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  1. Interesting comments on the medications taken for hair retention. I'm sure they may work for some or most but I've never taken any medication for hair loss/retention. I had over 7,000 grafts transplanted eight years ago this month. My wife is a hair dresser and cuts my hair on a regular basis. She examines my head monthly and has not noticed any apparent hair loss in the recipient areas. Maybe there has been a little hair loss but its just not noticeable. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones. I just never wanted to take a regiment of medications the rest of my life.
  2. Really nice results with a limited number of grafts. Thanks for sharing. Thumps up to Dr. Diep.
  3. Lots of good advice above. I'm sure your doctor would be happy to remove any grafts now if it's going to really bother you. I wouldn't pluck them out yourself, let your doctor do that.
  4. Send us some pictures of your donor areas. I've had two surgeries (5,125 and 2,000) grafts. Check out my website below for pictures and videos.
  5. You look very similar to me. I had two surgeries and a total of 7,125 graphs starting 8 years ago. I've never taken any medication related to hair retention. My wife is a hair-dresser and cuts my hair regularly and she has noticed no change in my recipient areas for 8 years. Check out my website posted below for lots of photos and videos.
  6. Looks great Melvin. Even with the very short hair cut there is little or no evidence of discernible scarring.
  7. Great job on the repair! Congratulations! So glad I never considered FUT. I know it works fine for many but I never had an interest in having a lengthy linear scar.
  8. Those transplanted hairs typically fall out but you will have new ones popping through in 3-4 months. Shock loss is very normal. My transplanted hairs fell out pretty quickly. Check out my blog where I documented everything you should expect with photos and videos. www.MyFUEhairtransplant.com
  9. Looks good. Keep us posted with new pictures. Expect those transplanted hairs to fall out (which is expected) but you will have nice new growth in 3-5 months.
  10. First I've heard of that occurring. Can you send us pictures of your hairline?
  11. Very nice results doctor! Well done! I'm sure you patient is quite pleased.
  12. Very interesting reading in this thread. Good points made by many. For me....I had NO interest in having an FUT scar... forever. I was a Norwood VI and had 5,250 grafts done in one FUE setting (over 2.5 days) in 2012 and another 2,000 grafts two years later. I still have plenty of donor grafts available for another surgery but I'm absolutely fine with my results (8 years later). The scarring is un-noticeable even with a shaved head prior to 2nd surgery. You can make the argument that FUT yields more but I'm an example of great coverage and more grafts available using only FUE.
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