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  1. In 2012 I had 5,125 grafts transplanted in a lengthy 2.5 day session(s). My crown was covered then and worked out quite well. The crown is typically the most difficult area to cover. I had a 2,000 graft touch-up procedure done a couple years later but none of those grafts were placed in the crown area. Take a look back through the archives of my website (listed below) and you will see lots of pictures including many crown shots. If I had done a third surgery it most likely would include the crown area. Mine looks good now and I'm happy with it and don't plan to add to it down the road.
  2. Wow, I’ve never seen a lengthy discussion regarding plane seats and its relation to hair surgery but....I’m sure that’s important when you travel abroad and have a lengthy time in the air. Keep us posted on your progress and how your trip goes. Best of luck to you.
  3. It looks like we have a lot in common. My recession stabilized in my mid-30s and I had my in 2012 at the age of 51. I was a Norwood VI. Our hair loss is similar. I never took any medications for hair loss prior to or after my surgery. I have no problem taking regular medications (I take daily cholesterol meds) but I had no interest in taking any medications for hair loss. It’s been 9 years after surgery and my hair looks the same to me as it did in a year after surgery. You’re on the right website searching for a surgeon. Find a doctor you’re comfortable with and go for it. I wanted a surgeon who did only FUE and who extracted and implanted every graft. Also, the price per graft was exceptional at $4-5 per graft. Visit my website (posted below) and take a look at my journey. I documented every day after my surgery with pictures, videos, and narratives explaining what to expect along the way. Click on the archives and (Sept. 2012) to see everything from the beginning. I have been posting pictures and narratives ever since. Best of luck to you and keep us up to date with your decisions and progress.
  4. No advice on the trip to India but I wanted you to know that I’ve never taken any medication for hair loss. I had my first surgery at age 50 ...nine years ago. My hair recession subsided in my mid-30’s. I was never interested in taking medications for my hair and for me....its been a good decision. Check out my before/afters at my website posted below. Best of luck on your trip.
  5. Good advice in previous posts. Just curious....how much will this cost you in U.S. dollars? Don’t mean to be nosey but curious. I understand if you don’t want to answer. I’m sure others are curious too. It’s typically not necessary but make sure your health insurance covers any international expenses. Best of luck to you.
  6. I can’t imagine going to India for a transplant but I’m sure you’ve done your research and must be saving a lot of money. You may want to wait a day or so before your 10 hour flight home just in case you need access to your surgeon and allow your body to recover a bit from the basic trauma of surgery. I’m sure the process will go fine and you wouldn’t need additional medical treatment for anything but make sure your personal health insurance would cover any medical bills. It’s pretty rare but knowing that may relieve some personal anxieties. Best of luck to you and let us know how everything goes.
  7. I’m with Melvin on this one. I began losing my hair in my mid 20s but... my recession of hair decreased and visually leveled out in my mid-to late 30s. I had my first transplant many years later at age 50. I was consistently a Norwood VI for many years.
  8. I agree with “LaserCap”. Those hairs will eventually shed or be replaced eventually with the growth of a new hair. Hang in there and be patient. Update us with pictures around the 3-4 month point. You have plenty to look forward to.
  9. I was a Norwood VI back in 2012 prior to my mega-surgery (5,250 grafts). I never considered FUT because of the lengthy linear scar. I’ve never taken any of the big 3 prescriptions and was 51 when I had the surgery. At $4-5 per graft, with every graft removed and placed by the surgeon is a great deal here in the United States. You can see my journey at my website posted below in my signature. Make sure you go back to September 2012 in the archives. Best of luck to you.
  10. Pretty impressive photography. Interesting graft insertion video. I’m more familiar with Hans Implanter pins for insertion of grafts. Thanks for sharing these videos.
  11. Typically, the transplanted hairs fall out relatively soon after the surgery....for most patients. Have you seen any growth in the hairs that have not “shed”? Post a picture if you can. I’m sure others will respond who may have experienced something similar.
  12. Good advice from Dr. Bloxham. Based on the pictures I’m just not sure you have ample donor area to really make the difference you may be looking for. The crown area is difficult to cover. I’ve had over 7,000 grafts transplanted with over 2,000+ in the crown area. Make sure you get more than one consultation. Best of luck to you..
  13. Melvin and Baldrick are correct. In 3-4 months I’m sure your boyfriend will feel much better and you won’t notice any graft placement pattern on the right side after the hairs begin to grow. I don’t mean this in a disparaging way but some hair transplant patients are inherently insecure and may be especially critical after surgery. I sure you’re boyfriend will be fine. Please keep us posted.
  14. I preferred having my procedure done directly by the surgeon. The robotic surgery typically uses a much large punch size. In my case, Dr. Vories extracted and placed every graft (over 7,000 grafts in two procedures) himself using a 0.8mm punch. I had great results and the price is excellent at $4-5 per graft. Good advice above in the other posts. Best of luck to you.