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Finally taking the plunge. pics included

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Hey everyone. I have decided to take the plunge. I have booked my first hair transplant procedure with Dr. Konior in Chicago, Illinois.  From what I have read he is fantastic and is only a 4 hour drive from me. The procedure is a year away so I have a bit of time. Now, my main area of thinning is my crown. I have been quoted at ~3,000 grafts Via FUT method. I was recommended this because it is my first procedure and I am 35 so I am likely going to need a touch-up or 2 or down the road. Now my secondary concern is my hairline. Right now it is pretty stable. Do you think I should add a hairline touchup to my 3000k crown area? What do y'all think? 







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It seems you're not on medical therapy as shown by your extensive crown loss. It would be prudent to start taking finasteride now and se what happens in the year before your procedure. It could drastically change the amount of grafts needed for your crown. In addition, you could use the extra grafts to beef up the hairline as you'll more than likely lose most of the miniaturized hair in that area. Most hair transplants are performed on the hairline and midscalp first, followed by the crown as the last option. This doesn't always have to be the case but I personally would firm up that hairline in the same surgery as your crown. 

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Definitely save some donor for the frontal zone.


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Interesting you still have a hairline but everything behind has thinned out.  But gillenator is exactly right, save some for the front later on.  I'd have Dr. K focus everything on the midscalp and crown for your first round.  

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It really depends on the quality of your donor and, to an extent, beard. It's great you're doing FUT first and seeing Dr. K, as he'll plan out a long term strategy. Personally, I'd use something like 500 grafts to fortify the front for the first procedure.

More importantly, are you on meds? Also, get on minox, either oral or foam (I suggest Kirkland if you go foam. It's the same stuff).

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