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  1. Try calling them, or message them here @Abhinay Singh . Although if you are already leaving India you might not get time to see them in person. There are a lot of clinics in the US you could go to, but its a bit more expensive than India. Konior, Shapiro, Cooley, Bloxham, Gabel, True & Dorin, Wesley. Hasson & Wong in Canada. There are A LOT of options. My best guess Is most clinics wouldnt actually attempt to correct anything (ie they wouldnt remove any hairs), but rather add more density to the hairline to hide any issues. As ive said before I dont think this will be truly h
  2. Did Eugenix reply? The first thing to do is try and assess your options. Having a plan in place will help you feel more in control. Asking for support from your loved ones is also good idea (I regret not telling at least one friend about what I went through because it only made things harder to accept). if they are really your friends they will care about you. Theres no shame in wanting to look better, the only shame is how some clinics are willing to leave a patient. IMO I dont think youre results will be too bad - the major issue will be that it likely won't be dense enough and pos
  3. saline spray. you use it to keep the grafts moist and the recipient clean 1. I slept upright with pillows around me with a travel pillow around my neck 2. I never wore a headband. Ive seen some clinics do it (Cinic in Turkey springs to mind) but I think ice reduces the swelling just as effectively 3. yes antibacterial meds are necessary ... you dont want to get an infection
  4. 1. Continue Fin. Stop minox 2 weeks prior. Fin helps prevents shock loss due to the trauma of surgery so its advised to be taken, whereas minox effects how the skin reacts to surgery so should be ceased. Always best to check with your doc though 2. Fin continue as stated above. but I think you can resume minox 2 weeks after (but again always best to check with your doc). 3. A month 4. Depends on the clinic. Ive read Lupanzula and Bisanga aren't comfortable with patients using hair fibres post-op, whereas my own surgeon said it was fine after the shed 5. With FUE between 2
  5. had a similar issue I was able to resolve. sent you a PM in case it helps
  6. I think the biggest problem is if the gel dries out the scalp/hair if its not washed out properly (so split ends/dandruff etc are potential issues). Might be an idea to ask your hairdresser for the best shampoo/conditioner and to see if using gels is causing any damage.
  7. 1) No. Its the same as your regular hair 2) You could get accused of being a smooth-talking alcoholic womaniser who cheats on their wife EDIT: also I think those guys in madmen all used Brylcreem
  8. I think your situation is salvageable and I dont think youre completely botched or anything - the result just might not be dense enough and will require some further work. I think the hardest thing for you will be the waiting. Clinics say 1 year to assess the growth, but if youre able to get properly evaluated now 6 months would be the minimum. Hopefully Eugenix will reply soon and take you through your options. I was in a similar situation and for me it was the waiting that was the hardest. I was so depressed about it but once I grew my hair long I was able to hide everything. You
  9. Yeah scarring would be the major concern at this stage. Im not sure I would risk it.
  10. Eugenix world class, and the best clinic Ive seen in India. I think they are your best bet to give you proper advice on your current situation (im not a doc just some guy on a forum) How many grafts was it? My own opinion on the hairline is that it isnt horrible. The grafts look they re spaced out a little too much so there will probably be a density issue - but this could be overcome if you grew your hair long and wore it down in the future, or even started using a concealer. Adding grafts in the future with someone like Eugenix would probably get you to a great end result, as remov
  11. I with I could help you and tell you more about your options in practice, but I think contacting Eugenix and letting them advise you is probably youre best bet. Its not that common to undo it (ive only seen one thread about this in the 3 years ive been on the forum) but given your grafts have only been transplanted and surgeons are sometimes happy to perform "tweaks" after an operation it might theoretically be possible". I dont want to give you any false hope and im not sure of the risks at this stage. If you allow the transplanted hair to go through it cycles, then you have a few o
  12. theoretically yes. it takes 3 days for the grafts to anchor themselves so if youre able to contact a clinic they might be able to help you as youre in India maybe contact Eugenix immediately and get their input
  13. Some docs/techs are very talented and are capable of extracting with a smaller sized punch whilst still maintain the integrity of the graft. Considering FUE is a blind operation it just takes a considerable amount of skill to do so (not to mention its very time consuming). For cases of removing grafts in the hairline you'll find docs using sutures at the extraction points so as to minimise the white pigment scarring. Again you could theoretically do this in the donor as well if you wanted to minimise scarring, but its seen as unnecessary (given most scarring can be easily hidden by donor
  14. .Losing your hair may or may not affect your identity. A bad HT experience will definitely affect how you see yourself
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