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  1. 1- I would look god awful. I already do now if I don't doll up my hair with fibers. I'm the last type of person who can pull off a balding or bald look. 2- The second part, without question. Especially given my expertise with fibers and styling. 3- Shaving my head just isn't an option, unless I want to look like a sick alien lol. I'm 6'2, 142 lbs, big nose. 4- Not sure I understand this question much, but in any event I would never want to shave my head. I've even have barbers tell me that I don't have the head/look for that. As far as FUE vs FUT goes, I would always
  2. I feel like this pic below shows best the signs of a possible NW7. You can clearly see the dip in density in the upper center portion of the back. But I will say it doesn't look BAD and if anything right now you could just make the case that these high areas of my sides will be a little thinner than the rest which is common for NW6's
  3. Dr. Bloxham does amazing work and he seems brilliant when it comes to HT's, but he's also the most expensive surgeon in all of New York if not the United States. Right now I'm looking into a few overseas such as Pekiner, De Freitas and Bruno Ferreira. Thanks for your response. I guess in theory I could just go to Bloxham for a consult to get his advice and expertise.
  4. I finally see what you're saying/implying now with that photo. Thanks. Even if that thinning area drops, I still won't be a true NW7. That still doesn't change the fact that I would need to have the area reconstructed in a transplant in order to reconnect to my hairline.
  5. I can't tell you how heartbreaking it is to know that the one medication that can truly help hairloss has such a negative stigma attached to it, and one that has grown worse as the years have gone by with much more evidence against it. I have general anxiety. I don't take medication or anything, but I just can't get past the significant amount of things I've read about and watched (youtube) on Fin side effects. I'm not talking hyperbole here or conspiracy. I'm talking real stories from real men. Not just the dudes over on PFS help. I know full well I can maybe thicken up what I have remaining
  6. I hate to say it bc I want you to be right but you are wrong. Maybe in the photo it appears to your eye that my sides would still be high if that thinning part was lost, but trust me when I say the sides would be VERY low, exact NW7 style, if that thinning hump was gone. See photo:
  7. Thanks again for your response, but I'm quite confused. Maybe you can help clarify. First you had said that a "little bit of loss" in the area in question is common with Norwood 5's and 6's and implied that in no way is it a certainty that the rest will go or "drop" and leave me a NW7. But in this last post you say that the hairs in fact WILL eventually go if there is miniaturization happening. If the area of hair in question is thinning which it clearly appears to have done over the last 1-2 years for me(and as seen in the photos), isn't that the same thing as miniaturization occuring? Or is
  8. Thanks. You mention though how you think that it is just diffusw thinning on the top. As in those thin hairs are part of the top hairs. Trust me these are not hairs on the top of my head. They lay and are basically connected to my sides. They are basically the top of my sides. For example if I were to comb them over onto the top of my head it would look very bizarre (as seen in the pic) and it even feels strangs. But to your point, for right now at least there is no actual LOSS or "dipping" of what I feel are in fact the humps. All the hair is still there, it's just thinned out over the
  9. Just wanted to return to this thread with two new photos for perspective on the hair in question. In one of the photos the small portion of the thinning hair, which I believe is in fact the "lateral hump", which grows downward along with the rest of the side hair, and is basically connected to the sides, is shown to be separated from the rest of my sides. The separation is very easy to do as there is clearly some thinning going on around it unlike the rest of the very dense side hair/donor area. Then in the other photo I comb the portion of the hair into the sides which by nature it wants
  10. I hear ya. Maybe it's just me, but it just seems like a HELL of a lot of side effect stories from guys. And sure this is the internet where people naturally come to vent or complain, but trust me when I tell you, from someone who's been reading every forum and watching every YouTube video possible for the last 10+ years, it's a pretty significant amount of men. I look at your situation and others and just think wtf, weak erections?? What guy on Earth wants to be dealing with that?? Or messing with their hormones in general? It's a real shame bc I know this is the ONE drug that is truly very su
  11. Hope you get better. How any man touches this drug I'll still never understand.
  12. Any top doctor in the US you are going to be paying at the very least a whopping $6 a graft. Bring it to NYC with guys like Bernstein or Dorin and you're looking at around $8 a graft. To my knowledge Rahal is still a top guy in the field, yes. Is money an issue for you? Bc if so there are a few great docs overseas who specialize in FUE these days. Bruno Ferreira in Portugal is an up and coming doc who goes great work, Dr. Freitas in Spain, and the same can be said about Dr. Bicer in Turkey. Then there are the regulars in guys like Demirsoy and Pekiner who are at the top of their class when it
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