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  1. Looks great! Results like yours are putting dr. Doganay's clinic in my list of possible choices.
  2. I think this is a very good result! It doesn't have to be "perfect", and you look great with your new hair. 😉
  3. Why do you think that Finasteride does not work for the frontal part, just for the crown? I swear is the first time i read this. As far as i know, Finasteride does work with all hair so maybe Finasteride would help for real in your case. In fact, i started Finasteride a few months ago especially for the front, and it seems to be working well to me, even if we are only on the early stages.
  4. Yes it is getting better indeed. Does already look quite good to me, your hair seems better. I would never tell you had an HT
  5. Is there any way to prevent this??? how can one be sure of this not happening when he picks a doctor? I think this clinic is quite famous so i wonder who i can trust or not.
  6. You have to use Propecia and wait for its result, then i think you will need a trasplant as well but your situation will be a bit better and your alopecia will slow down.
  7. Your hair looks perfectly dense to me even under the sun, my compliments for your great result!
  8. Your hair looks perfect. What a dramatic change. Also you got noticeabily fitter troughout your Hair Voyage, i think. This gives me hope as well. Enjoy your much deserved results!
  9. I would say HT is almost a no go without medications unless you go very conservative, maybe. I reached out about 10 clinics and they all say i need to use Finasteride for like a year before planning for an HT.
  10. Hello there, does the combination of the 2 drugs increase the occurency of side effects? or it stays about the same?
  11. Thanks for the info, i see finasteride is still the starndard. I started my treatment with it some months ago. If it does not work, i will consider Dutasteride too.
  12. I really do like Dr Feriduni's work as well. His work does always look very natural to me.
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