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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood III Vertex
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. Alan Feller
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men

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  1. Oh my god those before pics gave me horrible flashbacks, my hair was exactly like that. This is my result after Dr Feller. Dr Bloxham has taken over now but the OP here might want to consider him if he likes my result.
  2. Is this thread sponsored by Uber? 😄 Congrats! You've chosen an elite doctor, this time next year I'm sure you're going to look great. There won't be any pain involved so just relax and let Konior do this thing.
  3. yes, it's very common for post-op patients to do this. Make sure it doesn't touch your grafts though so check the hat is ok with your doctor before you put it on.
  4. I think it should always come back to patient-posted results as well as the doctors whose names keep popping up in threads (in a positive way). Seeing Muresanu being one of 4 names listed as "elite" surgeons by a poster in this thread reassures me that I am making a good choice to go with Hattingen next year. Of course, every list by every knowledgeable poster doesn't include EVERY great doctor....but if you research long enough you will know who is considered top notch. Regarding Spex.... I am one of the "vulnerable young patients" he helped and I am very grateful to him. He answere
  5. As soon as you leave the clinic! That's exactly what most people do - buy an oversized cap and let your doctor / aftercare team help you put it on properly. I walked around Manhattan the day after my HT and that wouldn't have been possible without a cap. It also helps with the travel home at the airport etc.
  6. what if your second procedure was only for 2,000 grafts or less? Would you save the laxity for a large FUT down the road if needed and do an FUE for the 2,000?
  7. My eyes jumped out of my head when I saw 18k grafts.... and he got 25 in the end? Wow. Thanks for bumping this thread and updating, can't believe what I'm seeing this is amazing. He looks great and still has the option of some concealer to boost it.
  8. Seen some very impressive results on here lately from this doctor - if the vetting matches up with the recent posts then no objections here.
  9. I remember a post from Spex about "seasonal shedding" but haven't heard too much about it in recent times... sometimes my hair does go through periods where it looks thin but it always thickens back up. This thread seems to be talking about something much more severe that I haven't encountered in the 9 years since my HT. Apparently my new hairline fell out twice and grew back without me knowing...?
  10. Yes which is why I didn't and won't post monthly pics.... only the final result when I feel comfortable. I feel really bad for people when you see their optimism turn into realisation that it hasn't worked out, with the photos out there for everyone to see.
  11. No. If it's bad - they'll be asking questions and posting concerns. If they aren't back it means they're enjoying life and no longer worrying about their hair. It's not an overnight thing where you wake up with a full mane and you can't wait to hop on the forums and tell everyone. It happens gradually - and over that time you start forgetting the worries you had and the bad situation you were in. You just slowly adapt to the new you and just sort of leave all this behind. Some stay active because they feel a duty to the forum for all the advice they received and they want to hel
  12. Amazing... you don't need another touch up, save your grafts for the future and be happy now!
  13. That's a fair price - I paid very similar for the same amount of grafts from Dr Feller in 2012 - not including flights to New York and accommodation / spending money etc. for the 3 days I was there. Sitting on a plane for 7 hours with a hat on because of your HT isn't fun either. As long as you are choosing a top doctor, there's a lot to be said for staying closer to home even if it is a little bit more expensive for the surgery.
  14. I forgot to say - yes taking fin for at least a year and taking pics to document progress is definitely the way to go. And trying the shaven look is a great idea - you could put that money to a gym membership and be one of those fellas that goes bald and gets ripped!
  15. Not a surprise with Farjo especially... i think they're well known for being more on the conservative side, which would be reflected in how many grafts they give you compared with Arshad - which ultimately determines your final result. Farjo in my opinion seem to be about giving you a nice transformation (great for older people who just want some hair back and a very natural look) whereas Arshad and the other top clinics are going for the excellent transformations and making a big difference. I don't believe it to be a matter of skill but more of a philosophy, so I'm not knocking Fa
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