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Hair Loss Overview

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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood VI
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. John Diep
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    Dr. Behnam
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    Rogaine Foam
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  1. Melvin-Moderator

    Small talk during fue

    No talking should have no direct impact on your results, as long as you chose a qualified clinic with technicians that are skilled and experienced, there should be no issue.
  2. Your hair loss was minor no doubt, but that doesn't mean the improvement is not noticeable, it definitely looks great happy for you. Warm regards- Melvin
  3. The work looks great, in order to maintain a soft and natural appearance to the fromt hairline, the hairline must contian “1” haired grafts. In fact, your surgeon did exactly what he was supposed to for creating a denser appearing hairline. I can tell right away that the length and the lighting doesn’t match thus, causing your hair to look worse, im sure if you took photos with less overhead lighting your hair would look the same if not slightly better. Again, 6 months is only the half way mark.
  4. Melvin-Moderator

    Weak bladder after stopping Finasteride permanently

    Are you sure its not your prostate that grew? Initially, thats what finasteride was used for to treat enlarged prostates. It could be that now you’re no longer using the medication your prostate grew.
  5. Your hair is longer and the lighting isnt as harsh, obviously it will look more dense. Like i said, 6 months is too early to call anything a failure. The fact another surgeon would neglect telling you this is highly unethical. I would personally stay far away from that surgeon. Do you gave post-op photos? I find it hard to believe the doctor placed no grafts in the hairline and put 2,500 grafts in the scar. In my opinion your hairline looks fine and looked fine before.
  6. Melvin-Moderator

    Propecia and having kids

    It was my belief that there was only a risk if a pregnant woman handled propecia, if what you say is true, I can’t see how the risk is worth it IMHO.
  7. Melvin-Moderator

    donor area

    You also have really curly hair that tends to clump together, your donor looks absolutely fine and no one would look twice at it.
  8. Melvin-Moderator

    Dr. Panine FUE - Reivew Post Op

    Thanks, For your response, I will refer patients to this thread who feel they should have their final results at 6 months. Big difference from 6-15 months.
  9. Fantastic results, thank you for updating us with your progress, any plans to work on the crown?
  10. Melvin-Moderator

    James A. Harris, MD ARTAS 2300 grafts

    Pelodinero, I have received complaints from other members (not the doctor), you come off as very demeaning and frankly, if others are complaining it’s my duty to moderate. If you want to continue posting, please be respectful. Asking a viable question is different than making a blanket statement like “shame on doctors who pedal this” how does a statement like this benefit anyone? Not only are you being demeaning you’re not asking any valid questions. Take a look at lukeyb6187 comments, he asked valid questions and remained respectful. We should conduct ourselves as adults and ask important questions that will garner responses, being abrasive and demeaning does not garner responses.
  11. Melvin-Moderator

    donor area

    That’s because hair looks the thinnest at a #2 guard. Try cutting to a 1/2 guard or #1. Trust me length not only makes a difference on the top, but in the donor as well.
  12. Melvin-Moderator

    donor area

    It can take a full year, but honestly your donor looks fine to me, you’re definitely not in the “sweet spot” in terms of length. Try to either grow it out longer or cut it shorter.
  13. Melvin-Moderator

    Dr. Panine FUE - Reivew Post Op

    Really good results, what is the time difference between the second set of pictures and the last?
  14. 6 months is too early to call your latest procedure a failure. Unfortunately, residual shock loss and donor hair shock loss may still be affecting you. Please read this thread. Avoid jumping to conclusions
  15. Unfortunately, no one is going to do your research. There is no “best” FUE surgeon, there are several good FUE physicians, but it’s ultimately up to you, to contact them and find out their rates. In addition, its up to you to view their before and afters, reach out to past patients etc. This forum is a great source of information, but it’s a bad idea to choose a doctor just because someone on a forum said they're good or the “best”.