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  1. I never understood this statement because length of hair would matter a lot. Is there a reference for the length of hair to give this visual effect?
  2. How many grafts did u get this last surgery and how many went into the front vs crown?
  3. Looks good for 6k grafts. What length clipper guard is the donor in this pic?
  4. Any reason why you are limiting yourself to mexico? Strictly cost? There are very good lower cost options abroad.
  5. I think @Melvin-Moderator can offer some great advice as he made some very helpful videos on concealers. I would maybe buy a trial size of the different kinds and try it out. Post ur pics here and we can give you some honest feedback. I've never used them but if you let the top grow til thanksgiving then I'm thinking a sprinkle of toppik would def thicken up the top. Like another poster said, concealers need to be kept away from the hairline.
  6. It doesnt look too frizzy to me? If your transplant is still under 18 months, then you still have a chance that the hair will settle in as it goes through growth phases. However, if its past that time then there might have been some trauma during the surgery and it may be something you have to deal with long term. Maybe speaking to a good hair dresser can help with giving recommendations for products to use.
  7. Theres quite a few patient posted results from what I remember over the years. They seem to be an ethical clinic with caring doctors and offer good prices. I believe they used to do all manual FUE but not have switched over to the WAW punch, not sure if this has affected their quality as many top doctors use the WAW system nowadays. They have a rep here that was repaired by them. I personally think they are a great clinic for the cost.
  8. I don’t think we should pay any attention to this thread. This guy came, posted his story and nothing else, then bounced never to be seen again. His pictures have the clinics logo plastered all over. This was pure marketing. Thanks Sergio from Spain
  9. I wonder how much the “excess fibrin” noted in his second day post op contributed to a poor result of the pinto patient. He def has more scabbing than normal.
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