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  1. I was lucky , Hakan was hanging on to being a named Dr on here , since then he's lost it. Muslin was his rep , he repaid me then left a while after . Do yourself a favour , do not go back. As Jean says look at his list plus I'd add Devroye to it , do not rush !
  2. Former Hakan patient here , poor crown result . He did extraction and some placement , suspect he took his eye off the ball a long while ago . Also suspect his techs arent up to it , i was lucky enough to get most of my money back but grafts are lost for good . Nice people but i refused a free op after it with them.
  3. Amazing result , great pictures under light too. The patient must be very pleased with his result. Underated Dr and Clinic in my opinion , wish I'd discovered him before my last FUE!
  4. Have a look at Dr Jean Devroye in Belgium , his work seems quality and prices ok. Seems to go under the radar a bit with Bisanga the big Belgian brand most known , I've admired Devroyes work a while now and if I get more work done I'd speak to him for sure.
  5. Canary islands , branded proscar 8 euros a packet . Straight over counter
  6. Having had both FUT ( Dr Feller 2007) and FUE ( Dr Hakan 2014) I find this debate a fantastic read , credit to all Drs involved. One good point I've read is about people not wanting the scar , totally get that but like all aspects of Hair work I think it depends on the surgeon. I have a scar from Dr Feller , Id sooner not have had it or the staples etc and frankly straight post op it looks far worse than fue. Fact. However , I'm 10 years out....I've been to countless barbers , not one has mentioned it. Ive had short hair with no trouble .I've sweated at the gym , not been noticied. My wife
  7. I'll be ten years early next year , i had 1800 grafts into my crown with Dr Feller (hi Spex!). I do not believe I've lost those hairs which gave me a decent coverage although not dense. I've since had another 1000 in the crown by Dr Doganay which wasn't such a good end result but by fully commiting to Fin over the last 3 years I've had good regrowth and my hair looks ok / good until greasy or wet.
  8. I've had both , I'm 35 now and back in 2008 i had quite a lot of loss in my crown....ironically i went to Dr Feller and had strip of 1800 grafts which gave me good enough coverage for then and i was pleased enough. Last year i decided to see if i could finish the crown or a least get more density , i decided to look into FUE as while I'm happy enough with the scar i have from 2008 i didn't want another and more importantly i didn't think my current loss justified another strip so i went to Dr Doganay for 1057 FUE. I honestly think both have there parts to play in the H/T world but both come a
  9. Superb result mate , what method of extraction was used and are you on meds both before and after the op ?
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