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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Dr. John Diep
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    Dr. Behnam
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    Rogaine Foam
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  1. Yet again another “how to undo a hair transplant” thread. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to undo what’s been done. This is why I’m so passionate about the work I do here, because of guys like you. I think the best thing to do is perhaps laser fraxel, which may conceal the scars a bit, but never 100%. The other thing is smp, which may conceal the scars as well. But you should never expect to go back to being just another bald guy.
  2. @Vickykuril You have made bold accusations and your overall demeanor is toxic. We are here for the patient and that is why I personally sent him a private message. You sir have no respect and the way you spoke to Dr. Vories was atrocious, I suggest you find a new forum to participate in.
  3. @Vickykuril There are no money back guarantees in surgery. This is an elective surgery that doesn’t guarantee growth or happiness. I want every potential patient out there to understand this before having surgery. This is why I ask patients who want surgery whether a poor result would bother them more than their hair loss, if so they should avoid surgery. @Sean I hate locking threads, but there needs to be order, and this thread is getting out of control. This isn’t moderation for the sake of moderating- this is maintaining a fair environment for both patients and surgeons. At this point, I’ve reached out to the patient to help him and assist him with this issue, but he hasn’t responded. I will re-open this thread once he’s reached out to me, so we can have the surgeon respond publicly to his concerns. We cannot in good faith host a one-way discussion where patients begin asking for the surgeons head on a platter without having the facts.
  4. People are making baseless and assumptions. If this continues I’ll have to lock the thread. Guys, Let’s gather facts before making bold statements and assumptions. I don’t want to lock this thread. I’ve reached out to this patient, he hasn’t responded and if he doesn’t want to disclose the doctors name that’s his wish and we should respect his wishes.
  5. Well I can't say if he looks older cause I can't see his face. But if I were to judge by his hair I would say he was younger afterwards.
  6. If your doctor is transplanting in between hairs that is when you have a potential for shock loss. If the results don't look good or to your liking are you willing to do a second procedure?
  7. There is actually another patient with a donor zone almost identical to you on this forum. This clinic is actually known for having pristine looking donor areas too. The fact is that it can happen. Also, the clinic only uses manual FUE and not motorized FUE. The reason why I say this is because some patients are under the impression that motorized damages more than manual. This is not true. What people need to realize is that you have around 10% of your hair in the telogen phase at any given time, even when you have surgery. When you experience donor area shock loss, not only do you still have 10% of your hair dormant, now you have a large number of follicles that enter the dormant phase too, which can make your hair look a lot worse. Hair follicles are independent, which means they enter the anagen growth phase at different times. That's why it can take a while for your hair to improve, but I do think it will improve. In the event that it doesn't I will contact the clinic on your behalf. We are for the patients.
  8. I remember the first time I tried minoxidil back in 2008. I started my hair literally falling out in clumps. I got scared and stopped using it. My hair never recovered and actually got a lot worse afterwards. I still wonder how much hair I could have save had I kept up with it.
  9. @duchaine This is the question I want you to answer, and answer it truthfully. Would a bad hair transplant result bother you more than your current hair? If the answer is yes, do not have a hair transplant. You have to understand that no one can guarantee that you will get a good result, or that you will be satisfied. Having a procedure is taking a calculated risk. I knew before I decided to have surgery that I had reached 'rock bottom' and there was no going lower.
  10. Like the title says how many of you guys experienced hair shedding from minoxidil and when did it subside? Does Your Hair Shed From Rogaine?
  11. Can you post some examples, cause I think I look a lot younger now.
  12. Not really. I made a video on how to deal with the ugly duckling phase check it out. Shaving helps with ensuring the surgeon has an easy time performing the procedure.