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  1. Ok..... it's Farjo or Arshad. Both have good results, main pros and cons are Farjo has constantly natural results, however something seem conservative and I wonder if can look a little sparse. Arshad hairlines look a little more aggressive but good. Main concern is the threads on forums in regards to recent slow growth, and over harvesting leaving patchy areas on the back of the head. However, these are only a few results. I know no one can make this decision for me. But is there anything particular I should be taking into consideration that could help sway me?
  2. Ok, spoke again with Dr Farjo’s clinic. They advised me Dr Farjo has put 1800 grafts, but also ‘x2 ?’. I asked what this meant and apparently it’s 1800 grafts for this procedure to fill in the temples. Then I may or may not want another procedure in the future to add density to the same area. Is this pretty standard stuff? I know transplanted hair doesn’t have the same density as your original hairline, but should the density of one procedure be enough for most? Just want to ensure my expectations are the same as what a procedure can deliver. Thanks
  3. Still weighing up the options. I looked into Dr Ball but his website says they are not taking on new patients at the moment due to long waiting lists, and to contact them after September 1st, so consulting with Dr Ball is on hold. Dr Reddy I had a phone consultation with the Private Clinic who he works for, and they just kept trying to push me onto a Dr Ismal. For the UK, at the moment Farjo is my front runner. I’ve looked over some patient results on the forums and haven’t found one I didn’t like yet. Saw a few impressive ones on this forum, and one that was only done at the start of June so watching that thread closely for updates. I am going to look at clinics abroad to compare their work to Farjo’s. I did have a video consultation with Harley Street Hair Clinic (was a free consultation and the first one I set up…. I bought into the media hype cause Wayne Rooney went there), and they said similar to the others. Difference was they insist on shaving the whole head. Would be a Dr Greg Vida. Not really even considering them and only had the appointment as it was free, already booked, and could do a price comparison. Lastly, if I go ahead with a procedure, I'm hoping to do it discreetly without everyone knowing, so am considering how long I’d need off work before being able to return with my usual ‘cover up’ hair style hiding the recede whilst the magic works underneath. That’s my update so far
  4. Thanks for your reply. When I say I’ve done my research, I mean I’ve done my research into the procedure, when to expect to see results, shock loss, optional medication etc. I’ve only just started looking into different surgeons and having consultations. So I admit to only just starting my research into different surgeons as that is what my post was asking for help with. I’m not from the Manchester area and as mentioned above also have a consultation booked with Harley Street Hair Clinic in London. I am also booking a consultation with Dr Arshad in Leeds as recommended above, and he is also a forum recommended surgeon. KSL was a clinic I came across yesterday, so as I was updating this post, I simply included the question in my last reply….. further research as pointed out above shows no one should go near them! Whilst I appreciate the advice of looking abroad, and I know many people recommend going abroad, I personally am not comfortable going abroad for a procedure. I’m not saying surgeons abroad aren’t great, but if I have an issue I’d like to be able to simply drive to the clinic. I appreciate there may be better surgeons abroad than in the UK, but there are 3 UK recommended surgeons on this forum, Farjo, Reddy, and Arshad…. so are these surgeons not able to produce consistently good results on par with, or at least close to surgeons abroad (granted it will likely cost more)? I will take advice on surgeons abroad and at least compare results with surgeons in the UK to help with a educated decision. Thanks for everyone’s input 😀
  5. Think Crown Clinic is out, not enough results or positive feedback. Definitely interested to heard more peoples experiences with Dr Farjo, so far he is the front runner. Am I right in thinking Dr Farjo is a forum recommended surgeon? I'll look up Dr Arshad too, he's with the 'Hair Dr' isn't he? £3 a graft is defiantly great value!! I have also come across Dr Matee Rajput of the KSL Clinic (also seems to be known as Dr Matee Ullah), and many sports stars and reality TV personalities seem to go to him..... anyone know much about this clinic and doctor?
  6. Hello all, New here and first time post! I have been considering a FUE hair transplant for a few years, and have done my research into the procedure. I'm now at a point of choosing a surgeon..... and I'm a little lost. I have had two face to face consultations, one with Dr Bessam Farjo of Farjo Hair Institute, and one with Dr Asim Shahmalak of Crown Clinic, and have a video consultation booked with the Harley Street Hair Clinic next week. Both doctors I have seen so far were really nice, advised pretty much the same thing (1800 grafts), and I liked both of them. However upon doing further research Dr Farjo seems much more popular on forums, and reviews and results of Dr Shahmalak seem few and far between. Work from Dr Farjo can be found on this forum from as recent as 22 hours ago, yet Dr Shahmalak I can only find over 3 years ago as the most recent. Can anyone shed any light onto if Dr Shahmalak is known to be a reputable surgeon with good results? A quick google of his name brings up websites stating he is 'An internationally renowned hair transplant specialist', yet examples of results are hard to find. Or does the fact Dr Farjo is much easier to find reviews of speak for itself? Who knows, maybe Harley Street Hair Clinic next week will throw another spanner in the works Thanks in advance
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