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  1. I don't know if it's the other ingredients in the nizoral shampoo besides ketoconazole that might be to harsh on some people hair to cause it to dry, shed,etc but ketoconzole has been shown to thicken, regrow, and maintain some people hair as well. Look at the following small study I got from another hair loss site. I'm sure it been posted but I'll post just to show what it can do as well. Just to be safe, I'll just use it every 3 or 4 days. Japanese study nizoral CREAM ie Ketoconazole ( with pictures ) Ketoconazole (KCZ), an imidazole anti-fungal agent, is known to be effective for the t
  2. Hey Bill, Thanks for answering my question. I'm planning to add nizoral to my hair loss regimen(finasteride)since if I'm not mistaken in a study they found that Nizoral increased hair thickness and decreased hair shedding. I'm going to use it every 3 days. I'm not expecting much from it but if it can thicken my hair up even a little bit or help me maintain what I have, I'll be happy with that. I also have oily skin & hair so it will be a bonus if nizoral can help with that as well.
  3. Hi, I remember reading that nizoral post HT wasn't recommmended, so I would like to know when can a person start using Nizoral again post-op and be safe? Thanks
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