hairline help make someone's life easier? Perhaps. But there's plenty of evidence to support that not having good hair isn't the societal death sentence some people would make it out to be. (And I say this as one of those guys who thought the world was ending when I started losing my hair... So I understand the resistance to the notion that hair loss isn't as catastrophic as we can make it out to be.)
  14. As the other mentioned, this is a question best reserved for your surgeon. It's always a good idea to be upfront and honest with them about any questions or concerns you have. And while I personally can't imagine smoking weed 48 hours before the procedure would have an effect, I also doubt there are any clear studies on this to provide a definitive answer either way... In which case, perhaps err on the side of caution and don't do it.