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  1. Your hairline is really good. Dr Mwamba is a very talented doctor. How did he measure your hairline from the eyebrown? Did you decide or was he involved?
  2. Give Oral Minoxidil and finasteride 1 year and then reassess again. To be honest I think it will fix the mid-scalp and crown and you will only need to focus on the hairline after that
  3. Do you have update bro? With smp it will look like full head of hair tho nice result
  4. It looks good But they way your text is written is weird. As if they wrote it themselves
  5. This @kirkland and @Melvin-Moderator - do you guys have any update for us?
  6. That clinic is a hair mill now so he should stay away from it
  7. You are a perfect candidate for Eugenix to be honest.
  8. I live in Scandinavia, so it will be here. The plan was to travel to Switzerland and go to a clinic HLC recommended me, but due to cancellation of flights etc I take it here. By the way, have done my homework and gone through this as one should do in a regular hair transplant
  9. Yeah, the reason could also possible be that i wanted to do it on my donor area too since it has patches in some area s after the hair transplant when i grow it out. But i will update and see how this goes. I have curly hair so we get 2 differents scenarios for the people who are interessed in this
  10. Will be doing smp soon too. The smp-clinic recommended me to shave my hair but you did not do it as i can see. Do i gain any benefit of it or should i just do it without shaving?
  11. I'm going to start since it affects not only the hair but body hair and beard growth. do you know where one can get the prescription?
  12. Always wondering regarding smp and hair transplant. Would it look fake with smp or will it look like better?
  13. The same thing happened to me when I used 1 mg every day for 1 month. Now I take 1.25 (divide 5mg into 4) every other or third day. Has had no side effect for 6 months now
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