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  1. Thanks for all the info, I'll have a good read through over the next few weeks. Did Hattingen do most of your procedure? What parts does he handle and what parts does he pass onto others?
  2. @TrixGlendevon where do I find information about Hattingen? Is there a European forum with patient testimonials and before and afters? Does he do a lot of top work with high Norwoods? Thanks
  3. How does Rahal compare to Konior regarding FUT in your opinions ? $4.25 USD per graft compared to $8 USD per graft is a HUGE difference.... So basically it would be $8.5K vs $17K. I am willing to travel anywhere in the world to get the procedure done and I don't want to focus on price but want to work with a world class surgeon but for double the price..... How hands on is Rahal in the surgery?
  4. mrmane85

    Advice Needed

    Yeah I think I would prefer to go with the FUT option, especially as Dr K specialises in this. I was quoted $17K for 2000 grafts...does this seem right??
  5. Hey guys, I was quoted $17,000 for 2000 grafts via FUT. Does this seem right? I have had an FUT in the past, so this would include scar revision but I was under the impression that a 2nd FUT would automatically include this unless creating a 2nd scar is what would generally happen? I want to go with Dr Konior but $8.50 per graft for FUT seems really high...
  6. I would personally speak to Konior, see what he has to say about your situation. He is very honest and upfront. What is done is done regarding your past procedure. All you can do now is focus your energy on creating a plan to move forward so you can achieve a result you are content with.
  7. mrmane85

    Advice Needed

    Thanks for the advice guys. This is the way I will go. I've narrowed it down to Konior and Gabel.
  8. Did you end up seeing Dr Nadimi in person @Squidward or have you made a decision?
  9. Do you have any pictures to share in2deep? I'm also looking at Dr Konior for repair work. Have you spoken with Dr Nadimi who also works with him?
  10. mrmane85

    Advice Needed

    What are the main differences with Dr Konior and Dr Gabel, not regarding waiting time.