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ASMED Dr. Koray Erdogan 4200 grafts FUE May 2021


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Hello everyone, after a long thinking process finally I took the plunge and got my hair transplant done. I want to share the process with you guys as well.

I lost most of my hairs after 30 years of age, I lost mostly on front and mid part as well as vertex are. Lately it got worse or maybe I started to care more about it and in the end I decided to make hair transplant. After I decided it was time to choose which clinic&doctor I should go. After my online research I found a couple forums and took a look at patients’ results and ASMED’s results caught my eye. They had good results consistently and therefore I choose ASMED for my hair transplant.

Before Surgery

After you make an appointment for your surgery, they invite you one day earlier than your operation date so that you can have a live consultation with Dr. Koray Erdogan and get prepared for surgery ( get your hairs shaved, talking with the anesthesiologist etc.). Upon arrival the girls at the reception greet you and you will head towards a room where you will get a couple tests such as ECG, blood test, covid-19 test etc. Once you get the tests out of the way your coordinator comes and takes you to another room where they take detailed photos of you and after that you will have your consultation with Dr. Koray.

During the consultation he analyzes your hairs and tells you the thickness of your hairs and your donor capacity. After that he tells you how many grafts need to be implanted to get a good coverage regarding the level of hairloss you have. In my case doctor told me that 4200 grafts would be enough to get a good coverage with the help of Finasteride. After the consultation you head towards the finance department and complete the payment and then you head towards another floor to get your hairs shaven. Once they shave your hairs, they will take a couple photos from your donor area and then you head towards another room to have a robotic scan of your donor area. This was very interesting, basically a robot will turn around your head slowly and scans your follicles on your donor area, to tell the truth I was amazed at that point. Dr. Koray told me that with the data taken from robot he makes an extraction plan and tells the nurses how many grafts they should extract from different part of your head and what the average hair/graft ratio of extracted grafts should be. The attention to details they have and their detailed surgery planning really impressed me.

Lastly after they done all the analysis required, Dr. Koray together with his partner Mrs. Dilek designs a new frontline for you, they listen to your ideas while they do it. After they complete the design they take a couple more photos, then you have a chat with the anesthesiologist about your health condition and what medicines they will use during the operation and you complete the preparation day.

Operation Day


On the operation day you need to get up early, around 07:00 am, and you need to wear scrubs, which are provided to you by the clinic, then your coordinator picks you up from the room and you will go towards washing room to get your hairs shaven again. After that you will head towards surgery room. In the enterance there is a girl playing piano to help patients to calm down and create a peaceful ambiance. The first phase is extraction, they apply local anesthesia to your donor area, the anesthesia phase is kind of annoying but after that I didn’t feel pain at all and it takes around 2/3 hours. After that the incisions are being performed by Dr. Koray, again under local anesthesia, this phase takes around 40-60 minutes. And they conclude the operation with implantation phase which takes around 3 hours.

In general the operation was pretty comfortable, besides the pain during the local injections which are kind of annoying but after that you don’t feel anything at all. When the operation finishes your coordinator tells you what to do and what not to and they provide you painkillers for the night in case you feel pain but actually I didn’t. The thing bothered me was actually the neck pillow and the sleeping position because you need to sleep on your back for 10 days to protect your hairs which is hard and annoying unfortunately.

The day after your surgery you get your first washing done at the clinic and they explain you how to do it at your own. It was pretty easy to be fair, even if I was scared to do it by myself during the first time it wasn’t that hard, everyone can do it without any issues. Your coordinator provides you the lotion, shampoo etc. that you need to use during the washing. Also tells you about what you need to be careful while doing or what you need to avoid doing. After that the procedure comes to an end.

This is pretty much how the process goes in ASMED. I hope I was clear enough about the process. For the time being I am very happy that I chose ASMED as clinic. The staff is very kind and professional, the clinic is so well cleaned, hygiene is top level, the technology is being used to determine how many grafts you have is almost mind blowing. From the beginning till the end you feel like you are in safe hands. Now the only thing I hope is to have a good result like the most of the ASMED patients. I will upload new photos from now and then so that you can follow my process.


10 days







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55 minutes ago, Ajamilo said:

It looks good :)
But they way your text is written is weird. As if they wrote it themselves

😃 I am a Logician at Istanbul University (Asst. Prof.). I often write texts. I wrote it myself.

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Dear sedatk,

Thank you for sharing your photos and JohnAC71 thank you for a comment. 

It is always amazing following the progress of each patient as everyones journey is different and exciting at the same time.


Have an amazing day.


Regards form ASMED.


Suzana Kubinek

ASMED Clinic


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ASMED Surgical Medical Center

Dr Koray Erdogan. Istanbul, Turkey

- For info, evaluations and quotations: htn@asmed.com.tr

- Telephone Contacts (Numbers active in working time and 24h for urgencies):

Main number : (+90) 216 464 11 11

USA: (+1) 8454612049

UK: (+44) 2035191146

- Free online consultation: Online Consultation Form

- For additional information on our clinic, cost and photos:

Asmed Hair Transplant Official Website

- Our Official Facebook Page

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Operation looks neat. It seems like a crazy amount of attention was given to the direction of the hair. The donor area also looks untouched, as far as we could see. I did not understand if you decided to start using finasteride or not? Because without finasteride i do believe your hair transplant might not be enough. In any case, well done, please keep us up to date!

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8 hours ago, mxm56 said:

Operation looks neat. It seems like a crazy amount of attention was given to the direction of the hair. The donor area also looks untouched, as far as we could see. I did not understand if you decided to start using finasteride or not? Because without finasteride i do believe your hair transplant might not be enough. In any case, well done, please keep us up to date!

I chose Dr. Koray Erdogan because I know how sensitive he is about donor management. I’ve been using Proscar since the operation. Thank you very much.

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One of the cleanest and best looking donor post ops/few weeks post ops I've ever seen. 4200 in one day though? Seems like a lot. 

Also does Asmed always use the same team of technicians? 

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