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  1. Keep in mind celebrities typically have their hair professionally styled and enhanced for movies, shows, and other appearances. A good example that comes to mind is Chris Pratt, who in Guardians of the Galaxy looks like a NW 1.5 with no thinning and little to no recession. But looking at candid pictures of him he's actually like NW3 with noticeable recession and thinning. Same person, vastly different hair. Many actors even use partial hair pieces for some of their appearances, Hugh Jackman comes to mind.
  2. eyebrowqueen, that is interesting. I'm not sure why, but my guess is SMG and Rahal think the strip will be very small and thus will leave an insigificant scar... and since FUT generally has a slightly higher yield (and costs less), you would be better off going that route. I guess it depends how concerned you are about having a small linear scar that might be visible with short hair. If you scar aggressively, even a small incision can stand out. Of course if you don't care, or never plan to wear your hair on the short side it might not even matter. GreatPaleo, I think that is a good
  3. eyebrowqueen, I know you directed the question at Mickey, but I would like to point out that cosmetic surgery is very much a product of demand. In other words, as long as people are willing to line up to get FUT done, and it's a reasonable procedure, I'm sure many ethical and competent doctors keep doing FUT and not worry about FUE. Supply and demand. They already know FUT, FUT is easier to supply than FUE, and there's still a lot of demand for it.
  4. I see. So you would agree that FUE should generally be the plan A course of action if the amount of grafts you need can be conservatively harvested (~20%) with FUE?
  5. Diffusing the donor area by around 20% from native density generally has no meaningful impact on the appearance. If you need so much hair that you need to harvest more than that, then yes I can see how a FUT + FUE combo can come into play. However, as you know, the linear scar may very well be a problem... so in my opinion it's best to use FUE as plan A, and FUT as plan B. The more grafts you need with FUT, the larger the scar also. I'd rather take small white dots that are almost imperceivable over obvious line scars.
  6. When FUE is done by a reputable doctor the difference in density in the donor area is unnoticeable. Only around 20% of the grafts are harvested in any given donor area. We know if you can transplant hairs at 50% normal density, the result looks natural... FUE will leave the donor area at 80%+ normal density. The white dot scars are really only noticeable if you're completely shaved to guard 1, someone is staring at your head, and the extractions are clustered together (as opposed to spread out)... and if by some miracle someone notices them, they'll probably have absolutely no idea what it
  7. At a glance I'd say that does look like around 2700 grafts. My guess is when he transplanted grafts himself at the end he was putting on the finishing touch. I agree your growth is subpar for 8 months. That's typically what people look like 3-4 months in, not 8. If I was you I would also be extremely upset and concerned. However, as hard as it is to believe you may still have significant growth to come. So try to remain calm until you get closer to the 1 year mark.
  8. I think the term "less desirable" hits the nail on the head. Hair loss is generally associated with getting old, but when it happens at a relatively young age it can feel like you're missing out on your prime. Like the youth is getting sucked out of you.
  9. Startling how much hair can be lost in just three years. In 1999 it looked like you were around HW2, then in 2012 you had progressed to like NW4. Now you hair looks better than back in 1999, you must be thrilled
  10. I'm continually shocked at the deceitfulness and greed of some doctors. There's actually lots of doctors like this, some are just not as bad as others. What I don't understand is how 1) they can be so apathetic towards the live's of the people they're supposed to help and 2) have such a strong desire for money when they usually have more than enough to live comfortably. Why try to obscure and disguise the true results of procedures? Why sugar coat it or outright lie? Just to get another sucker and take his/her money? It's an outrage knowing doctors out there are encouraging patients t
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