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  1. 1. Yes, and unfortunately I did drink a little... regret that a lot of swelling occurred in the days after 2. Yes... but I wasn't trying to interrupt him. He was cutting me off. He's great and has good advice, but I'm getting old I need my hair back and a girlfriend eventually
  2. If you want the best Acell+PRP for treatment with healing/growth, go with Esteworld. They're the only ones in Turkey with "real" acell because they have an actual licence to obtain it, all the other clinics in turkey might be not genuine Acell. I have new hair growing near the front of my scalp, it's incredible, and I'm not doing anything else besides fin and laser cap atm. Check my thread in the results forum, just bumped it.
  3. So here's a couple pics I've found a few days after the ht... will I need another ht, or the density looks decent enough? Will I need to be also using hair fibres/concealers to make it look more fuller in the end?
  4. Hey buddy, I'm just curious on your results now in 2020? I also went to Esteworld and did Acell+PRP (3500g's)
  5. So study shows the product works, but how does it compare to minoxidil? Minoxidil also works and you can get it for a lot cheaper than Spectral DNC-N, so if it's not that much better then it's not worth it There's so many other products out there... there's also Trioxidil, but you can't even find any mention of it on forums anywhere
  6. Hey I'm surprised that you've decided that you'd want to go to a different clinic than Esteworld where you got your first one done? You think they didn't do a good job? That's where I got mine done also, I think it's alright... well, maybe too early for me to tell yet
  7. So I sent you the pics via private message since I'd like feedback. I'm not comfortable with posting more pics yet but will put more up later for sure. I'd like some more people to private message me and send pics out to get more feedback please. I told them to take only 2500 grafts and not over harvest but they still took 3500 which kind of upset me. Exactly 3 weeks have passed. One thing I like is that there is not that much shock loss in the transplanted area which is probably due to the extra Acell and PRP treatment, although I think there's a bit more shock loss now in the donor area sadly. Definitely shedding many hairs in the shower though, which I shower every 2nd day. (Should I shower every day?) Also I use the laser helmet for 20 min every 2nd day.
  8. So PRP i'm considering thinking about possibly doing at home at some point after spending a considerable amount of research, but not a hair transplant... doing a HT at home is crazy, and this guy didn't even do it right
  9. Hmm why should I? If you could give me good feedback then sure. Maybe later, sorry... I was thinking I'll probably need to do beard grafts to fill in the crown though, that's for sure. I don't wanna show pics of the crown now cuz it looks kinda ugly with no hair
  10. Did you do PRP at all? I got that done also, crossing my fingers... and I've been holding off on gym, which is going to make it hard for me get back in shape later on Thanks for the update
  11. I'm looking at the donor area and it is honestly looking like it would not even be a good idea to do another transplant... I'm even scared to share pics. My balding is so bad that i am not sure that this was a good idea to do the HT now
  12. I was lucky to get a hair transplant early this month before the pandemic really started
  13. Hey buddy, I went to Esteworld also. I'm just curious how's the results now? One thing I like is they use a smaller .6mm punch so scars are smaller than others
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