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2860 Grafts FueGenix (highest density) by Dr.Munib Ahmad from the Netherlands


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Dear Members,

After saving some considerable money, and so much deliberation. I take the decide🥳 I will do have my hair transplant at FUEGENIX in the Netherlands.

I have followed the developments in this field for many years via various international forums. Compared many results and compared various doctors and clinics, talking hours at consultants. What struck me is that several big clinics in the Netherlands hire assistants (not doctor degreed) from Turkey, which did not give me a good feeling. The density that the clinics provided me was not sufficient for me.

Besides that, I also didn't want to go to Turkey or abroad Holland with HT. The reason for this is because you go to a lot of strange places where you can never be sure it's safe there. I don't want to take the risk to get bad HT results. But honestly they are small amount excellent doktors in Turkey like Dr. Koray Erdogan and Dr keser, but personally too expensive and they ask euro(why not Turkish Lira?).

Then I found FUEGENIX and saw extraordinary HT with superior highdensity. This Doktor does almost everthing self with passion. Dr. Munib Ahmad came across very professional and honest with no sales pitch. The results from Dr. Ahmad Munib are really phenomenal, in addition, it was also short distance to travel for me. This has been a decision for me to have the treatment undergo at FUEGENIX.

The treatment:
Number of Grafts: 2860 MicroFUE + SAPPHIRE
Misgrafts: 0 (because the Doktor works really refined with Magnification loupes 6x)
Density: 65cm2 (frontline)










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Looks clean looking forward to seeing your updates.

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Funny how things differ.  You say you gently washed donor with no touching.  My clinic was pretty rough on washing my donor the day after surgery (hurt quite a bit), although obviously super gentle with the recipient area.


It makes sense to me, what is the logic of being gentle with donor area and not touching it while washing?  Are you referring to recipient?  

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