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  1. Have you the results from Eugenix perfoming on people with afro hair?
  2. I can send you them on privat if that’s possible. I will for sure upload pictures but for now i’m just avoiding it. I hope so. I had the oppurtunity to go too HCL but choosed a cheap one for the money. Going to regrett that for sure
  3. I can’t share pictures for now since i are in dialog with this clinic, and i know that they are in this webside. i have seen soo many people who are worser than me with good results and i’m really happy for them since this situation is making me crazy
  4. Hi, the thing is that my hairline is still really bad and i went to a cheap clinic who did not care about my donor area, so now I’m afraid of deplest donor area and that is making me crazy. Everything has stopped up now, this has effected my study at school, since this has stressed me out and affected my life tbh. i would been really happy with a good hairline and not deplest donor, but that is not the reality 🥺
  5. 3 almost 4 tbh without problems in the crown. Will finasteride hold it for ever or?
  6. I started with finasteride last week. The thing is that i'm just worried after i read trought this side and what people have been trought. since i was almost bald on the top as 25 years old, i always thought that MPB could not do anything harm more, but that is not true tho
  7. Hi people, I have been real depressed the last few weeks now. As the title says, I really regret that I took a hair transplant as a 25 year old. Had not done research, just went trough youtube and let the emotions take over. I was pretty bald at the top, and was dreaming about the things you guys know. So, I dont know what to do as it was 3 months ago i did the transplant. Will this end in failure in 10-15 years when I have now used up almost all of my donor? edit: 3 months ago
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