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  1. Thats pretty much the issue - the communication was so vague and evasive that I was never able to understand what was done. I think its a combination of a severe density imbalance (the difference between a hairline at over 70 FU per cm with the areas behind it at 0 FU) + possible textural issues. It's hard to know without the doctor revealing the actual surgical approach. Again thats the issue.
  2. I believe it's a little unfair that rather than show my review you've instead decided to reinterpret it here (and have admittedly made a lot of mistakes and fundamentally misunderstood the case), but nevertheless I will respond. I asked that the thread be taken down and my account be deleted when other clinics recognised me from the post. The thread I asked to be taken down involved a doctor failing to draw up any recipient site plans, had another (part time) doctor in the clinic performed surgery on me against my consent and left me without a hairline and excessive scarring on my donor. The doctor I thought was operating on me had just lost millions in an IP settlement and wasn't really functional. After I wrote a review they actually came online and lied about what had happened - which I refuted with emails and documentation. Other forum members can confirm all this. As that doctor never responded to any of those claims I believed it was fair to review them again, but I also told Melvin I was more than happy to remove their name as well. I was pretty traumatised from that operation, which Ive explained to Melvin and said to the doctor who did the repairs. So when the repair doctor approached me and said they had a gameplan and later said they would handle everything themselves, I was relived. I also have emails where I write to them saying Im confused and overwhelmed, and where I list all the clinics' approaches asking what to do. So yes Melvin can absolutely blame me for rushing into a repair without fully understanding what was going to be done. And I dont believe I ever said "that's exactly where I need density" (which admittedly is a rather strange thing to say), given I thought this was my last ever surgery. I was so scared in pre-op I barely talked to the doctor and only ever asked them one question. Nothing further was discussed. Its called frontloading. There's a video where Bisanga discusses it. The very front of my hairline was transplanted at over 70FU per cm, while directly behind was left alone (the surgeon apparently does not transplant into native hair regions nor checked what the other clinic had accomplished). So as I continued to bald it created a severe density imbalance leaving me with a very strange appearance that became impossible to style. So while the density seen below is utterly impressive, given the unequal distribution of hair also looked unnatural and it was bad enough that all my friends laughed at it. It was so rigid and strange I was pretty much spending all my time trying to style it, and the hair curved so radically that it created an artificial gap behind it impossible to cover up. ive never been so frustrated; My results at 6 months were phenomenal when the growth was only 60% (or around 55 FU per cm), and realistically there was never anymore need for density. But as I continued to hit full density and lose more and more hair behind my hairline, a strange curve emerged at (sometime around 13-15 months). I believe this was due to the density of the hairline being unsupported as well as some textural issues occurring. I asked Melvin for help at 18 months (not 7-8 months) when my own doctor told me he didnt care. Hair curving shaved down to a number 3. I was unable to comb my hair. I eventually ended up removing around 600 hairs from the hairline with a pair of scissors for a far superior result, which finally helped me regain the ability to comb my hair again, revealing the surgical approach was excessive and unnecessary; BEFORE/AFTER (styled with gel, before thinning the hairline out using the hair as so rigid and unnatural it felt like needles) BEFORE/AFTER Hair not styled, the artificial gap effectively disappeared after thinning the hairline Obviously transplanting at a native hair density is an incredible surgical accomplishment and would be enviable in the right circumstances (NW2 going to NW1 or say someone with an incredibly large donor), but in my case was inappropriate and was never communicated. Technically it's a complaint about a severe density imbalance that could have been avoided had less hair be transplanted from the start. And in April Melvin agreed with me; Travel is not possible from my country during covid, and as my own doctor said they didnt care I had to figure it out myself. I've also discussed my case with other clinics who have confirmed the situation. I would admittedly like to hear from the doctor themselves if that's possible??? I debated for a month whether to go back to them and even wrote a topic here asking what to do, but ultimately I just couldnt. The doctor initially refused to help at all and has always been extremely difficult to communicate with; they've never disclosed their surgical approach, the FU per cm of the hairline, or other basic information. They also recommended the clinic that left me a repair patient, and when I wanted access to my medical certificate they tried giving me legal advice telling me it wasn't worth pursuing and legal action. I thought that was incredibly inappropriate. Melvin has misunderstood my case again. For this repair the doctor was only adding to the hairline they established from our first surgery. The 2nd surgeon completely failed to give me a hairline (see below), and transplanted started 1-2cm behind the hairline. So for the repairs they were simply adding it to that front section. My request to the doctor was for the FU per cm from our first surgery together - which I believe was a reasonable request. Also a doctor can absolutely give an estimate of how many FU per cm a hairline is - that's pretty much the basis of all graft estimates. I asked them twice before surgery. Their first response was about how giving an FU per cm was like counting grains of sand on the beach, while the second time they referenced Monet counting brush strokes. My review was 80% post-op updates with the surgeon's responses included. Im not sure how this is slander. I also requested Melvin read my review before posting (twice), and after the thread was taken down asked Melvin that we edit it together (again twice). These suggestions were never taken up. ----------------------------------------------------- As I said explicitly in my review I think my hair looks good now after I've removed 1/3rd of the repairs - but thats the issue. Im obviously upset about the wasted grafts and money, but the amount of time I lost to this that could have been solved via simple communication seems unacceptable. Had I not figured it out for myself Id still be left with a result I struggled to deal with. ----------------------------------------------- And please dont use the term hair rape, thats incredibly vulgar and insensitive.
  3. This was the surgeon I almost went to for my last HT. I have a lot of jealousy mixed in with even more congratulations and happiness for you. Killer result.
  4. If the remaining hair is transplanted, then Id say around 750
  5. it's a free market and HT's are an elective surgery - docs can charge whatever they want and there are patients willing to pay. I think there are other threads on this elsewhere
  6. I think they gave you very wise advice. Youre still so young, and this is something that at your age its just too hard to predict. I understand what a massive bummer this must be so try and use this time to think about your other options and research more here
  7. I missed that your name was Swedishdude so I assume youre in Europe yeah the density is clearly lacking in the post-op pics. In terms of price De Freitas in Spain might be the most affordable for you (amazing hairlines). A lot of clinics won't see until the growth can be properly assessed at 12 months so it's going to be a tough wait. Its good the clinic at least didnt shave your native hair behind your hairline so if you continue to grow it long it might be enough to cover it during this period. let us know if you have anymore questions
  8. American docs by law have to do all the extractions and incisions, whereas other countries can hire techs to do the extractions, so presumably the fact the US docs are involved in every part of the operation means they demand a higher price. The American health care system generally too is known to be phenomenally higher priced than normal, with cosmetic surgery in general fetching a bigger price tag than that.
  9. I dont know exactly how far you are along post-op, but I assume this was quite recent given there is still some redness around the recipient and you may have undergone a shed? Do you have any immediate post-op pics to share so we can assess the density? I dont see too many multi-grafts so if that is truly the density the clinic implanted you at then a follow up operation should really just be a straightforward procedure of adding density to your current hairline. There might not be a need to remove much of it. Not sure of your location but if its Europe (?) I think if you get a doctors certificate the Belgium docs waive the 21% Vat tax, so id echoed @JohnAC71 suggestions of Bisanga Feriduni etc and consider only going to the best. That might be more affordable.
  10. It would definitely be worth asking, but as its Konior he would presumably transplant restoratively in the frontal 1/3rd around your pre-existing native hair. Konior is an utter perfectionist and theres a reason you dont see any bad results of his - but considering your age, aggressive balding patten and the fact youre not on meds/considering meds theres a strong possibility you will be chasing transplants. This result of his (which I stress isnt bad by any means) is from a patient similarly not on meds who ended up going back for more surgery soon after. Realistically H&W might be a better choice of clinic for you given your specific situation as they would try and get as many grafts as possible in one session and transplant preventatively (i.e. over your entire hairloss pattern. You said you were ok with leaving the crown bare in the future, so for such an operation you'd need at least 4k grafts to cover the hairline and midscalp. Putting aside different clinics and your goals, I think the most important thing to consider whether you are a good candidate to begin with or not. I would urge you to get an in person inspection with the docs you are considering, get your donor assessed and ask for an estimated donor capacity. Then have the surgeons draw up a gameplan. Once you get into this HT game theres no getting out.
  11. Ive found dermatch to be a better product than hair fibres when it comes to the donor. You might find them a relief during this time. +1 if you could share immediate post op pics and tell us the graft count
  12. its not even about being super aggressive its just a flat out unnatural design - its far too low (even beyond the 4 fingers the doctor placed on the kids forehead) and the temple points are something you only see on African American hair. I guess they all seem happy though, but man that was tough to watch. Theo Von recently mentioned he did his HT with Dr Kahen so I assume its the same doc (Melvin uploaded a video where he talks about it)
  13. Exactly. If your hair loss is stabilised = drug working. Thats the goal. For a minority the drug seems to regrow hair (and even rarer still regrow hair in the hairline), but for the rest it has to be assumed that medications will never stop the process of balding but merely slow it down to an acceptable level. This is why its imperative to check whether youre a good candidate for HT or not (i.e. an in person consultation where your donor is checked for miniaturisation and future NW pattern predicted), and then if you do decide on surgery to plan judiciously and conservatively around it. Hope this helps
  14. You have diffuse loss where you still have hair remaining on top but its miniaturised and in the process of balding as opposed to slick bald where you are just completely bald. And it looks like youre a diffuse NW 6 not NW4 (but this really depends on how far the crown dips at the back and sides, which I assume given your age will continue). I dont want to give you any advice concerning medications as I believe ultimately it is a personal choice and not everyone is comfortable taking such drugs for the rest of their lives, but fin is known to be most effective in the crown areas, and you do still enough a decent amount of hair worth saving. In terms of getting a transplant without fin, the forum moderator here has gotten 3 and I believe is looking at Eugenix for a 4th so there are cases where its possible. Although admittedly his rate of loss wasnt as severe as yours which is why its imperative to get an in person inspection. I think youre doing the smart thing by asking questions, doing your research and seeing what your options are ...
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