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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood III Vertex
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. Alan Feller
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men

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  1. I think you can do it (I was 23) but you need to have these things going for you The loss needs to be bad enough justify surgery The loss needs to be stable (meds or otherwise) You choose a good doctor (which you have) You think of the long-term and keep lots of grafts in the bank for the future - meaning your new hairline should be conservative You leave the crown and accept you'll have to come back to it in 10 years I ticked all these boxes and 9 years later it has worked out really well for me. I'm hoping to get my crown sorted in the next few years and twe
  2. Just watching this now - really cool to put a face and voice to the name. Great to finally have some UK doctors worth shouting about!
  3. Thank you! I've just read that their minoxidil doesn't contain the ingredient that can cause scalp irritation, so that explains it being more expensive. Minoxidil max do a version without propylene glycol too but it's also more expensive.... [self edit] ok I just compared prices and minoxidil max 15% minoxidil without propylene glycol and 1mg fin is £310 per year. It also has some other ingredients too like 5% azaelic acid and caffeine. I don't know how Freshman can justify nearly £500 for what I'm guessing is only 5% minoxidil and fin. I guess for quick delivery and knowing it comes
  4. It's good to know topical fin and minox is available in the UK though, Minoxidilmax is based in the US (I think) and until now I didn't know it was available here
  5. I have been using topical fin and minox since October. I'm having great results with no side effects other than a flaky scalp at times. I am in the UK too and have never heard of that website..... seems expensive to me. I get mine from minoxidilmax and it's around £300 for a year's supply, basically the same as I was paying for proscar and rogaine foam.
  6. How to research: COME TO THIS FORUM AND READ EVERY DAY FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS. Forget budget, forget the fact you have a week off work next month so that would be the perfect time, forget where you are located, forget that clinic in your town that has an opening if you book quickly, forget the 5 star reviews on Google. Read, read, read. Once people do this they will almost certainly make the right decision in the end. There's no way a sane, reasonable person will read here every day and then still go to that cheap hair mill and have regrets for life. People reading here w
  7. 18 months - since my 'good' result at month 12 turned into a 'great' result at month 18. It makes no sense to rush it when your body is still processing the surgery. Give it time to heal and wait til you fully understand your result before you go for a second. I guess if your first HT was the hairline and the second is going to be the crown, then maybe it's different.
  8. Was surprised to hear the name of the doctor associating himself with this.
  9. I would also ask for your donor to be examined thoroughly and for you to be given the breakdown. I was happy enough to hear simply that my donor area was "beautiful" but now 9 years later it would be great to know how my density was and what my lifetime projection of grafts in the bank was. That way you will know if there's been any change to your donor area if you ever go for a second HT at a later date.
  10. That style and the emo fringe are the epitome of 2000s. Beckham's curtains were the epitome of the 90s too.
  11. Yeah if they aren't asking questions then I'm usually suspicious. This is a place to come to when you are looking to learn.
  12. Wayne Rooney said he was delighted with the results when he posted a post-op pic of him in a car on the way home from the clinic.... i facepalmed
  13. As someone who started receding at 16 and who had a HT at 23....you are a lucky man having the level of loss you do. I can't comment too much on your medical history...that's for a doctor to advise on. I know the first two names you mentioned have good reputations here - you should get in touch to arrange a consultation with each. If you're looking around Europe you could also get in touch with Bisanga and Hattingen. Hattingen are cautious and I think it's always good to get an opinion from someone who would turn down your money if they didn't think surgery was right for you.
  14. Your description set us up for a very balding fella in the pics but you looked pretty good anyway to be honest. What did they say about the donor quality in person compared to the average patient? Was it better than expected but still below average? Or were the concerns unfounded? Looks like great work anyway, look forward to seeing the end result!
  15. Seen your first pics and most recent (haven't read the rest of the thread) and i think you were well ahead of the game at 5 months. Looking even better now too. I saw big improvement on my hairline between month 12 and 18...and the crown takes 18 months. You're in for an amazing result. I think it's safe to name the doctor now, the HT was clearly a big success.
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