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  1. Our client came to us wanting a more dense look on top of the scalp so the "see through" appearance would be less. An FUT hair transplant was performed and 1,946 were placed. The patient is very happy with his outcome and continues on Propecia for his maintenance.
  2. Our 52 year old male patient came in after having some facial plastic surgery done to begin his transition to female. The goal was to cover the scars and to lower the hairline so to give it a more female pattern. An FUT procedure was performed with a trichophytic closure and 3,067 grafts were placed. She is thrilled with her new look and transformation.
  3. Our 70 year old client came to us desiring a denser head of hair, not wanting the "see through" look. Dr. Mejia performed an FUT procedure with a trichophytic closure, placing 2,806 grafts. The client is very pleased with his outcome and the noticeable improvement.
  4. Our 64 year old client has been treated for Lichen Plano Pilaris for several years. She desired more hair while knowing that with her current state of her disease, the outcome may be less than expected and further treatments necessary if at all desired. With her expectations in check, three FUT procedures were performed from January 2013-March 2015. A total of 3,297 have been transplanted and she has been diligent with her follow ups and treatments for her LPP. She is happy with the results she has been able to achieve and remains open to future procedures.
  5. Our 55 year old client came to Dr. Mejia wanting a more youthful appearance. His primary concern was the frontal hairline and crown. Two FUT procedures with a trichophytic closure and 5,301 grafts were placed. While the patient declines any maintenance of Rogaine and Propecia, he is completely satisfied with his younger appearance.
  6. Our 66 year old client came to us feeling very self conscious due to her many years of hair loss. With the FUT procedure and trichophytic closure, 2,593 grafts were placed. She is feeling much better about herself and her outlook on life. She is very happy with her results and maintains with Finasteride and Rogaine.
  7. This 72 year old gentleman came to us looking to refresh his appearance. He was interested in increasing his density on top. With two procedures using the FUT technique and trichophytic closure, the patient was able to have a total of 4,343 grafts placed. The procedures were spaced out 15 months apart and the patient is very happy with his outcome.
  8. This 59 year old gentlemen wanted to improve the appearance of his density on top and the crown. His confidence was boosted and is very satisfied with his outcome. He had 2,702 grafts placed with the FUT method and a trichophytic closure .
  9. This 66 year old gentleman has a history of a previous transplant with about 400 grafts placed in the front. He wanted additional coverage and density as he felt it wasn't enough. With 2,133 grafts placed with the FUT procedure and trichophytic closure, he is very pleased and happy with this result.
  10. This 57 year old gentleman came to us requesting a little more density on top so as not to see his scalp. With an FUT procedure and placing 1,549 grafts, he is very happy and pleased with his result. He is maintaining his procedure with Finasteride and Rogaine daily.
  11. This gentleman came to us wanting to improve the appearance of his last transplant from 20 years ago. His goal was to improve the "pluggy" look and also to have some hair distributed through the crown area to minimize the bald spot. After two FUT procedures and 3,298 grafts placed, he is very happy with his new and improved appearance.
  12. This 73 year old gentlemen presented to us with androgenic alopecia. His main concern was filling in and reinforcing his temporal peaks and the density on the top of his head. With the FUT method, 2,639 grafts were placed. At the one year mark he is very happy with his results.
  13. This gentlemen came to us requesting a fuller head of hair from the front all the way to the crown. As requested, we performed an FUT procedure with 2642 grafts and a trichophytic closure. Dr. Mejia reinforced the frontal hairline and gave him increased density across the top to the crown. He is now a year out from his procedure and continues with his maintenance of Propecia and Rogaine and is extremely happy with his new and improved appearance.
  14. This gentleman came to us in 2006 for his first hair transplant and has just completed his third. He couldn't be happier with his transformation and what we have been able to accomplish for him. Each procedure consisted of the FUT and harvesting 2000 grafts the first time, 2002 and 1370 grafts with the last two. He continues with his Propecia and Rogaine for maintenance and is more confident than ever with his appearance.
  15. Our client came to us suffering from 20 years of hair loss on the sides of her scalp. After an in-depth examination and ruling out any other disease process, the result was due to a history of tight braids and chemical treatments. With a successful hair transplant of 1,713 grafts using the FUT method, the patient is thrilled. She can now style her hair any way she pleases, and doesn't have to worry about the wind blowing her hair.