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My new hairline! Dr Feriduni thank you!


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I just wanted to share my experience and of course my new hairline thats has just started to take shape. I have ti admit I was sooo scared that nothing would happen or I would not get a result that i kind of just went into hiding as I got my transplant doneby dr ferriduni in sep 2013 by the way i think 1400 FUE and it looked great for about 2-3 weeks then it starts falling out and I was left with the pitted remains of the transplanted hair and I thought I'd just blown my cash on nothing. BUT around mid jan a drastic change started happening and my hairs started sprouting and in Feb a complete new hairline is now obvious and getting close to that post 2 week surgery look.


Its still growing and of course early days but already I am confident and can sttle my hair and carry of a brushed back look and my whole look has improved no end.


I just want to say that Dr Ferridini was amazing, I don know what all the ojher clinics are like but I was made to feel like a VIP! I mean you get your own private room for all your stuff you get a tv and food and its in a lovely upscale clinic in Belgium really nice. th enurses at hand where lovely and Dr feriiduni was so through I really felt in safe hands he gave me options I did not want my front hair that was still in tact to be shaved done so I could hide the transplant and he carefully planted grafts around rthe tuft of hair that I still had so grateful!


he uses this cool guide to make sure all the haiurline is even and to his exact standards.


The proceedure was fantastic minimal pain and the post op was also so nice the included hotel nearby is really nice and you get a bunch of vitamin solutions and sparys to look after the hair post op not sure if it helps but in the head it sure does!


I nearly 6 months post op here are my pics to date


I was recommended by Spex who I cant thank enough for a high quality surgeon based in europe, and also by the way it was no effort taking eurostar and driving down if your based in the south took less than 3 hours from Croydon! and only ?30!


I am also taking generic 5mg finasteride which I also have seen stop my hairs form falling out its been about 4 3 months now - its those little hairs on my pillow that were falling out and in the shower, Dr Edgar was very efficient and answered all my questions to get the medication



spex thank you so much I have not got my pre op pics could you Post them please I cant remember how bad I was!



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Congratulations! The results look excellent.

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Great result!


i am considering Dr. Feriduni for mye HT but i don`t want to use propecia because of the side effects..What if i give it a go without using propecia? i have been using minoxidil for almost six years. Any suggestions?

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