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  1. Glad you're happy with the results. I'm sure dying the hair wouldn't hurt anything at this point but once you go lighter you have to keep up with it. I'd just let it go for while.
  2. Looking very nice after 5 months! I'm sure it will continue to grow and look better down the road a bit. Congrats.
  3. I've posted this picture many times but it often becomes relevant in some questions. This photo was taken minutes before my second surgery. About 1,750 grafts were removed from the area two years prior. You really can't see discernible scarring from just a few feet away. You should be just fine with a short hair cut. To see more photos and videos, link to my website below.
  4. I looked back at my older blog pictures (link is below). My redness had readily dissipated by the 14th week after surgery.
  5. You can ask your doctor but you’re probably going to have to just wait it out. The redness is normal and actually may indicate a good blood supply “percolating” under the skin. I had redness for weeks but it slowly faded away. Just try to be patient. Maybe someone else knows a way to speed up the issue but I don’t recall ever reading about that on this website.
  6. Very interesting video. FUE has come a long way regarding graft numbers since my mega session of 5,125 grafts back in 2012.
  7. You don’t need a care giver but remember to take any pain relievers your doctor gives you prior to feeling discomfort from the procedure when the anesthesia begins to wear off. Stay ahead of any residual pain that may result from the surgery. It’s a mild discomfort but you will be glad you took the meds. I weened off the pain meds to just ibuprofen pretty quickly.
  8. Depending on the size “punch” used, you will most likely not see any discernible scaring in the donor area. My doctor used a 0.8mm punch which is quite small. Prior to my second surgery I had my head shaved in preparation for the surgery. You really couldn’t see any scarring from the first surgery. Yes, the tiny whitish scars are there but very unnoticeable. I’m not aware of anything you can do to minimize the scarring. Time is your best remedy for this.
  9. What a great result. Well done Dr. Yaman. I'm sure your patient is loving the results.