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  1. I really appreciate the response. Good that the community help determine things. I am new here obviously and do not mean to rub anyone up the wrong way. I am just trying to find answers so i really value your help. I spent several hours really looking into KSL based on opinions here from people to avoid them and it would definitely seem they are an unsavoury bunch. The owners have a very murky past. I believe they were forced to close yet reopened under new name whilst the owner was on the run. Thanks for helping me dodge a bullet.
  2. This looks like Lewis Hamilton. I am of mixed race so this result to me is very helpful to see. I hope I get such a result.
  3. How many hairs did you have and how much was your surgery ? I have read good this about this clinic.
  4. Thank you for all the replies. I will look into these recommendations further and will report back. There are certainly a range of opinions out there and the clinics recommended tend to be the ones recommended here which is good. I just want to be sure as this is a ig decison for me. I've never heard of Dr Arshad so will look into him as well as Dr Bicer who looks to be good on price too, which for me is very important, as I'm out of work and not got a professional footballers desposable salary. I did read on a topic that Drs recommended here pay to be recommended, is this correct?
  5. This is a helpful video i just watched it. Thanks. Any opinion on KSL Clinic in the UK ?
  6. Hi John, thanks for the reply. I am trying to use the search to find out more. I have read a few mixed reviews and looking around but this seems to be the case with pretty much all clinics and doctors I'm searching especially if you are trying to find unhappy or unsatisfied patients. I like KSL as the price is really good but this is why I am here to get some opinions. Thanks
  7. Hello, I am interested in the opinion of the community about KSL Clinic. I am in process of booking a hair transplant with them and I will be travelling to the UK from Europe to get this done hopefully in the not too distant future once travelling is a little easier. I have seen a number of their celebrity patients and they look very good and they are offering me a very affordable price. I ran a search on here about KSL and what appears to be a partner clinic ( British Hair Clinic ) as I believe they use the same Doctors. I would appreciate some guidance and just see if the opinions I fou
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