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  1. pkipling

    Starting to have Fin sides (had HT surgery)

    I'm glad this is working out for you. I also stopped taking it, which can be a controversial decision around here at times... but I'm really glad I trusted my gut. You gotta do what works best for you. Either decision comes with certain risks, and we get to weigh the pros and cons of either choice and make the decision we feel most comfortable with.
  2. I understand the desire to look the other way and not deal with anything that could potentially come up with a biopsy. However, it's much better to have all the information and face it head on so that you can act accordingly. It will also really serve to support your emotional state, particularly if the results come back negative. One of my female friends has alopecia, and while it may not be "ideal", she has used it in her life in a really beautiful, powerful way. She uses her platform to speak out about image, self worth, empowerment, and acceptance, and is the source of inspiration for so many people - particularly others who also have alopecia. No matter what happens to any of us in life, we get to choose how to respond - and trust that you have everything inside you to handle whatever life throws at you, alopecia or not.
  3. pkipling

    Few simple questions

    1. My friends and family were fascinated, supportive, and very happy for me. In fact, even the one friend who I thought would be the most judgmental (she scoffs at anyone who does any type of cosmetic procedure) was extremely happy for me. 2. It really supported me in my confidence - and really saves me tons of time in terms of fixing my hair... No more strategically placing all the hairs so as to disguise the receding hairline. 3. 100% worth it and don't regret it at all. However, there are times when I see people like Justin Theroux and his killer, quite mature hairline and I get a tad envious of the look
  4. pkipling

    Fue or fut for me????

    Hi Wendell! Have you ever had a procedure before? The design/outline of the hairline in the top picture is very clean, and I'm unclear if that's natural or from a procedure. Regardless, I'm not sure you're even a good candidate for a hair transplant at all. Treating MPB is one thing. If what you're dealing with is Alopecia, that's a completely different beast and something to handle with caution. So my biggest question is this: How many consultations have you had? I would recommend doing lots of research to find top doctors, focus on the recommended surgeons in this forum, get consultations from at least 3 different surgeons, and then compare their notes/suggestions. Please don't proceed with anything until you've done this.
  5. I highly recommend getting a second opinion. If they also recommend getting a biopsy in order to better diagnose you, I would personally move forward with it. I'm not sure if your fear is associated with the procedure itself, or if it's more geared towards what the results of the procedure might be. Regardless, in order to properly treat this and come up with the most effective game plan, you want to have as much information as possible - and a biopsy would provide that for you.
  6. Wow! This is incredible - and embracing the gray is also a major upgrade. Well done, as I'm sure she's thrilled.
  7. As mentioned above, it's completely normal to shed about 100 hairs a day, so it's very likely that this is what it is. As for why you never noticed it before, it's possible that when your hair was straight, the hairs that would shed would fall from your scalp easier as you moved throughout your day. Now with the curls, they may be "held in place" better and not fall completely until you wash your hair. This happens when guys use certain hair products as well. The product keeps the shedding hairs in place, and it's not until they wash it that they seem them in their hands. And the longer you go without washing in instances like this, the more hairs you'll have in your hands when you do get around to washing it, with them having accumulated over a couple of days. If this happens, don't panic.
  8. I found this to be the case as well, which is why when guys are overly stressed about how to keep it a secret, I've come to lean towards the advice of being upfront and open about it. I was very concerned about people finding out in the beginning, but I found that the more I told people, A) the more comfortable/confident I felt about it, and B) not one single person gave it a second thought. If anything, they were intrigued by the whole process and wanted to know more about it.
  9. pkipling


    I believe technically it's dermatitis that I deal with; I don't have scalp acne, per se, but it gets red, itchy, and flakey - and can burn when left untreated. The Nizoral/Clobetasol Proprionate combo has been a miracle working formula for me when I have flareups.
  10. pkipling

    FUE Scarring - Small Procedure

    I agree 100%. While ultimately I believe that there is a base level of due diligence that each individual gets to have before jumping into any big medical decision (as evidenced by the number of people who jump in blindly to a procedure they end up regretting), there is no doubt that there are a ton of clinics out there who mislead their patients and set them up for disappointment. Hence why forums like these are so valuable...
  11. In regards to shock loss, the concern lies in whether or not the hairs surrounding the transplanted area are already weakened and are on their way out. If they're already quite miniaturized and not expected to last much longer anyway, the stress of the HT may accelerate them falling out. If they're healthy, any shock loss you experience will typically result in them returning.
  12. Clobetasol Propionate; I'm not sure if it would aid in what you're experiencing, but for me, it works wonders in soothing an itchy, irritable scalp when I have a flare up.
  13. These results are incredible and just keep getting better! Now that you've given the name of the surgeon and you got the unbiased feedback you were looking for, I'm sure the clinic would love to have you put his name in the title of the thread. (If you're able to edit it, that is.) Congratulations on such stellar results - and for documenting the journey so beautifully!
  14. pkipling

    Can Going Vegan Cure Hair Loss

    Resident vegan here, and as much as I would like to say that going vegan can reverse MPB in order to encourage other people to get on board, I simply don't think it's true from a scientific/physiological standpoint alone. As Dr. Bloxham mentioned, hair loss is genetic - and no matter what you eat, your genes are your genes. That said - being vegan/eating healthy in general does support my body/hair in other ways. The more balanced your diet is and the more nutrients you're getting, the better your skin, body, and often even your hair will respond - and if someone's hair loss is being caused by something other than MPB, like a lack of nutrients, then maybe the'll see improvements when they improve their diet. But reversing MPB? I'll stick with science and say no.
  15. pkipling

    I am worried 2#

    I understand the stress you're feeling, but I still don't think it's warranted based on what's going on. There might be a slight recession (or potentially just a maturing of your hairline), but I don't think this is anything to panic about, as that wouldn't necessarily mean it will continue. That said, for your own peace of mind and to get clear answers, I would set up an appointment with a specialist. A dermatologist would be able to tell you if there's anything going on with your scalp that gets to be addressed. For example, if your scalp is dry and itchy, that may lead to more hair fall. If you address that, then the hair fall may subside and the quality of your hair may improve. If you want more specific reassurance in regards to potential MPB, I would set up an appointment with a leading hair restoration surgeon simply to get an evaluation. Make sure you're choosing someone who performs miniaturization tests, as this will be the indicator if there is indeed hair loss going on and to what extent. In the meantime, I really don't believe you have any reason to be in a panic at the moment. Your stress is coming more from a fear of "what might happen" than anything related to what actually "is happening". Stay present, focus on getting information/finding a solution, and trust that you have what it takes to handle whatever it is (if anything) that's going on.