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  1. Was hoping we could get an update from our good friend Dutchie. I believe it has now been 18 months since Dutchie's procedure, so I'm interested in whether anything changed for him. Last we heard around the 1 year mark, he was seeing a burst in growth, but then got banned temporarily. Any chance the moderators can restore his posting privileges or maybe even get an update from Doug?
  2. Ditto - especially for someone with 11 lifetime posts requesting the removal of a contributing member with 800 odd posts - and then stalks the guys thread to call him a troll. I definitely see a troll, but it's not Dutchie
  3. So I guess from the sounds of it, Dutchie is saying that it wasn't Dr Hassan's fault that he got very little growth, was just a secret shampoo that was stunting the growth all along. Like I said, let's see some pictures and tell us the name of this shampoo. Don't worry Jonny boy - I still love your posts
  4. You going to elaborate more about this secret formula or what?
  5. I hardly think 7 posts gives you the right to make such a request. Dutchie has not violated any terms and conditions of this forum, and has always been respectful and curtious to other members. Nothing wrong at all with him exercising his sense of humor, and if you don't like it, then nobody is forcing you to read his posts.
  6. Paleo, can you please post pics of your final result from the Doganay procedure? Only fair that you post these seeing that your initial posts and review led to his removal from the recommended list. The community deserves to now see how your final result actually turned out, or are you just trying to hide something? Your reluctance to post these leads everyone to assume that the final result was actually pretty good. Also not fair for you to continue to defame Dognanay without posting further evidence that he did in fact butcher you like you claim. Put your money where your mouth is please si
  7. Hello Mike How about sharing some pics? Have you given any of the LA clinics a look by any chance? Dr Diep is outstanding, and I am hearing recent noise about the Armani clinic, have you given them a look?
  8. Must be because of the old flip phone without a very good camera that you have. Looks like it's not letting you send messages either
  9. Let's see some before and after pictures then. Forum members would greatly appreciate seeing evedience of your impressive regrowth as this is a real game changer then. You are doing a disservice to this forum by not sharing these pics with us and will blocks posters from any means that's helps one enjoy a good thick of hair. Also, did you purchase this Lipogaine shampoo in Hungary?
  10. Brian Urlacher files hair-raising lawsuit against Florida clinic | ProFootballTalk Very interesting read.
  11. Bill, couple of things from my end: 1) I actually find myself agreeing with you somewhat, but the whole point of this forum is for posters to document their journey. Nothing wrong with Dutchie expressing his dissatisfaction with service being given, although he himself by admission can be too quick to the trigger at times, so makes sense for him to just reign it in for the next few months until the Dr is given a fair opportunity to evaluate what's wrong or what went wrong, if anything. Dutchie more than anything is just looking to us to support him, and it's prudent to let him to continue
  12. Oh yeah, the "friends" part was the real kicker. At a minimum he could've claimed that he himself uses it. That may have made his claims just a little bit believable if not for this being the only time he has ever posted in a thread to actually advise the OP instead of hijacking it for his own benefit. Who knows, maybe the Nioxin they sell in Hungary has a secret formula that actually does work.
  13. Why are you excluding the airfare from the $21,000 Baubac quote when you live in Hungary?
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