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HT and Flights Times

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Hello all,

Long time lurker here, made an account not long ago and now I'm finally starting to embrace the idea that I need to get a hair transplant.

Would like to thank @Melvin-Moderator, @JohnAC71, @win200 and @Raphael84who share their knowledge here everyday and make this forum the number one source for information about HT's and what not.

I'm in the process of making a short list of surgeons who work I like and would like to arrange a consulation and hopefully choose one.

I would like to get your opinion if flight times should be a factor in choosing the right clinic. For Example, I would love to meet and have my HT with Dr. Konior but how realistically is it if my flight time (one way) to Chicago is 16 hours? Same for Hasson and Wong - 12 hours flight.

I have a few clinics and surgeons who are near me like HDC (one hour) or Dr. Bisanga (five hours) so that's why I'm unsure what would be best.

Thank you in advance for your help and support!




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11 minutes ago, qui bono said:

Are you talking about the consultation or the actual operation?

its a cosmetic surgery that lasts you a lifetime. you want it done right the first time. So ideally the location of the clinic (and even cost) shouldnt be a deciding factor. It should be based on your respect for the doctor's work, how well they communicate and support you, and whether they are able to fulfil the goals you have (as different clinics are better at different things).

Thank you for your input.

I'm talking about the actual operation since the consultation can be made remotely (no doubt it will be best face to face).

Reason why I'm thinking about flight times is because of what if something goes wrong (knock on wood)? and what if I'll need a touch up or a second HT? Or even visiting the clinic after six months or a year to evaluate?

I agree with what you said about the cost - this is not a factor in such a delicate life changing operation.


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I agree with @qui bono and @Gatsby travel time isn’t that important. But of course convenience should be factored in after results and cost. Unless you have unlimited funds cost is a factor, but shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Go by results and reviews first, then see if the doctor is within your budget, then if the doctors are both equal in results and cost, you can go by convenience i.e distance, travel time, etc. 

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