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  1. While we all agree HTs are truly optional, this guy with already great hair will have an even better hairline with the right surgeon. I would probably go for it--under the principle you are only young once and the camera shines bright on great hairlines. The key is to choose the right surgeon. Did you get an answer on the shockloss problem--my guess is there will be a temporary setback while the new follicles grow? You will also have some downtime with scabbing, redness, etc.
  2. Let's face it, most men don't like being bald. Baldness can make one look older and less suave. The industry to cure it attracts lots of charlatons, snake oil salesman, and faux cure peddlers. If there was a magic elixir, we would be all over it. Hair transplants work---I am living proof as does propecia/minoxidil. Just like in any field,, there are good, bad and so-so practitioners. Doctors come in all flavors, too. Since there is no AMA board specialty for hair transplants and it is basically elective cosmetic surgery, you get plastic surgeons, dermatologists, family practitioners, and ER doctors doing it----and god knows what you get abroad. The credentialing organizations in this field run from pure marketing groups to peer and patient reviewed--the whole gamut. This Forum makes an effort at transparency. Melvin is a great moderator--sensible, realistic and knowledgeable. It still has a financial stake in protecting its sponsors; that is understandable as they are paying the freight and there can be ungrounded, unfair and damaging attacks. At the end of the day, the good information here and the dialogue allows someone who suffers from baldness to make a more informed decision. I feel for the many capable and conscientious doctors who get tarnished by the broad brush of unethical behavior that unfortunately exists. Joe T, Spex and Spencer are all trying to make a living in this field---nothing wrong with that if they are putting consumers first. I have benefited greatly from all of their combined wisdom, and from the Forums. Luckily, I was able to choose well because like any other surgery, it is hard to undo once done. Keep the good stuff coming....
  3. Carolina Hair's results look very impressive. Nice and natural; good artistry.
  4. How many days do you recommend staying around clinic after surgery? Did you wear a cap or bandana afterwards?Did you try MSM?
  5. Have you made an appointment--I know that you had a mess up with Diep regarding payment in advance, Who are you going with?
  6. We all wish that HTs produce instant results. Another 4.5 months and you should be a happy camper, Hairs grow over time...and by the way, watching them will not speed things up. kind of like boiling water, Stay tuned to be gratified.
  7. Tell him you will give 1 more month----and expect a 100% refund if still unsatisfactory---otherwise, you will share results and his name on hair forums. Either he stands by his work, or he doesn't. If you buy a computer and its performance is subpar, would you accept a partial refund?:eek:
  8. Tis the season---treat yourself. Yes, your hair looks good.But can it look better? I think so in the hands of the right surgeon----and you can fix the areas that bother you. What's the downside? Cost and a few weeks of healing for long- term improvement, If there is no more balding, you will have just improved a maturing hairline. This is cosmetic surgery. Do what makes you feel good.
  9. Konior possesses this important combination in spades. Really--is there anybody better day in, day out? The results speak for themselves. He deserves the admiration he gets.
  10. Glad you are back posting--and glad to hear the trial is going well. I have read several if your posts and I respect your knowledge and candor. Forum users will benefit from your advice,
  11. You are so lucky to be near Asheville. It is one of the most beautiful places on the East Coast. iI would get on your cycle and visit Wheels through Time motorcycle museum in Maggie Valley and see the fall colors. WTM is supposed to be one of the best in US. Cooley is excellent from everything I see--otherwise, check out Chicago docs . i
  12. I would wait full 12 months--might have some more growth and you will see what is likely to be almost final result. Wish you would share name of clinic as a service to the community.
  13. My take is that you made the right choice. Why waste perfectly good 20's thinking about hair and being self-conscious? Have a good time now when you have time. This procedure will be a confidence booster and a stress reducer. I wish I had the option when I was your age. Plus by the time you are 50 there should be new treatments available I would think.