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    I'm here for support

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  1. Well said “Crown Exposed”. Good advice to yourself! You have plenty to look forward to. Just be patient. We will be looking forward to more pictures in a couple months.
  2. Post new pictures in about 8-10 weeks. I’ll bet you see new hairs percolating through your scalp. You have plenty to look forward to....just be patient.
  3. Two 10 hour days for 3,000 grafts? The doctor and experienced techs apparently took their time. Looking forward to seeing some pictures about the 3-4 month range showing new growth. Happy growing.
  4. I actually did something similar after the first night of rubbing a few grafts out. I took a long shoelace and lightly tied it around one of my wrists, ran it under my body (while laying in bed) and then slipped the other loop onto my other wrist. This was very comfortable and I could move my hands around in my sleep but I was not able to reach my head. Worked great.
  5. Thanks for the complements “Connor”. Just be patient, it’s still early for you. Take a look at my website, I have a lot of photos in your time frame. I really started seeing new growth around the 12-14th week range. It’s normal to be anxious not knowing when the new growth will start. I’m looking forward to seeing photos at the 4 month mark. See my website below and look back in the archives for early 2013.
  6. Glad you’re happy with it. All the worrying in the beginning is pretty common but most everyone on this site would be thrilled with your overall density even at your starting point. Again, glad your happy and posting photos along your journey.
  7. I’m assuming all 4200 were placed in the frontal area...in the photo? No crown work? You will see new growth in 3-4 months and hopefully will be very happy with the results in 9-12 months. Hang in there and be patient. If you want to see what to expect along the way, check out my website below and look at the archived photos and narrative from September 2012.
  8. I actually did scratch my head during my sleep. It was probably typical hand movements that occur naturally but on that night I actually rubbed out a number of grafts. It didn't affect my hairline or appearance at all. Dr. Vories reassured me that it would not affect my appearance....and he was correct.
  9. I'm with Melvin on this one. Well done Dr. Panine. Thanks for sharing all the picture documentation. I'm sure your patient is quite thrilled with his results.
  10. Very nice results Dr. Devroye. Congrats to you and your patient. I'm sure he is quite thrilled with the results.
  11. After my second surgery....the first night during my sleep I rubbed out about a dozen grafts. My head was covered with dried blood and I was certainly a little worried. However Dr. Vories examined my head and assured me that it was not going to be a big deal. I had over 2,000 grafts placed and losing about a dozen would certainly not change my future appearance in any way. You'll be fine.
  12. I just posted this on my own blog site. It may provide you with typical expectations. Prior to Surgery 2-Weeks 8-Weeks 22-Weeks 32-Weeks 40-Weeks
  13. Good for you, I’m always glad to hear that surgeons promote age-appropriate results. Way to go Dr. Arocha.
  14. Nice results in three procedures. I’m sure your patient is quite pleased. It’s always interesting to see combo FUT/FUE surgeries.