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  1. Styling has always been my biggest challenge... And I mistakenly thought it would get easier once my hairline was in tact. I may not spend any time concealing a receding hairline anymore, but I'm 35 and still don't know how to properly style my hair on a daily basis. If you only knew the amount of money I've spent over the years buying new products and me still not knowing how to use them properly... 😬Open to tips and tricks lol
  2. Wait a minute... Did we just interact on the internet without name calling and hateful comments and actually come to a mutual understanding? Lol. Anyway - My intent was also not to make you "wrong" or to be judgmental, so hopefully wasn't received that way, and I'll be mindful moving forward to make sure I'm not coming from that space. And thanks for being willing to see a different perspective. Now - back to the original post/question: I also second adding Dr. Mohebi to a short list (no surprise) and Dr. Konior as well.
  3. Not able to see the pictures with the "gap", but based on the pictures posted here, this looks like a home run (I don't know the soccer equivalent to my limited sports analogy database lol). It's always nice to see successful HTs done in the public eye... Helps remove that stigma.
  4. Not sure how sincere that apology is, but thanks? Regardless, it's not about being able to "take a joke" or not... There's a time and a place, and I'm not so sure a public forum where she could see the comment is the right place. That's all anyone is saying here. I'm simply requesting that we be mindful of how it would be received, particularly, should she happen to come across this... and I don't think it's unreasonable to consider that.
  5. Agreed. Not to suck kneecaps or anything, buuuut... This community has always been great ever since I joined 5 years ago - and it's only gotten better with Melvin being such a key player. It's noticed and appreciated @Melvin-Moderator
  6. Completely objectifying Dr. Nadimi (in a public forum, no less) is inappropriate and uncalled for. Not to mention, this is an industry where women aren't typically represented, and so to have one of the few female surgeons in this community degraded and disrespected because she's a woman who you happen to find attractive is unacceptable. Let's keep the conversation elevated, please.
  7. I assure you Dr. Mohebi is extremely busy and is working nearly 7 days a week between his two businesses and the new SF location that he commutes back and forth for... One of the hardest working people I've ever met, tbh, and hardly takes a day off. That said, we're always looking at ways we can improve, so I'll be happy to encourage him to be more responsive to any personal questions that are sent his way moving forward. I also do my best to stay on top of any comments directed his way, so I'll be more vigilant with that as well. Thanks for the input!
  8. It seems like you're doing your due diligence by researching thoroughly and asking lots of questions. By laying this groundwork upfront, you're already setting yourself up to win. I understand the stress behind making a final decison and wanting to make sure you pick the "right" surgeon, so something to consider is that there is no "one right answer" to this... Everyone will have a different opinion or a different point of view as to who you should go to, so as long as you're being responsible and thoughtful in your decision making process (which you are), it really comes down to trusting your gut and choosing the surgeon you feel the most comfortable with.
  9. I doubt that one time in the sun like that will have done harm - and from what I understand, the risk involved is greater when it comes to an actual sunburn. As for the length of time suggested before you can get normal sun exposure, this is one of those areas that really varies from clinic to clinic (which can be frustrating that there's no scientific consensus). Depending on the clinic, you'll hear anything from a couple months to up to a year. We recommend patients avoid the sun for 6 months as a general rule.
  10. The grafts are completely secure after the first 10 days - so at over a month, you're golden. Also, as a general rule of thumb, when a graft is dislodged, there's pain and bleeding... Anything else is simply part of shedding/hair fall.
  11. Really incredible results - and his donor area is fantastic. Any idea how many more grafts he has available for potential future procedures?
  12. Results are fantastic! Subtle and age appropriate and most importantly, completely undetectable - as a HT should be. And for what it's worth, are the pictures the best that there have ever been? Probably not, and we can always improve. But in no way do they warrant such a biting critique - and the results are still very noticeable.
  13. Dr. Mohebi is doing the procedures in SF himself. I believe he's there twice a month at the moment. Shoot me a message if you have questions before or after your consultation!
  14. Extractions and Incisions/Hairline Design are the most important aspects that a surgeon should do, and you're right to make sure that the surgeon is doing these things himself... (And as PlzRespond mentioned, I'm pretty sure in the US/Canada this may actually be required...???) Regardless, this is the standard for your top surgeons. As for the techs doing the placement and supporting with the other aspects of a HT, one thing that seems to be overlooked is that when it comes to the top surgeons delivering masterful, consistent results, you can almost guarantee that they're also vetting their technicians and using the best of the best as well... And so with all of that considered, whether or a not surgeon does "100% of the procedure" doesn't seem that important to me.