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Dr. Paul Shapiro 357 FUE Touch Up


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I had the distinct pleasure of undergoing another procedure at SMG for a 357 FUE touch up (mainly on the left side of my hairline). The last three years have been excellent after my initial 1538 FUE procedure (also performed by Dr. Shapiro) and the perfectionist side of me opted to undergo a minor touch up when the opportunity arose. Going in for a one day procedure (that ended a little after 1 PM after arriving at the clinic at 7:30 AM) was a walk in the park compared to the three day procedure three years ago. Besides this just being a smaller procedure, I went in psychologically with much greater comfort having already went through the arduous research and decision making process of considering at HT. Additionally, knowing how comforting and accommodating SMG is made the process immeasurably easier.


I came in fully prepared to shave my head and was extraordinarily happy I was able to leave around 3/4 inch on top due to the small procedure. SMG having an in-house stylist is beyond awesome! The extractions were performed by Dr. Josephitis (new to SMG in 2013). while Dr. Paul Shapiro created the incisions. Janna expertly placed in the grafts. So a big thanks to all the staff from the start (Matt Zupan for coordinating) to finish.


I am impressed so far by the progression of healing as the ATP Liposomal spray seems to be working well.


I am pretty stoked on the results so far and will post updates accordingly. Please see the attached post-op day three pictures.



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Congratulations! Look forward to updates.

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Donor are at day 2 and right now and three and half weeks...!


I got a haircut about four days ago too.


The punch sites look quite large...

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