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  1. Yeah I was in a similar situation last year. Derm match was a life savor. You look good brother. Happy healing and I wish you the best in a few months as your hair grows back in!
  2. TjMiles270

    Removing grafts via FUE

    Hi Oliver, thank you for the response. I will be happy to try and answer your question regarding what lead me to get an FUT rather than FUE or a hair transplant at all...but it is a bit complicated. You see I had a hair transplant performed over 10 years ago, this was FUT and done in my early twenties. This was obviously a very impulsive and poor decision on my part, being young and naïve and this was also in the days prior to the google boom of the internet today and the resources, knowledge and forums were not anything close to what they were to do. But in the end I was totally taken advantage of by a clinic that did not have my best interests at heart and pressured me into a surgery I did not need at an age way too young. I am well aware that I am accountable for blame, being is that no one can force you to have elective surgery, so in the end that burden falls on my shoulders. Although still all things considered, I believe know this industry a little more now, both things can be true. Already having the FUT procedure once already kind of lead me down that path again...I would of elected for FUE in hindsight and will never get another FUT surgery again. After consulting with a few really renown doctors in the field both recommended getting some of the pluggy grafts removed via FUE. I plan on getting scar repair surgery was well and possibly fixing parts of my front hairline and temples but further back and more natural looking. I had a hair transplant done over a year ago 1000 grafts in the front and temples and it was done too low and my hair line is just a bit too straight.
  3. I have consulted with two very highly renown doctors and both recommended removing upwards of around 100 grafts from the front of my hairline via FUE as part of my repair surgery - I had a very bad FUT procedure done last August. 1000 grafts in the front and temples.I would love some feedback from anyone out there who has had grafts removed via FUE. How is the scarring? How is your skin in those areas compared to where it was prior to surgery? Are you happy with the results compared to where you were before? Anyone who has had bad grafts or plugs removed via FUE, I would love any and all feedback good or bad before I take the plunge.Regards
  4. Thank you for the response Bill. luck You are right about my skin tone, that and the fact that scarring for me has never really been a major issue. I have a tendency to heal well from scrapes and cuts. I even had 5 stiches on my forehead as a young kid and the scarring is practically invisible. I am more worried about the condition of my skin underneath these grafts and what it is going to look like once they are removed. ie. pinning, cobble stoning ect. After consulting with two top doctors in the field and coming back with the same objective conclusion - that electrolysis or lasing is not a viable option for me (unfortunately). They it would not be recommended based on the condition that my skin is already in. The two options presented were FUEing some off or cutting them completely out. The former would be much less drastic than the later obviously - and I feel like I really need to do something. Since a lot of my repair work requires a skilled FUE surgeon I was leaning on the aforementioned "doctor' whose name I am not allowed to post on this forum for reasons I am not sure...since he is known to be a wizard when it comes to FUE. Although I have consulted with Cooley and I am looking into Dr. Bisanga from Topcat hair repair. I just want to put myself in the best possible position to get the best possible repair surgery that I can. Which from the doctors I have consulted will be FUE graft removal of some of the bad plugs - possible plug re distribution, A cell therapy and filling in my FUT scar. If you have any recommendations on other doctors or avenues I should look into, I would be happy to hear it. I am lucky to still have a lot of hair on my head, I would love to actually style it again or take advantage of it without all these awful coarse grafts covering it in the front. I would love to put all of this behind me and appreciate what I have while I have it and if I lose hair in the future...so be it. Ce la vie. I wish I could go back in time and never get the horrible FUT procedure I that got...but I can't go back. All I can do is try and move forward. All best.
  5. I see what you mean. I am suffering from a similar bad FUT transplant in the front of my hairline as well. I often wondered / wanted to simply pluck the transplanted hair out in the front but was too worried about the skin underneath. I am looking into alternative methods and repair surgery options...right now I am leaning toward plug removal / redistribution and A cell treatment for the skin. But yeah we have very similar problems, it is a shame too because I, like you still have a lot of GREAT hair on my head - it would be really nice to utilize it again. Best thoughts.
  6. I had a bad FUT procedure done last year 1000 grafts into the front and temples of my hairline. I also know that hair transplants are permanent, so I know there is no way to get these grafts off without some semblance of scarring. The question is, how bad? I had a consult with Dr. Cooley and another and both agreed that the grafts can be removed almost scarring would be minimal But I have googled this subject pretty tiresomely and what I have found on the internet is not so optimistic. There are not too many pictures that show successful FUE graft removal surgeries. I see a lot of graft redistribution photos and went through a bunch performed by One doctor. But with my specific issue there is little on the internet as far as photos that go with successful FUE graft removal that will allow me to realistic judge for myself how I think the scarring will look. Even more troubling is the prominent hair transplant surgeons in the field that have openly spoke against removing plugs via FUE. Doctors such as Feller, Dua, Pak and Rassman have all warned on forums not to have the procedure done. With all of this information to consider I would love your thoughts on plug removal via FUE. One way or another these grafts really need to come out and if my skin is in way too critical of a condition for electrolysis and I don’t want to deal with the fallout from getting a brow lift on my head. I see no other option. But with getting a 100 or so removed from the front portion of my hairline. What am I realistically looking at scar wise? I am honestly more concerned with my skin underneath the transplants. Dr. Cooley highly and I repeat highly recommended I get A cell done along with my repair. I have some ridging and I am very worried about pinning. Do you guys recommended anything for the skin I can do to help it look as natural as possible? Is A cell my best shot? Right now the plan is Graft Removal and redistribution further back on my hairline and with proper grafts, A cell and FUE scar repair - I have a nasty strip scar in the back to fill in. Thanks for the feedback and all the best always.
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    It seems pretty good. Sometimes a lot of those "non sulfate" shampoos can contain just as many harmful chemicals if not just as bad as using sulfates. But as far as shampoos goes this isn't the worst stuff I have seen. Is it working for you and your hair? I found that if you find a product that works and a routine that works for you stick with it!
  8. I had 1000 grafts FUT done about a year ago in the front of my hairline and it has been pretty disastrous. I am trying to put together a short list of doctors who specialize in hair transplant repair or even removal. I would LOVE to get at least 500 of them out, my natural hair behind my transplants looks great but I am well aware of the complications that could befall getting the transplanted hairs removed. I also have a pretty large strip scar in the back that needs to be filled in. I live in Jersey but I am making a trip down to Dr. X in September. I was wondering what other doctors you would recommend that are skilled in fixing or removing previous transplants. Thanks
  9. I am having very similar problems and was looking into the same possible solutions. I have around 500 in the front after an FUT procedure that has not worked out. Some feedback would be wonderful!