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  1. This is an outrageous response. This is a message board/forum, where people should be allowed to give their opinions whether positive or negative. To be reported and called a JERK over what I wrote?? You should be ashamed. First, never once did I say there was zero growth. Re-read what I wrote. I wrote there was zero density, which is mostly true for anyone with knowledge of hair restoration surgery and results. Second, what "ridicuous claim" are you referring to about number of grafts(?), I must ask politely. But assuming you were talking about this post and the OP's grafts, even if I am wrong, it is simply an opinion that ultimately was me trying to help the man, especially since there have been many cases in the history of this industry where paid number of grafts not all ending up in the recipient area. I told him it's "just something to think about". If this is a board where people are simply allowed to only write "great" and "amazing" for every single case never trying to dig deeper and figure out what could have went wrong or how things could have been better, then that's a problem. This industry already has too many issues. Not allowing someone to speak out in (what I felt was) a perfectly justifiable way will only lead to more. If I offended anyone I do apologize but I still feel strongly about what I have wrote.
  2. This is with no offense to the OP. I appreciate him documenting his journey and wish him nothing but the best, but am I the only one who views this as a failed transplant? At 9 months I see zero density and I see multi grafts in the hairline, yet we have people calling it "really good" and "amazing". What? This was a decent amount of grafts in a relatively small area that should have absolutely produced a better finish, but clearly something went wrong. I'm very curious to know what the doctor says to you next week. In addition I must also add, that in your original post-op photos, if I'm being honest, it does not seem like 1500 grafts. Did you ever do a count? Just something to think about.
  3. Donor hair can absolutely thin, even if just slightly, without Finasteride. But usually it will not be lost compeltely. You ever see guys in their 70s and 80s with thinned to hel horseshoes? Now imagine if they got a transplant. But these types of guys likely had suspect donor regions as early as their 30's so any ethical surgeon today would advise against a transplant for someone like that, without Finasteride. If you have a super strong looking donor region and are not on Fin, then that's another story, and you should be fine, though very slight thinning is still likely anyway.
  4. Wow donor area looks amazing and well harvested. Any idea what size punch was used?
  5. 2300?? Did you mean 300? Looks like about 150 in each temple 😂
  6. I would hold off on anymore surgeries. Though thin, you still have a lot of hair on your head so really having a HT would probably create a good amount of shock loss unless you went to one of the most skilled surgeons out there. Have you ever thought about the possibility of a hair system behind that natural hairline? Also, you'd be a great candidate for hair fibers. Just curious you had around 3100 grafts transplanted.... where were they all used exactly
  7. Call me crazy but in that one post-op photo it doesn't even look like 1300. That being said it definitely doesn't look bad right now. Still plenty of time to go. I'm also curious about why the recipient area looks kind of red/off colored (4th pic)
  8. He's saying retrograde because it's there. Slight thinning at the neck area. What's the hair like above your ears? Can you take some photos of the sides? But if you want to feel better, I have retrograde at my neck area and on my sides, AND I have hair loss just as bad as you, AND I cannot take Fin due to sides, AND I have bad family hair loss history So, I feel your pain. Retrograde is common. It's not the end of the world by any means. It just cuts down on donor. So, in cases like ours, going the surgical route with NO meds, big future loss in store AND limited donor, is going to be an uphill battle to say the least. That doesn't mean people like you or I can't win the war. Like I said, it can be done, but it's definitely not the most preferred route and any ethical surgeons will advise you of all the negatives associated with this route. I've had several top Hair transplant doctors tell me that they would in fact be fine with performing surgery on me with no meds so long as I understood that I'd be back for a future surgery, or two. Me personally, I'll probably consider a hair system behind a transplanted hairline first. I'm open to many options. How old are you btw? I'd say your donor has a capacity of around 5500 just based off of photos and I agree it looks like you're destined for Norwood 5 or 6, more than likely 5.
  9. The post you shared appears to be a guy who went to a surgeon who made a poor decision as far as planning goes. 2500 grafts for the entire scalp. Of course it was going to come out thin and sparse. With regards to not taking medication, it all depends how bad your hair loss actually is, your family's history of loss, etc. If you are someone who knows more loss is in your future you basically have to go into a first surgery knowing full well you will be back for another, and likely another after that. Unless you want to get creative and do something like wearing a system for just the crown, or behind the hairline, etc. There are options.
  10. Poor guy probably needs a half hour just to doll up his sides to get ready for the system.
  11. 100% hair system. The hairline isn't even that great in the pic with the girl.
  12. Any photos to share? Having surgery without Fin depends on several factors.
  13. You mean a future Norwood 6, I'm assuming. I tried Finasteride but did not have a good experience. Side effects. I was quite devastated when it came down to it. Now I am going to be trying Oral Minoxidil as well as a PRP session. Hopefully these things will give my hair a serious boost before my hairline transplant. Speaking of the surgery, you say I don't need any strengthening of what I'm assuming you mean are the frontal humps. But what if they thin out even further? They I will barely have anything to connect my reconstructed hairline to.
  14. Gotcha, thanks. I was beginning to think this was the case too. Just interesting because I always thought the humps were the only parts of the hair that connected the sides and the top, but really it's this part too. There's no way I could have a new reconstructed hairline without this part intact.
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