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5 months post op, 2000 FUT w/ Dr Feller


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Ok, so somewhere along the line managed to erase the 4 month pics I had been meaning to upload, so I'm afraid I'm just going to have to skip to month 5. Sorry about that!

But basically not much has been happening except watching some slow growth and the density beginning to creep up slowly.


Months 3 & 4 I was using Toppik to mask the new growth and blend the recipient area with the native hair. I've got pretty fine straight hair anyway, so the Toppik did make a big difference and around the 4 month mark people started to comment that I was looking good, but they couldn’t really put their finger on what exactly was different! :cool:


At the 5 month mark I ran out of Toppik and decided just to do without it, as the density had reached a pretty acceptable level. My right side is definitely taking a little longer to build up, but it's always been my weaker side when it comes to hair loss, so it's not a huge surprise to be honest. Obviously it will continue to build over the next year or so but I thought it best to just proceed ‘au naturel’ and let it thicken over time to avoid any unwanted attention.


But all in all, I’m really happy with where I’m at right now. Dr Feller’s hairline has created the kind of subtle changes that I was hoping to achieve and I now feel I have a defined, denser hairline that I will be happy with as I continue to age.


Looking forward to seeing the results continue to grow over the coming months!






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Looking good, 5 months is still so early. Believe me I have noticed improvement from month 17 to month 18 - you have a long way to go I'm sure you're gonna be very happy.

 2,000 grafts FUT Dr. Feller, July 27th 2012. 23 years old at the time. Excellent result. Need crown sorted eventually but concealer works well for now.

Propecia and minoxidil since 2010. Fine for 8 years - bad sides after switching to Aindeem in 2018.

Switched to topical fin/minox combo from Minoxidil Max in October 2020, along with dermarolling 1x a week.

Wrote a book for newbies called Beating Hair Loss, available on Amazon

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