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  1. The Hairline and temples are perfectly done! Congratulations! Works looks clean! Do keep us photographically updated! Just want to know, which Eugenix center you opted?
  2. They only have accommodation facilities in New Delhi I guess So New Delhi
  3. Your donor looks good! And the hairline is quite natural Do keep us updated
  4. Wonderful results! I am a big fan of Dr Rahal's work! You still have four more months ahead! Expect more thickness to come. Are you on any medications? Do update us! Once you hit 12 month mark!
  5. Thanks man, for sharing your experience! Your post is an eye opener~ What can you expect from Dr. Bhatti's paid reps? They all are paid to say good things about Dr.Bhatti. Shera, your response is Hilarious!
  6. So scared of such a mild drug? Hair Transplant without stabilization is a potential death sentence.Finasteride will not only benefit you for a transplant but it will thicken existing hair. Your native hair is the most important element and factor towards a successful transplant. Your Norwood and history is what surgeons generally use as a long term plan towards your transplant goals, and future procedures.Without finasteride it won't end well. Essentially it will require much more work to make the balding transition.The side effects of going bald opposed to trying finasteride and most likely r
  7. Did I said anything wrong? I just said OP is lacking density in front which is but obvious! Peace out!
  8. Additional 500 Grafts for what? Adding more density in front? But I guess you were pretty much satisfied with less density.
  9. Personally, I don't like Dr.Bhatti Hairline work,the grafts are always space out! I would recommend Eugenix! They are delivering excellent results consistently!!
  10. Frankly speaking, you should be on Finasteride for atleast one year before opting HT surgery! A combo of Finasteride and Minoxidil may do great wonder! At present your hair loss is very minimal. A surgery may give you desired Hairline but it can be delayed now if you wish. Anyways Dr.Basinga is very good doctor and you are definitely in great hands! Good luck with your procedure and do keep us photographically updated. Cheers!
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