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Removing hair that was implanted too low?

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Hi all,

My first post!

Back in 2001, I was 25 and really miserable from losing a lot of hair, and so I decided to undergo a FUT procedure.
It was a huge mistake, as I was way too young and still had a lot of hair loss ahead of me...

Now my hair looks unnatural : it is just too sparse, especially in the gulfs (something like 10/15 hair per square centimeters).
I've actually started to shave the gulf area, but obviously this is not something I want to keep doing for the rest of my life (also it doesn't look good, as some stubs remain visible).

I really need to fix this, but I don't have enough donor hair left to just go for a big procedure that would cover everything up.
And so I'd like to go for a "mature" (very high) hair line, that looks (somewhat) natural, possibly with a reasonable FUE procedure.

But the first step for this would be to remove the hair that was implanted too low, especially in the gulfs...this is where I need some advice.

I've started to look into different solutions:

  • extracting them with the same technique as with a FUE procedure. I met a FUE surgeon who confirmed this would be possible, since my skin in this area is still quite smooth. I'm quite worried about potential scarring, though, which would be a complete catastrophe and way worse than the state I'm in right now.
  • laser removal. I've read that it was possible on the scalp. I'm not sure about the potential consequences, though (the brain is not too far away ;). Is this safe?
  • electrolysis. I don't know if this is possible on the scalp. Since the amount of hair to remove is quite reasonable (I'd say around 500 over something like 30/40 square centimeters), maybe that could work?

I'd like to know if anyone went through either of these procedures for implant removal and could provide some feedback on the results.

Thanks for your help, I need it!

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 I agree with Melvin that would be great if you could post some photos so we can see exactly what you’re talking about. Yes, hair can be removed however, if there is a lot of it, you might be looking at some scarring.  

 Please post some photos so we can take a look. 

Best wishes,


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i recommend starting your own topic so we can provide you with feedback. Please be sure to provide detailed information about your case and provide photos so we can see what you’re referring to and we can provide you with accurate feedback 

Best wishes,


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These are the areas (not shaved after one day, so you can see the stubs) where I'd like the transplanted hair to be removed...

Around 10 / 15 hair per square centimeters, and I'd say less than 500 total.





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The options are few to  remove these with a cosmetically satisfying result.

It would be difficult to extract and move those grafts without leaving obvious scarring on the forehead.

Laser hair removal in competent hands may be an option, as would electrolysis as you've already researched.

Hopefully there's someone on this board who has experienced this delimma themselves that can chime in with some insights about the course of action they chose to take.



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Hi PipoG,

Could you please share some other pictures taken with more distance? All the options that have been mentioned (graft removal, electrolysis and adding more density) could be considered.

If it can help, here I share a couple of examples of the work of Dr. Bisanga which may be similar to your situation:

- Graft removal:




- Adding density on the area:



Best wishes,




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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the advice so far.

My hair is naturally thin, and so a good density is required for it to look natural.
Filling in the temple area would probably require 1200 grafts or so - possibly more.
That’s quite significant, and I’d rather save my remaining donor hair in case I want to reconstruct a much higher hair line in the future.

This is the reason for this post, and why I’m trying to remove that hair.

Based on what I’ve read above, extracting them (same as with a FUE) may cause significant scarring, and in a very sensitive (visible) area, too.
So I will not take that chance, as the potential risk seems to outweigh the benefits.

And so I’m left with electrolysis or laser.

I met with my dermatologist earlier this week to get her opinion.

She said laser would definitely work in my case - even though this was the first time anyone asked her about removing scalp hair.
She removes facial hair all the time and was not worried about scarring.
Also it seems there is no risk of damage to the brain or anything, as the laser does not penetrate deeply enough.
It may take up to 5 or 6 sessions for the hair to stop growing, with a period of 5 weeks between each (so almost 6 months overall).

She also discouraged me from going with electrolysis, as she said it would be slow, painful and come with a higher risk of scarring.
Maybe she has a strong bias towards laser though, as I've read other resources on the internet that say the exact opposite...
I’ll meet with another dermatologist in late August to get a second opinion.

Laser treatment should not be done during the summer time apparently anyway (no sun exposure allowed), so I have a couple of months to make up my mind.

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