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  1. This patient came to Dr. Keene with a Type V hair loss pattern in his late 20s. The photos here are from before and after a consecutive day surgery session of 4000 plus grafts. He is very happy to have his hair style back the way he likes it! Will add the graft breakdown later.
  2. This 40 something gentleman came to Dr Keene to make his hairline more natural after he had a scalp flap surgery (done elsewhere). Dr. Keene prescribed Finasteride to help him retain his hair, and provided a range of grafts for him to choose from depending on whether he wanted to include both the hairline and temporal area. He opted to include both, and Dr. Keene softened the hair line as well as filled in the temporal area and scars with a session of 1750 FUT grafts, restoring a natural appearance. He opted to further add more density a few years later with a 2nd procedure, this time optin
  3. This 29 year old came to Dr. Keene with the goal to stabilize his hair loss, and restore his hairline. Dr. Keene prescribed Finasteride to help prevent further hair loss, and he is aware of the risk of further hair loss, which is diminished with the use of Finasteride. He opted for the FUE donor removal method as his preference. Dr Keene filled in his hairline with just over 1800 FUE grafts, using the WAW FUE donor removal method. The photos are from before, and 18 months post surgery. Here is the graft number breakdown by numbers of hair per graft: 1s) 200+ 2s) 612
  4. This 30 something gentleman came to Dr. Keene with the goal of restoring his hair line. The photos are from before and 18 months after 2250 FUT grafts. He and his wife are very happy with his results! He told Dr. Keene his choice to have surgery was one of the "best things I've ever done." Here is the graft number breakdown by hairs per graft: 1s) 232 2s) 790+ 3s) 850+ 4s) 378 Total 2250+ grafts + indicates where we got additional grafts-we include the numbers based on the amount patients paid for, but will always place any extra grafts we obtain. Total Ha
  5. This 35 year old patient came to Dr. Keene to restore his front hair line. Since he likes to wear his hair buzz cut, he chose FUE for his donor removal method. There is no completely scarless donor removal method, but FUE blends better with buzz cut hair than FUT, especially in someone with high color contrast, so FUE was chosen. These photos are from before and 8 months after. Some patients take longer to grow in but he appears to have his complete growth. Now that he has turned back the clock on his hair loss, he remains on Finasteride to help stop further hair loss. Here is the gra
  6. This Type III pattern young man came to Dr. Keene due to noticing temporal recession. His father, grandfather and uncles are all class IV, so his hair loss could progress if not addressed. He was started on Finasteride, and took that for 12 years before he decided to also fill in his temporal recession with surgery. The Finasteride was effective in stabilizing his hair loss. Clearly he didn't rush into this choice, but his temporal recession bothered him and since the Finasteride was working to prevent further hair loss he opted to proceed with a hair transplant. These photos are from befor
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