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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. The beard area used is typically under the chin towards the neck area. The skin here is very elastic and the FUE scars heal extremely well. Most times the extraction sites are undetectable due to the great healing capabilities of this area and the fact that it's under your chin and there's some shadowing effect there.
  2. Any surgeon just claiming to be able to get more grafts simply because they are better than every other top surgeon should raise some questions. Your donor is tenuous at best so donor management is vital to a successful restoration. Use the search function of this site. All of the surgeons mentioned in this thread have many results posted here. Both by the clinics themselves and patient posted journeys. Look for patients in a similar situation as yours and how each surgeon tackled those cases. Please don't take the word of any surgeon claiming superior results. You need to put in the research
  3. None of us here can give you an accurate answer of whether or not 1500 grafts are enough because we need a proposed hairline to show the exact areas you want restored. The second concern is that just because your family history isn't suggestive of a high Norwood, this doesn't guarantee you will not progress. You have DHT sensitive follicles as shown by your current recession. Without DHT suppression it's a gamble so just be careful.
  4. Great design! Definitely fits your facial features well. Many times our gut reaction after surgery is that it isn't low enough, or straight enough, or dense enough. Keep in mind you have significant swelling directly after surgery from the anesthetic and fluids used during the procedure. After that all settles down you get a better representation of the final position.
  5. This last transplant was in, around, and in front of the previous one. I lowered the hairline about 1cm, reconstructed the temple points, and he added grafts into the previous areas that already had been transplanted for blending and gradient purposes. I'm using the same regimen that I've always had plus added biotin and dermarolling this time. Finasteride, minoxidil and started rolling around the 8th month post-op.
  6. My experiences were vastly different. My first hair transplant grew along a normal timeline but it wasn't done by a skilled clinic so it always lacked density. Hard to tell exactly when things were at their final growth because it just wasn't nearly dense enough to show the hairline. I continued to wear my hair down covering the hairline even after the transplant. My second transplant with Dr Diep grew in very quickly. Started seeing growth around 2.5-3 months with full visual density by 5-6 months. It was crazy how fast that one grew. Granted he used a large punch and thick grafts in the hair
  7. As Melvin has already mentioned, Dr Konior doesn't charge a universal per graft amount. Each case is unique and as such, he charges a comprehensive surgical fee based on the complexity of the case. If you wanted to break it down to a per graft basis then I would venture a guess that his rate is between $8-$15. Also, agree that there is no universal better implantation protocol in the tech vs Doc debate. Whatever the clinic deems is the best option for optimal outcome is the correct technique for that clinic. Again, the reoccurring theme of individualized care based on best practice. Some clini
  8. Definitely go with FUE. Even if your scar revision is very thin it would be harder to hide then 300 FUE scars. Especially from the Chicago Hair Institute. Most FUT scars still need some length to cover and can leave an indent in surrounding hair. Grafts growing in scar tissue is always a risk but this clinic excels in repairs and I wouldn't be worried about graft survival if you go with Nadimi.
  9. Your donor looks acceptable. 6000 grafts seems like a reasonable estimate from the pictures. You do drop lower on your crown then a typical 6 but the donor area below it seems on the larger side with adequate density. Your temporal areas above the ear are thinning but you should be able to harvest some grafts above that but below your lateral hump recession.
  10. Hairline design looks good. I'm surprised they are willing to drop your hairline that much though based on your pattern. You're a diffuse thinner with a NW6 pattern. Without a DHT blocker for life that is risky. I would think just strengthening your existing hairline at the he height it is, along with a temple point reconstruction would suffice. That being said, for the area that is marked off there is no way 2200 grafts will give you a dense result. You will need at least 1000-1500 just to drop a hairline 1 cm with your hair characteristics. Then prob 750 per side for bringing in your temples
  11. The work looks impeccable! I'd be interested to hear the details about each day as well and the tech involvement. The unicorn 🤣
  12. This is very confusing. Firstly, the pictures are comparing immediate post op to 4 months, not the final result. Grafts have barely started growing at 4 months, especially in the crown. Secondly, this post is 6 years old and obviously the OP never came back to update. So, no information can be derived from reposting other than the graft placement looks really well done.
  13. If you still have crusts at 6 weeks there's a much bigger issue than comb vs brush. Nothing to worry about because your grafts are secure well before then. You're just shedding and it's normal.
  14. FUE still leaves scars as well. Most patients probably cannot get the "bald fade" after having surgery. It's not a quick fix it and forget. It's a life long commitment. You are showing significant miniaturization at a young age so more than likely you will progress. Wait and try medical therapy if it bothers you before getting a hair transplant.
  15. I would probably wait until the 8th month just to be safe. But that's probably more on the conservative side.
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