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Esteworld in Istanbul - 3500 grafts with Acell+PRP

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Did the transplant with extra acell+prp injections at Esteworld after I was convinced by an Esteworld representative who visited me in my city, Toronto Canada. 3500 grafts transplanted everywhere, except for the crown which they told me to come back in a year to do for another session together with another Acell+PRP. Took pics of how it looks 11th day after, finally washing most of the scabs off, both in front and behind lighting.

I think I'm mostly happy with the result. My head was mostly bald, now I have actual hair on my head and a hairline. I want to grow it out long enough to rock a man bun eventually, which might even hide the crown enough that I don't need a HT there.

What's everyone's thoughts? What could i do next to help regrowth? I'm kinda scared to post pics of the donor area guys, I just want some thoughts on the transplanted area first of all.

I'm using a laser helmet and also taking 1mg of fin a day.

Honestly I'm glad I did it now, since it's a perfect time before the borders closed down and I can go into hiding while I'm patient with my hair growing out, nobody seeing me since I'm in legal quarantine, not going outside although I am a bit scared I might have got the corona but it's worth it




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How can you be happy with the result after 11 days? You will have to wait for several month to have a first result. 

My honest opinion: 3500 FU are usually not enough for the area covered (even though your pics showing not the entire area of treatment so it is partly a guess). But looking at the pics AND doing the math (FU/cm2) I do not think that a man bun will work. 

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I agree with @Gasthoerer , the density of the graft is quite low, moreover the area to be covered was vast and 3500 follicular units seem to me to be few.

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