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Use this forum for anything you feel does not belong in other forums on the message board. Sports, muscle cars, hunting, fishing, current events, anything (no nudity, please) This is your forum to do with as you please.





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Upload image test, to make sure everything is working fine after some database maintenance.


Hans, was just watching the 20twenty World Cup - is it just me or did AB de Villiers get a hairtransplant too?

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The process is not quite as obvious as some people would imagine. First, you need to select the "Go Advanced" tab and then you will see a different view as shown in the images below.


After selecting the image from your drive, click on the "Upload" button. Repeat for as many images as you want to add to the post.


Hope this helps






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Welcome to our hair restoration discussion forum community. I appreciate your participation, but if you want people to ask you questions, I suggest being a bit more specific about your qualifications and credentials. For instance, what do you know about hair loss, non-surgical treatments and hair transplant surgery? Have you ever worked in the profession? What exactly do you do in health care?


Best wishes,



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Any (older 40+) guys on here tried testosterone replacement therapy?


I was at my doctor last week for an annual physical and asked her how I could get rid of some belly fat that is hard to get rid of totally with diet and exercise. .


The doctor stated even-though my testosterone is not low, it is in the "low normal" range, she thought I should consider testosterone replacement therapy as a way to lose those last few pounds of belly fat and feel better over-all.


After reading online about testosterone replacement therapy causing "thick blood", and once you are on it you have to stay on it, I was concerned. Anybody have any experience with this?


Also does Testosterone replacement therapy have any impact on DHT and/or hair-loss?

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Remember a hair transplant turns back the clock,

but it doesn't stop the clock.

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