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  1. He started recently with finasteride too. So this could meaby be a motivation for you
  2. Do you have picture of your hairline and how low you want to lower it?
  3. Hi, i want to use some smp on my donor area and HCL recommended me Do you guys know about other good clinics?
  4. Is the website of Dr.mwamba so iguess is 100% legit. Meaby @mustang has purchased from that site
  5. I'm almost 7 month and my scalp is visible clearly from the top unlike Melvin's hair at 7 month Timeline.
  6. Wow, 3800 grafs for the hairline and it's looking so dense. This is going to be wow good
  7. 1) His experience with afro hairs and how much it differs from Asian and caucasian hairs regarding hair transplant. 2) His view about fit-farming. Using BHT to restore donor area 3) Lately, people have been talking about how long a hair transplant lasts. Could you have asked him a question about it as well so that it can be clarified?
  8. Yeah i know. one thing i noticed is that, u can still grow beard while on finasteride. I heard people say it is impossible on Reddit. I’m literally using minoxidil on my beard and have like 1-2 year plan to stay with it to grow a decent beard. My progression has been good tbh so i don’t believe anymore on randoms says on the internet
  9. I've been on it for 6 months. I was quite thin before the shutdown, so have now gained 8 kg and had a strong jawline but it is gone now tbh and i have got "fat face". Lmao i dont think it has anything to do with it, but will provide an update when I start to lose weight again
  10. Not sure tbh. just heard people say different things about it. Since finasteride blocks DHT, I thought it had a negative effect on body hairs
  11. So finasteride will have negative effect on body hair?
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