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  1. I've been using Revita shampoo for quite a while now and have been very pleased. I am not sure if it helps hair loss but my hair definitely looks healthier. Anyway, I just received a new bottle a week or so ago. I'm pretty sure they must of changed the formula...it does not seem as thick and you have to use a greater amount to get a good lather. Has anyone else noticed this? Just curious..
  2. Jont, I had my procedure with Dr. Cooley recently. I'm still a few months away from seeing my resuls but I can tell you it was good experience. Dr. Cooley is very hands-on during the entire procedure. I really liked his staff...Brandi, Amy, and Aileen are great. You can look at my blog for my immediate post op pics up to about 2 weeks post op. I have not posted lately due to there not being much to report yet. Anyway, I truly do not think you can go wrong with Dr. Cooley and team. Best of luck and if you have any questions...feel free to PM me. Randy
  3. I agree with Bill...sounds like you have folliculitis. It can look alot like acne. Your best bet is to get a presciption for Bactrim...you will need to take it for a full 14 days. If you stop early, it will come right back. Best of luck
  4. The below was posted by MrJobi not long ago...maybe you could try it. Good Luck, Randy Hi As a long time user of Propecia, i switched to Proscar ( and cutting the pills) out of desperation as I couldnt find Propecia in Asia.. Well, after buying the 5mg procar pills, and using a pill cutter which you can buy at any CVS, I am one happy man ( and much wealthier).. It's easy and cheaper!!! Follow the instructions above JOBI
  5. Hey Gary, I read a few positive things about CP but have never seen any real evidence that it helps. Since I am only a couple of weeks post HT, I figured I would get some due to quite a few folks seem to use it to help the healing. Anyway, I ordered the folligen CP spray online for about $28. I apply about it about 10 minutes after I apply Rogaine....but only at night. This stuff really smells terrible so I don't apply before going to work. I am not sure if other brands smell better or not. Randy
  6. Looking good! I would say for 4.5 mths...you are progressing nicely! I know you are excited...you are going to be more excited in another 4.5 mths. Best of luck!
  7. I drink a muscle milk protein drink every morning and a whey protein drink every evening....for the last year or so. I did not notice any difference in hair shedding...and trust me, I keep up with that! I did just do a HT but I needed that prior to my whey protein ingestion.
  8. Tdog, I had a procedure with both of the physicians that Bill named. My first with Dr. Griffin several years ago and my last one with Dr. Cooley just 12 days ago. Both are outstanding physicians. You cannot go wrong with either one. Dr. Cooley is located on the outskirts of Charlotte, only about 15 minutes from the South Carolina line. Feel free to PM me or email me if you have any specific questions. Randy
  9. JohnS, Thanks for the comments! I completely agree...he should get more attention.
  10. Thanks Bill! Hopefully I will get some better pics posted.
  11. Azn_guy_001, When I was researching this site looking for a HT surgeon, I found Dr. Cooley received quite a bit of recognition a couple of years ago but...not as much lately. After visiting his office and reviewing his photo albums, he has many outstanding results. I had my HT with him on July 10th and cannot wait to see the final results. So anyway, I agree with you...I think, as of lately, he is underrated. IMO, he is definitely one of the best. And, he is a very nice and professional guy with a great staff. Randy
  12. PGP, Thanks! I am very pleased so far...wish I could skip the shed period. Since the recipient area was not shaved, it is hard to get a good pic of all the little grafts mixed in with my existing hair. It feels like a 4 day old beard when I run my fingers across my scalp. Randy