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  1. @Portugal25 I'm not sure you're completely accurate when saying Konior charges $15.4 USD per graft. He actually doesn't really charge by the graft. It's more of an overall surgical fee based on your individual case. If there are particular circumstances with your surgery that may make if more difficult then maybe your fee may be higher than others. He takes the whole picture into account when offering surgical fee estimates. I had an FUE with him in March 2020 and if you break down my case into a per graft fee it was about $9.60 USD.
  2. It looks like we have a rare non-shedder here lol. You don't see it often but there's a few cases I've seen. The work looks great man. Congratulations. Maybe take a few with the he light source coming from in front of you. This will help show how good the work truly is.
  3. You're missing the point of our advice. Any clinic that suggests this as the number 1 approach should be avoided. Even if they do FUE they aren't portraying the clinical judgment that is needed in your situation. This will no doubt translate into their surgical technique. It's essentially a warning sign that they're either unethical in their approach to surgery or incompetent with today's standard for hair restoration.
  4. Because with the extraction techniques of today there is no benefit to take a strip out for such a small procedure. It would leave a small linear scar that might not allow you to cut the sides short. FUE would spread out the extraction sites thereby allowing shorter hair. All that being said if you're adamant about it go to a top surgeon and get their honest assessment of your situation. My guess is most will advise not to undertake surgical intervention at this point. Don't trust a Hollywood celebrity surgeon that probably only wants your money.
  5. An FUT for 100 grafts? Any clinic that even suggests that is worth running away from. You're a Norwood -1. I understand that you may see flaws but it is not worth going through surgery to fix what you perceive as deficient. Nobody else would notice it. Don't waste the money or risk of a botched surgery with subpar surgeons for such a miniscule change. A couple dashes of toppik and you could never tell.
  6. Those red spots are just bruising around extraction sites. Dr Konior's punches are so well done that they're virtually undectable by day 3. The bruising is completely normal and just signifies that there was some bleeding under the epidermis layer. Nothing to be concerned about and they will be gone in the time it takes a typical bruise to heal.
  7. My swelling started on day 2 and dissipated by day 6/7. I was pretty consistent with icing on my forehead and eyes.
  8. @MagnificentAl I wouldn't worry too much about the pain that @jimcraig152 is describing. I've had procedures with both surgeons and can tell you firsthand there was no notable pain a couple days after Konior's surgery. His donor sites are done so meticulously that there's no unnecessary trauma. Your donor and recipient will itch like crazy in the coming days/weeks while it's healing but I wouldn't classify it as pain. I just kept spraying the itchy areas with saline. That temporarily alleviates the itching but it comes back rather quickly. The swelling was pretty atrocious with both but only l
  9. The work looks great. If it was anyone other than Konior I might think that 1500 would be on the light side for the area covered. But we all know he makes grafts go further with some intraoperative wizardry. With your coarse hair caliber I'm sure you'll have a great result. Thanks for posting your journey. Looking forward to following!
  10. So you're saying that Eugenix who is an excellent and very reputable lower cost clinic in the world, who produces great results, has mediocre cases on African American hair, right? You're not impressed with their results on your particular hair type, which happens to be one of the hardest to harvest and has a high transection rate. Yet you think a cheap Turkish hairmill with unlicensed techs doing the extraction will give you a better result? That's insanity man. Please don't do that. You'll regret it for the rest of your life.
  11. It's illegal in the US for unlicensed techs to score the skin. So, they aren't allowed to remove grafts or make incisions. If this is true in your case that the surgeon didn't perform these parts of the operation, then you should report it to the state medical board and they should file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the clinic. The United States is not Turkey despite the surgeon being from there.
  12. I'm sure he took many factors into account including donor capacity, pattern of loss, and age. If the patient was 23 I might agree about his youth but at 33 his pattern of loss is becoming more apparent. He's an ethical surgeon and plans for the future. Most guys on this forum would never be able to get this result because most guys don't have this minimal loss, graft thickness, or donor capacity that this patient does. It's a skill to tailor your surgical plan to each individual patient that not all hair restoration surgeons excel at. Dr Konior certainly does and must have deemed this patient
  13. Yes this is referring only to the donor area. There is no difference in the two techniques after the extractions. The implantation of grafts is the same and both will look better with longer hair in the recipient area.
  14. If you keep your hair at a 2/3 gaurd on top with a 0/1 fade on the sides you should definitely reconsider hair transplantation. Most if not all transplants need some length to camoflouge non-native density. Hair transplants can never achieve native density before any hair loss. They use a layering effect to create the illusion of density. This works better when the hair is longer on top. If your mind is made up on restoring your hairline then I would recommend changing your hairstyle from the buzzcut. Especially if you're going to Diep. He recently has been transplanting in rows and his angles
  15. Based on your recent pictures it is highly unadvisable to transplant into your crown first. We understand this bothers you more than anything but you need to take our advice and avoid this plan. If you're seeking consults from Konior, Bloxham, or H&W I'm sure they will advise you to start with a very conservative hairline to frame your face. You'll get good density and they will transplant into a gradient going backwards to midscalp. Your crown probably won't be able to get touched in the first surgery. Eventually it will have to be a thin crown with some coverage but low density. You're y
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