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  1. Glad you feel better about your situation. Post some pictures in a couple months and include current pictures as well. Glad you on had an issue with about 50 grafts. Keep us posted.
  2. Your doctor will probably give you a shampoo to use for a week. Just be careful the first few days keeping the area clean. Just don’t be aggressive in your recipient area. Remember, everything is very numb and will remain that way for a long time. It’s easy to be over-aggressive when that area is still numb. Keep us posted with updates.
  3. Your doctor will provide post-op directions for you. You typically will be provided a mild shampoo to mix and pour over your recipient area. You won’t allow water pressure from the shower for about a week. Be very careful during the first 72 hours so your grafts will fully embed in your scalp. You can go to my website below. I chronicled my experiences on a daily basis after my 1st surgery in 2012. Just look in my archives and click on September 2012. Best of luck and keep us posted with pictures after your surgery.
  4. I’m curious too, who the doctor was. 1,000 total grafts is just TOO FEW to cover a crown area that large.... as seen in the picture. Let’s see how it looks 4-5 months from now. I wish you had at least doubled that number for the crown area. I do understand if cost was a factor.
  5. Nice work. I was a similar patient with 5,125 grafts over several days in 2012 and then 2,000 more a couple years later. I was a NW-6. Congrats.
  6. I call that 3 month time frame the “Awkward Teenage” time period. You will see those new hairs really filling in during the next 6 weeks. Be patient, you have plenty to look forward to.
  7. Most likely shock-loss. You should be fine in 3-4 months. Whether to take meds is of course up to you. Personally, I’ve never taken a drug of any kind for hair retention but they are very popular on this web-site. Looking forward to pictures in a couple months. Happy growing.
  8. Very nice results. I’m sure your patient is quite pleased. Congrats to the Hassan/Wong team.
  9. Looks like clean work. I’m also very curious to know the total number of grafts.
  10. I'm with Melvin on this one. I wish they had concentrated more grafts in the frontal area and then worked toward the crown. I had 5,250 grafts placed in the front and also the crown but the coverage seemed much better even though I had more grafts transplanted. Hopefully your donor area will yield more down the road should you choose to have another procedure.
  11. Wow, 4 FUE's and 9,000 grafts! Good for you. I can relate.... to some extent. I had 2 surgeries and over 7,000 grafts moved. At this point, you know what to expect. We'll look forward to seeing more pictures in the near future. Tough to cover that crown area. Best of luck.
  12. Five hours for 2,400 grafts is certainly quick but also "doable" if there were no breaks. I'm with Melvin, it looks nicely done and quite clean. You will be amazed how fast your donor area recovers. Keep us posted.
  13. Dr. Vories is probably the most reasonable cost per graft around. He charges $4-5 per graft depending on the total number. He also extracts, makes incisions, and inserts every graft himself.