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  1. BeHappy

    FUT Stretch the Crown?

    Crown stretching can happen, but it's rare and even when it does happen it's very minor and usually not even noticeable. It would have to be from having several strip surgeries when there's not much laxity left in the donor area. Take a look at some of Hasson and Wong larger transplants. They do some of the biggest strip surgeries and you don't see any crown stretching. In fact the patients usually get good crown coverage from the grafts if there was work done in that area.
  2. I do dye my hair regularly and I also use Just For Men hair dye. There's no issue using it on transplanted hair, but I'd wait a couple of months before dying it to let the area heal.
  3. Why would anyone even bother looking into a place with up to a 4 year waiting time? The original consultation would be totally useless at that point. I went from a thinning crown and looking like I had a full frontal half by parting my hair on the side to NW 6 in four years. Doesn't make any sense to have a plan for your HT and then not do it until 4 years later. What happens when you plan two sessions (first one for the front and second for the crown)? Do you have to wait 4 years to get the second procedure? Ridiculous.
  4. BeHappy

    FUE haircut

    This is Dr specific. Most Drs will require that the recipient area be shaved as they claim it is easier to place new grafts between existing hair when lengthy hair is not present. Other Drs will work around the existing hair without issue if you request it. Generally I believe the ones who will transplant between long hair are Drs who have been in the field for many years or ones who have trained under a Dr who has been in the field for many years because in the past it was much more common to not shave the recipient area. You need to ask your Dr if you have the option to not shave. Alternatively you can try asking if he is willing to just work with your hair very short rather than shaved as this can at least shorten the amount of time for it to grow into the length you prefer. Ultimately though, it is not a good idea to try to convince the Dr to perform the procedure in a way that he is not comfortable with or does not have much/any experience with as it may affect the end results which is the most important thing in the long run.
  5. BeHappy

    FUE haircut

    I have to ask... Why are you opting for FUE this time around? You seem like an ideal candidate for FUT due to the following: 1. Already had FUT done previously. 2. You don't want or even like a short haircut. 3. You say you had great results from the first FUT. 4. You don't want to shave your head for the procedure. This post is not to start another debate about FUT vs FUE, however I do believe some people are better suited for either one or the other based on their hair style preferences and past experience.
  6. I've had more work done than anyone as far as how many sessions and I don't have any redness on my scalp.
  7. I originally gave my opinion to hold off due to possibly making the hairline worse if the Dr tried to fix it while you had swelling, but it looks like it may have been a good decision for you to get it done. Good luck with the growing!
  8. BeHappy

    what do you think

    It looks like you are coming along pretty well. There are two reasons why I would wait the full 12 months before doing another session. 1. You want to see how much more growth and thickening you get in the area just behind the hairline, so you can get a better sense of how much, if any, grafts you ant to use to strengthen that area up. 2. I'm a little concerned about your donor area. I'd want to wait a few more months to let the area fully heal and let any shock loss you may have had to grow back in. You can go to the follow up consultation now to let the Dr. see how you're coming along, discuss with him a general idea of what you want to accomplish next, and even set up the appointment for the next session to be done around the 12 month mark. Then when you actually go for the 2nd HT you and the Dr. can get more into the specifics of how many grafts he thinks he can get and where to place them.
  9. BeHappy

    My FUE transplant!!

    It looks like temporary shock loss. That can happen when you have some hair in the area before the transplant. Just wait a few months for it all to start growing in.
  10. BeHappy


    I was wondering about that and wasn't sure if it was some issue on my end or not. Thanks.
  11. The cracks/pathways are normal. Don't worry about it.
  12. BeHappy

    FUT + Scalp Laxity

    We are not as old as you to remember back that far, Vox! 😀
  13. Are you going for a permanent mohawk look? Or something like a shaved fade? Interesting idea, but you could be left with lots of dot scars from the FUE.
  14. Do you take Zolpidem regularly? Headaches and facial swelling are some of the possible side effects of Zolpidem.
  15. BeHappy

    Dutasteride efficacy!!?

    Hank9, If I were you I would try going back on the real stuff for 6 months just to see if it is an issue with the generic or not.