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Dense-packing FUT performed by Dr. Feriduni - NW IV Class T/P - 3120 FU

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FUT performed on a 36 year old Caucasian male with:


- NW IV Class T/P

- Donor density of ~70-85 FU/cm??

- Hair diameter of ~69 microns


Treatment plan:


- 1st procedure with 3000 follicular units to reshape the face by reconstructing the hair line and temporal peaks and to fill in the mid head area

- 2nd procedure with 2000-2500 follicular units to achieve a higher density rate in the mid head area and cover up the complete crown area

- A medicinal therapy with finasteride 1mg to stabilize and prevent further hair loss


Performed procedure (August 18, 2008):


A Follicular Unit Strip Transplantation with 3120 FU

* 980 single hair FU

* 1040 double hair FU

* 650 triple hair FU

* 450 quadriple hair FU


Donor closing in 1mm lower edge Trichophytic Closure Technique (double layer suture);

Parallel incisions (single, double units) and perpendicular incisions (triple and quadriple units) were made in custom-sized blades technique (~Cutting Edge blades of 0,75mm ??“ 1,1mm)

An average density of 40-45 FU/cm?? in hair line and feather zone (single units), an average density of 30-35 FU/cm?? in density zone (double units) and a density of 25 FU/cm?? in the crown area (triple/quadriple units).



Dr. B. Feriduni


998103443_BEB91D9C3C2D72D91883642460420262.jpg.thumb 988103443_308F5B5A2E67F79A5033C7092642D6D7.jpg.thumb 978103443_A931A53594AE6DA87B5B62C245114F9C.jpg.thumb 898103443_1310FABC3D8EA452D5494D5301D5849F.jpg.thumb 888103443_BD0D9E6F841120ED2C6594DA8B368754.jpg.thumb 878103443_D5568CBAA134606DA774A9D8543495C5.jpg.thumb 798103443_1D6B398A75527001BC86F8F5F2331601.jpg.thumb 788103443_4943A01628276549BBF0F401BA09F4F4.jpg.thumb 698103443_5B496523B721F908DEFB2A5ABA4680BE.jpg.thumb 688103443_D17D9E1F41AC79E48C52CF248D3D314D.jpg.thumb 598103443_832D31845CE4014448C36746D57F69A0.jpg.thumb 588103443_5B85217DFF7494113BDBFFBF180FD8F9.jpg.thumb 498103443_777E51B7690982C196452C6ADC09C647.jpg.thumb 488103443_5E9D284121AA13DFB76588D6776EF168.jpg.thumb 409103443_2654463596F56B7079606ABE5B8F2E99.jpg.thumb 398103443_5F1746F756DAB4F991B74A7FE66F52B1.jpg.thumb 388103443_56ED8A6334A21777D0E5966639190197.jpg.thumb 309103443_6AF5F03C580301B3B029BDB7B21EF67B.jpg.thumb 298103443_5A4D497FE40FCE673DC8D2692F27021C.jpg.thumb 288103443_AB349684FEEBD721831A171EB50DA375.jpg.thumb 209103443_89AF5A43DBED5F023CA31F510AC72012.jpg.thumb 198103443_15B62813565700165EE3C7A57CEA4B8F.jpg.thumb 188103443_8D91841D49FF373C187E068BBA129473.jpg.thumb 109103443_14C1917446CC9B39989FABCC0C704E21.jpg.thumb



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  • Senior Member

I think it looks fabulous. However, I'm a bit confused on the write up. Is this the result after one surgery of 3120 grafts, or is this with the two surgeries that you mentioned in his transplant plan? Or, is he just going to have an additional surgery for another 2000 grafts?

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He looks a lot better, and 3000 looks to have gone a long way. Do you have any top-down shots, or immediate post-ops? I'm curious how far back into the crown went, and what kind of density he got on the top. It looks like in some shots that his back is thicker in the 4months than the 10months, though I assume this is just an issue of lighting.


Also, I think this is just 1 session of 3k..no? And the 2nd of 2000-2500 is just in theory.


*A Follicles Dying Wish To Clinics*

1 top-down, 1 portrait, 1 side-shot, 1 hairline....4 photos. No flash.

Follicles have asked for centuries, in ten languages, as many times so as to confuse a mathematician.

Enough is enough! Give me documentation or give me death!

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Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your kudos!


To TC17 : This patient had indeed a lot of four hair grafts, which is rather unusual.

In general we do not prepare any four hair grafts but since the patient had so many and he needed the density, we decided to make the best use of them and it worked perfectly in his case.


To Thanatopsis, Dakota3 and Bill:

Unfortunately I did not take any top down pics of this patient up to now. However I will make sure to take top down shots on his next visit.


Best regards,


Dr. B. Feriduni


P.S. : Sorry for the late answer but I attended to the ISHRS meeting at the end of July and took two weeks off directly after that.

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