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Well, I am moving into a position at work well I will need to be more professionally groomed and I am looking for suggestions on some products to try and where to get them. What are you using for a neat and professional look?


I usually use something but it is kind of what ever is handy and I think it is pretty cheap. I can't even remember the name. I use a paddle brush rather than a comb and today I kind of have a "Mad Men" style du going on. Looking for something with a little less shine and something that helps with density.


Edit: Sorry for the typo in the title. I meant "Grooming."

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I edited the thread title for you.

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As far as helping cover I bought Toppik from amazon and for styling I use Red Kin "Stand Tough" and I buy it from ulta it says it has a high shine I do not notice that I only buy this gel because it holds the style all day long. Let us know what you have good luck with.

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Crew Fiber for sure.


You should be on commission Can't decide, I just ordered that off Amazon. Not that I need it just yet!


Usually I use Shockwaves Go Matt Clay when the hair is short.

VO5 firm hold styling gel and L'Oreal Satin extra strength hair spray when hair is 2-3 inches long.

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