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  1. Lieli, Makes sense! Like you said, both have their place and one procedure was better suited for your needs. Best of luck and thanks for sharing!
  2. Interesting. Future hair loss treatments is a big area of interest for me. I'll take a look.
  3. Mav, It all depends on how systemic it goes. If topical fin stays in the scalp, you shouldn't -- theoretically -- experience any of the systemic side effects of the hormone level changes. If it goes into the blood stream from the scalp, it will likely be about the same. It stands to reason that a topical solution applied directly to the scalp would have less distribution throughout the body than the same medication taken orally. I really believe that the only way to halt or prevent the androgenic alopecia process is to stop DHT from binding to the androgen receptors. This is what kic
  4. Spanker, You're right about "herd" symptoms and placebo side effects. However, there is no doubt that altering hormone profiles is serious business. I think many doctors are starting to feel less comfortable prescribing medications that do this in general. It's the same reason why a lot of primary care providers send patients to OB/GYNs, endocrinologists, et cetera, for things like estrogen therapy, testosterone injections, hormone pellets, et cetera. There are a few new drugs in the pipeline. The two with the best chance of making it to market are bimatoprost and setipriprant (may h
  5. KO, Unfortunately, you're right. Blocking the DHT from ever binding to androgen receptors in the follicle is the only way to truly avoid the AGA process. Like I said above, however, I think the newest consensus is that this may have more side effects than initially suspected.
  6. Yonex, Just to quickly discuss the finasteride issue a bit further: I think the "sexual side effects" tide is changing. Hair loss doctors have prescribed this drug for almost 20 years now, and it seems like the consensus is that the percent experiencing sexual side effects is greater than the initial studies quoted (around 2%) and there is concern for long lasting effects. Endocrinology -- hormone medicine -- is one of my favorite topics -- specifically how it relates to alopecia. Altering hormone levels -- especially androgen hormone levels -- has serious consequences. This has
  7. Mav, No obvious reason why you could not take viagra on fin. However, you would need to see a doctor familiar with your medical history and current health before determining if viagra is appropriate for you in general.
  8. Cali, Are there multiple people extracting at once? Who performs the extractions? If there were multiple people extracting -- meaning one took 1,500 and the other took 1,500 -- this would reduce out of body time and still keep extractions focused.
  9. Shera, It's not as much the doctor and his team. Obviously the doctors we recommended here are very dedicated and will push themselves for their patients! It's more about reducing grafts out of body time and making sure no one feels rushed while scoring and delivering grafts. This is why I think the 1,500ish level is ideal.
  10. John, It will likely depend on the amount of scar tissue in your scar. If the scar tissue is too thick and avascular (without blood supply), even the strongest, healthiest grafts won't grow. Dr Karadeniz does a lot of strip work, so he could probably evaluate the scar and give you an idea as to the best way to proceed. Doganay obvious does a lot of scar work as well, so both probably good ones to talk to!
  11. Spark, I agree. This is even fast for 12. 3,500 is best split into 2 days (at least). I think 1,500 - 2,000 a day should be about the max for FUE. This is the best way to really reduce damage during "out of body time" and to ensure grafts are very carefully extracted.
  12. Thanks, John! Again, I really am happy you were able to find a procedure that helped you restore you hair. Like you said, both have their place and suit certain patients best. Johnny, Nice! If you are really trying to max out -- like a champ ; ) -- FUSS followed by FUE/mFUE is the way to go.
  13. John, I'm pleased your happy with your FUE procedure(s). However, bumping threads, sharing an unrelated image, and re-hashing the scarring differences isn't necessary. This is even more true for clinic representatives. PS: I removed the image as it's unrelated and you've shared it multiple times now.
  14. That seems really, really, really fast. Agree with above. FUE grafts are very fragile and prone to injury during the extraction process, even when handled with the utmost case. I would be very concerned about the health of grafts removed in this short period of time AND the quality of the donor afterwards.
  15. Waz, Here was what Dr Feller said when asked a few weeks back: "I can't speak for why others charge what they do. It is not my place. If their price structure works for them, then bless them. I happen to like and respect all the doctors in your list by they way." The doctors on the list were some of the more established FUE and strip guys. I don't think I can really add much more than that. He charges what makes sense based upon when and how he thinks FUE should be used, and he can't comment on why others charge differently. You'll always see fluctuations in prices for all cosmet
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