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  1. I would consult with Dr Konior too. He is not only a top notch ht surgeon but also a plastic surgeon, so he could give you a really good indication of what is possible here. He is very honest with his assessments so you can be satisfied with the information he provides. You can then put this all behind you and move on with your life. Good luck
  2. Yep, confirmed by Dr Nadimi during my Skype consult. Had a really good consult, gave me a lot of confidence that she is the right choice for my surgery. Will be doing FUE with her in 12 months time, 1500 via scalp and 500 via beard with 300 of these to placed into an old FUT scar. Can't wait!
  3. I've been told that Nadimi also uses Koniors team when performing HT surgeries and the main technician has been with him for 20 years. I have a consult with her next week so I'll be able to confirm this, but if true that goes along way in helping to replicate great results.
  4. Looking so good mate! And the fact she only used 1600 grafts is amazing. Means you have plenty more in the future if needed. Could you post some pictures with angles showing the top of your head too so we can have a better idea of coverage?
  5. This is already looking really good, at just 4 months. How does Dr Konior manage to get such high density from only 2500 grafts...going to be a great result
  6. Melvin what are your thoughts on Hattingen? When dealing with a NW5+, there seems to be 2 strategies that people opt for, either a large 4000+ procedure in one go or 2 smaller procedures of 2000-2500, the first being the frontal third then the 2nd being the rest. In your opinions, what would be the best strategy and why?
  7. Thanks for all the info, I'll have a good read through over the next few weeks. Did Hattingen do most of your procedure? What parts does he handle and what parts does he pass onto others?
  8. @TrixGlendevon where do I find information about Hattingen? Is there a European forum with patient testimonials and before and afters? Does he do a lot of top work with high Norwoods? Thanks
  9. How does Rahal compare to Konior regarding FUT in your opinions ? $4.25 USD per graft compared to $8 USD per graft is a HUGE difference.... So basically it would be $8.5K vs $17K. I am willing to travel anywhere in the world to get the procedure done and I don't want to focus on price but want to work with a world class surgeon but for double the price..... How hands on is Rahal in the surgery?
  10. Yeah I think I would prefer to go with the FUT option, especially as Dr K specialises in this. I was quoted $17K for 2000 grafts...does this seem right??