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  1. Melvin, isn’t it against the forum policy to delete threads and posts? They only get archived I assumed?
  2. The work looks great. Your doctor did a fantastic job
  3. Did he make any comments regarding the scarring?
  4. Thanks Dr Khokhar. I guess I’m more worried about damaging or pulling on the newly sprouted hairs that are growing?
  5. I have dandruff and get scaly scalp buildup. I notice when I shampoo and use the highest pressure setting (massage) On my shower head it helps remove some of this. Can this very high pressure water stream be bad for transplanted or native hair? Roughly 5 months post op right now thanks all
  6. I’d say the only option would be to add more grafts in order to achieve more density. Something like smp in the recipient may be possible but I doubt it would give you what you want. I’ve heard with thick haired individuals double grafts can be possible in temple points but I find it odd that only one side had them. I’d Def bring these up with them if you do decide to have a touch up with them. i find it a bit odd how a few eugenix cases where there was one guy unhappy with his donor just disappeared. So thanks for keeping us updated
  7. I’d say there’s still some growth to come up until 9 or 10 months but to get to where you want to be you might require a touch up. I’m guessing the docs will likely do this for you free of charge since they are trying to make a name for themselves and seem pretty ethical. You may have to cover flights tho. How are your temple points? Is one still weaker? Would be good to know what they think went wrong as well. Which package did you choose and which doctor did the extractions?
  8. Looks good. Did they they you if you had more scalp grafts left in reserve?
  9. Is there any specific reason y only 1400 grafts could only be implanted on the first day?
  10. I would still stay far away. That guy doesn’t know wtf he is doing as far as I’m concerned. He trained under Brett Bolton who is another quack. You have been warned
  11. I’m pretty sure by scar revision he means removing a bulk of the scar tissue then closing it back up using a better method such as trichophytic closure. Not just putting grafts into the scar as you mention
  12. Stay away from huebner. Total hack and uses old 80s technology in terms of hair transplants
  13. What size punch does he use? Do u know which system he utilizes?
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