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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    I'm here for support

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    Dr. Mike Vories
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  1. Thank you for your post Melvin. Sometimes people go a bit too far with their comments.
  2. Very nice results. Congratulations to you and your doctor.
  3. I've never had FUT but your head recovers very quickly from the tiny FUE incisions. I just never wanted an 8 inch linear scar on the back of my head forever with FUT. I recently re-posted pictures of my recovery from each of my surgeries at my website... MyFUEhairtransplant.com Keep us posted here with your progress. Best of luck.
  4. JohnCasper

    FUE graft growth?

    Good responses above. Spaceman is spot-on. Your transplanted tiny hairs will shed in a few days but be patient, you will have nice new growth in 3-5 months. Keep us posted.
  5. JohnCasper

    Growing out donor

    Your donor will fill in quickly at a typical rate of a half inch per month. I had my first surgery in 2012 and posted many pictures and videos along the way. You can go back in my website and see hair growth every week along the way. My recipient area began growing nicely about 3 months out and really looked good by 7 months or so. You can see all of this at MyFUEhairtransplant.com Keep us posted on this site (HTN) so we can see your progress. You have lots to look forward to.
  6. JohnCasper

    Delete Thread

    You are correct, African American hair can be a bit more challenging but the results can be excellent as well. I can certainly relate to you NOT wanting that long linear scar from strip surgery. Dr. Vories does these fairly often on African Americans and can meet with you remotely for a consultation via web cam (WebMD). You are correct, his pricing is exceptional at $4-5 per graft. Best of luck to you.
  7. Sounds like you had a lot of doubles (two hairs per graft) and some triples. Most doctors charge per graft. Can you tell us how much Dr. Reddy charged you per hair?
  8. Bill makes a good point regarding hair characteristics. Did your doctor mention anything like....you having great hair caliper? Were you given a count of single, double, triple hair grafts placed?
  9. Congratulations again. Keep us posted with more photos down the road. What was your cost per graft?
  10. I always advise people to choose the doctor they’re most comfortable with but I know the cost must be a factor as well. You don’t mention the cost per graft for Drs. Erdogan and Acar. I know there can be a wide range in cost per graft. Dr. Vories receives $4-5 per graft depending on the number. Hope you can share with us the rates you received.
  11. Congratulations to you and your doctor with your results, especially with only 2,100 grafts. I was a Norwood 6 as well. Your results are exceptional with so few grafts extracted and placed. Again congrats.
  12. Although I’m an FUE advocate I wish you well and good growing. I also wanted to add that after my second surgery, the growth rate was a bit slower than after the first. So, if your initial growth is slower than your first surgery, don’t be worried, it will grow. Everyone is different but I just wanted to share my experience. Happy growing and best of luck to you.
  13. Everyone who responded is correct. Do your homework on this website and choose the doctor you’re most comfortable with. Contact several doctors and schedule a consultation if possible. I did a web/cam video consultation early on with Dr. Vories. I’ve had two surgeries at his clinic and he does all of the extractions/incisions/and placement of all grafts himself at $4-5 dollars per graft depending on the number you receive. Best of luck. Take your time and study this website and view lots of before/after photos.
  14. JohnCasper

    Hair FUE Clinic

    Hi Kevin and welcome to the hair transplant network. You will find so much information here and will have all your questions addressed. My baldness in 2012 was similar to yours. I also have a website where I chronicled every day with a narrative and photo’s and videos. Just yesterday I posted a before/after photo of my head an hour AFTER surgery and the same angle 15 days later. You can also look back in my archives and see many more pictures. Regarding your question, 8 weeks is plenty of recovery time. Your donor area will look just fine after a few short weeks. Your recipient area will be reddish but healing. Continue to ask questions on this site and for more details check out my site at: MyFUEhairtransplant.com Best of luck to you. You have a lot to look forward to.
  15. Send us some current photos of how it looks now. I’m sure you have an old picture of yourself prior to surgery (doesn’t have to be a close-up).