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  1. Should have buzzed your hair completely cleaning would have been much more easier
  2. Rawkerboi

    Wearing a hat

    Why wear Hats? Instead of Hats better wear soft Bandana!
  3. Oh God this is really very unfortunate. Did you scratch your Head? I mean how exactly this happened ? I guess Neck Pillow would have saved you bit !! Anyways Please take care
  4. Is there any specific reason why you guys don’t do FUT?
  5. Rawkerboi

    Dr Bhatti Vs Eugenix

    We all know Dr.Bhatti cost of HT as it is very well mentioned in his website but how much does Eugenix charges?
  6. I hope you are on medications especially Finasteride. I am also guessing you have finalised FUE as your HT procedure. Dr Path in Thailand is well reviewed And recommended Doctor over here!
  7. You don’t need a HT now. Better get on medications and avoid HT as of now. Don’t forget there is a risk of Shockloss too.. Think wisely and proceed
  8. Why the hell Dr.Suneet Soni is recommended in our forum?
  9. You couldn't go wrong with Dr Hasson too, especially if you are considering FUT.
  10. Congratulations on your HT! Do post some pictures man! Dam! It seems you have some insane swelling as you have said that you are ice packing your eyes which is completely shut??
  11. Gaps are scary !! Anyways wish you luck do keep us updated
  12. I am unable to differentiate before and after pictures? Which one is before?