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    United States

Hair Loss Overview

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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood III
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Raymond Konior
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    Dr. John Diep
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Rogaine Extra Strength for Men

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  1. Agree with @mustang. Fibers or hats at this point will do no harm. Dr. Konior's post op literature actually suggests using Toppik (or any fiber enhancer) should be avoided until 4-7 days post-op. That's the most liberal guidelines I have seen but obviously if you've seen his results, his patients do pretty well. You're going to be shedding grafts for the next couple weeks. The only thing that could do harm at this point is a severe sunburn. So, wear a hat, use sunscreen, or better yet avoid the sun altogether, lol.
  2. The overall result looks very good. However, it looks to me like the temple point restoration should have gone more posterior. There's an area behind the grafts that had recessed but wasn't addressed. To me it was noticeable in the immediate post op pictures so it's unlikely the patient receded further after the restoration. Any input on why a small gap was left behind the temple point restoration?
  3. I agree there are some diamonds in the rough out there. They might not have as many posted results or reviews as the top surgeons. So, they don't charge as much as a more well known clinic. However, these surgeons are located overseas. I don't believe you will find any American surgeons in that price range that are doing superb upper echelon level work. Sure, you might not get botched but if you need a repair or density enhancement then your paying a premium for another surgery and essentially saved no money in the long run. Just don't gamble with your hair man. Too many shady clinics just looking for income.
  4. In this industry, more often than not you get what you pay for. US prices are governed by supply vs demand. When you have patients willing to pay $8-$12 per graft to give themselves the best chance at a successful restoration then clinics will charge it. My advice is to stay away from any US clinic in the $4-$6 range as your more than likely going to be unhappy with the results. There are much better options over seas in that price range. Traveling is almost imperative in this industry.
  5. What an amazing result! It's very difficult to get that type of density with one pass. It's even harder to achieve that density and make it look so natural and soft. Work of art!
  6. Ohhhh, the DHI method! Yes, I didn't realize there was such elite clinics in the Netherlands employing such cutting edge technology. You should probably secure your surgery date for tomorrow. Surely, the clinic said they had a last minute cancellation and could get you in on the June promotional rate. It's all marketing BS. Look man, we've all been there. It's hard to navigate this whole thing. The emotional aspects of hair loss, the deception by clinics trying to get your money. I understand it's difficult but take our advice. We're trying to save you from making mistakes that many of us have made. It's great you found this forum but use the information to gather data and form a LONG TERM plan.
  7. I will reiterate you are too young for a hair transplant. Please do not go down this path at your age. You're displaying the typical pattern of not believing you're losing your hair because of male pattern baldness. It doesn't matter that you haven't lost more in a year. You have shown the signs of DHT minaturizing your hair. It has nothing to do with shaving. Hair does not thin because you shaved it too much. It's naive to say you will not try medical therapy because of the side effects. Yes, every medicine has side effects that MAY occur. Vast majority of patients do perfectly fine and never experience any. All we can do here on this forum is offer guidance through our own personal experiences and the years of research we have all done.
  8. The work looks great! Thanks for sharing. I'm surprised Dr. Gabel had you put polysporin on the recipient. I've always been instructed by every surgeon to only put it on the donor. It seems that would be very difficult to wash out when doing the no touch cup and shampoo technique. My post op instructions from Dr Konior suggested that the recipient only gets saline spray for the first few days then aloe vera.
  9. Traction alopecia isn't caused by shaving your head. You have the beginning stages of alopecia or male pattern baldness. The best advice is to visit a dermatologist or hair restoration surgeon and have them examine your hair to confirm. They will provider guidance and treatment options. More than likely you should require a prescription for finasteride and start minoxidil. After a year of medical therapy see your specialist and they will suggest possible next steps. You are definitely too young for a hair transplant at this age. Do not fall into the trap of being offered cheap transplants oversees based on Instagram or Google ads. It will affect you for the rest of your life.
  10. It seems like the transplant was performed well. The grafts look healthy and angles are good. I do think that was a rather large area for only 2000 grafts. Transplants are very dependent on hair characteristics, graft placement, and number of hairs per graft. So, depending on your own unique hair characteristics you may be just fine or could possibly need one more pass to get acceptable density.
  11. From these updated pics, it is confirmed your donor is solid. A 3000 graft FUT with Dr Konior will be a fantastic result and his scars are so good you could probably keep the same length and style you have in the red shirt picture.
  12. That is some fantastic density right there! Congratulations, Dr. Gable knocked it out of the park! Now go enjoy you're new hairline.
  13. The work looks superb! The crusts are all normal so nothing to worry about there. Follow your clinics guidelines for post-op care but generally speaking you want to start gently washing the recipient area to remove the crusts around day 7. Happy healing and we're here for support during the ugly duckling stage. It definitely is not fun but it passes and it's magic once those grafts start popping!
  14. As others have mentioned, nothing to worry about. It is merely a hair shaft that has shed not the graft. There would have been significant blood if a graft was dislodged on day 3. You're good!
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