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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Dr. Behnam
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  1. People think that shaving your head is less hassle as you don't have to see the barber, but it's actually the opposite. I agree it all boils down to how you feel. Some guys don't care about shaving, and to those guys I say don't bother getting an HT, the cost, maintenance, etc probably isn't worth it. Head shape is important too. When I shaved my head I looked like a shrunken head from Beetlejuice. I'll be completely honest after making your video I have to say you look 100x better now with hair; hair brings out your eyes, highlights your features, and even make your clothes look better. I wou
  2. This is a great video I wanted to comment on YouTube. This is exactly the "illusion of density" I bet if I shaved my head like that it would look a lot balder. Hair length matters. That's why I don't understand guys who wanna get a hair transplant to buzz their heads. Not only will it take double the amount of hair to look good, but you might as well do nothing.
  3. I think Bradley takes dutasteride. Pretty common among celebs. Ashton Kutcher took dutasteride. If you’re a good responder it would definitely reverse that mild hair loss.
  4. Definitely trust in the process. I don’t see anything to be alarmed about. I do see that scab. Hopefully, it wasn’t some dislodged grafts. Time will tell. But the area is small, so even when it all grows you wouldn’t see a difference.
  5. Yea, I cannot wait tbh. I think Eugenix are gonna do a good job. I mean even if I get 1,500 grafts. That’ll be a huge difference. We have to remember beard hair is twice as thick as scalp hair, so 1,000 grafts would cover the area of 2,000 fine hair grafts.
  6. How would you compare having hair vs being bald? Have you experienced people treating you differently?
  7. I saw someone recently boast that they would shave their head without feeling any negative way. Got me thinking, how many of you guys have shaved your head? I did it, tried it for a while. Definitely not my option, but I respect anyone who has. I know @Zoomster shaved his head for a long time. I’d love to hear the difference in having hair vs not having hair. What has your experiences been?
  8. Looks great, how does it look short? It would be good to show, as hair length definitely matters.
  9. Especially if the clinic isn’t that good. The sites look at least 1mm in size. Refined slits are 0.7mm the difference in scarring is pretty substantial.
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