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  1. Sounds like you’re progressing nicely. Check out my website below to see what to expect in the coming weeks. Looking forward to seeing that new growth around the 3-4 month mark or possibly sooner. Be patient and stay in touch.
  2. Looking forward to hearing about your results. Turkey is certainly a popular place for transplants. I’m sure you checked, but make sure your health insurance covers you in Turkey. You’re unlikely to need it but its a common reminder when traveling abroad.
  3. Keep us posted with new pictures in a few weeks “Txtransplant”. You have plenty to look forward to. Keep growing!
  4. JohnCasper

    Is FUE Scarless?

    I agree with Bill and Melvin, FUE isn’t scarless. FUE and FUSS are both options that show very good results. Personally, I just didn’t want the linear scar. I’ve posted this picture many times but thought I would share it again. This picture was taken about two years after my first transplant and just minutes before my second procedure. This area shown in the picture from my first surgery yielded about 1,750 grafts using a 0.8 mm punch. Visible scarring was certainly minimal.
  5. Keep posting photos on this website but if you want to see what to expect going forward, I’ve chronicled my whole experience since 2012 with before/after photos, videos, and narrative expectations. Website is posted below. Best of luck and keep us up to date with any changes and progress over the next few months.
  6. JohnCasper

    Blood spots/clots

    You’re going to be just fine. If you want to see what to expect in the first 30 days and beyond after surgery visit my website and look at the September 2012 archived photos and description of what to expect. My website is listed below. Keep us posted on this website with photos every month or so. You have a lot to look forward to in 3-4 months.
  7. You have plenty to look forward to. Keep us posted especially around month 3-4 with new pictures. This thread is a good example of how folks on this network can help each other as it relates to surgeons, graft costs, travel expenses, expectations, advice, etc. Well done everyone.
  8. Well said in your previous post “Bill”. The smaller the punch size, the more fragile the graft and the more skills necessary for the surgical team. Best of luck to you “cwolf”, looking forward to seeing additional pictures from you in a couple more months. You have lots to look forward to.
  9. Great work....doctors. So glad the test patch worked and you were able to make such a dramatic change for your patient. I’m sure she is absolutely thrilled. Congrats to everyone involved.
  10. JohnCasper

    Post FUE.

    Hey “Knight88”, how long did it take for the swelling to go down? 2-3 days? Keep us updated with your progress. Check out my website posted below to see what to expect at this point, post surgery. You have lots to look forward to.
  11. JohnCasper

    Scalp white after washing.

    Ask your doctor but I’m sure you’re just fine. I had what I called “scab grit” about the same number of days after surgery. I actually massaged my head a bit too much in the shower and the “grit” kind of scratched my already numb scalp. Best of luck, you have lots to look forward to.
  12. JohnCasper

    TEXT : #BeforeAndAfterMondays

    Filled in quite nicely! Congrats to you and Dr. Wesley. I'm sure your patient is quite happy.
  13. Hope you continue to see progress beyond the 6 month mark and I hope your hair loss has stabilized at your age. My hair loss and recession leveled off about the same time (35 years). I had my first surgery at age 50. Good luck to you and stay in touch with us with more photos in a couple months.
  14. JohnCasper

    Follow up/weight training.

    Hey "Knight88", have you resumed your workouts at the gym? What did your doctor say?
  15. Wow, what a great narrative on your experience! A .8mm punch was used during my surgeries as well. I’m posting this picture (as I have done many times) so you can see what your donor area will look like about 2 years after your surgery. This photo was taken an hour before my second FUE surgery to touch up some areas. This area yielded about 1,750 grafts two years earlier. There really is no discernible scarring to the untrained eye.