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  1. Taking hair from the midscalp to place in the front is a bad idea because you will only be speeding up the time it takes to be thinning naturally in the midscalp area since you are taking some hair out of the area already. You hair looks pretty good. I'm actually leaning towards telling you to do nothing, but you do have some thinning in the center of the hairline. You only need minor work along the front to thicken that area up a bit. Don't lower the hairline. I put your picture below with an area in green where I think you should thicken it up a bit. Disregard the red line. That was the one
  2. I will add that you look like you'd be a very good candidate for the finisteride and micro needling combination because you have a good head of hair except for a lot of thin, shorter hairs along the front. Since those hairs are still there I think there's a very good chance that many of them will thicken up and grow longer.
  3. Some shedding often happens when you start on finisteride. Stay with it for a few months. It may take another 4 or 5 months to start seeing any improvement because it takes time for the hairs that shed to being growing back longer, stronger, and thicker. I'd keep doing the micro needling too since you are already doing it because there's been some good improvements in some people who have posted here doing that.
  4. How big was the cyst? It could be that the scar stretched from the tension if it was either a big cyst or if it was deep. There's also the fact that scars on most areas of the neck may stretch due to constant pulling in all directions as you move your head in a normal day every day. So that scar may not be how you would normally heal in other areas of your body or other situations.
  5. Since you have your choices down to a small list and you need all frontal hairline work done, you should really go back and look at multiple hairline results from each of the Drs on your list. Most Drs seem to have a certain hairline style that they almost always create with minor modifications (I don't know about these Drs in particular), so I always tell people to find a Dr who regularly creates the type of hairline that you are looking for. This includes the temple points as well if you are thinking of adding some hair there. The hairline most people are looking for is usually something sim
  6. I was stuck looking like that for over 30 years. Anyone who says people don't care about what your hair looks like have no idea what they are talking about.
  7. I guess it could be both. It's possible that the hair transplant didn't turn out so well, so he ended up using a hair piece for a while. That actually makes some sense because if the hair transplant went well why would he shave now?
  8. Some men don't need major changes to their hair to completely change their feelings and outlook about their hair loss. Even a small improvement can sometimes make it much easier to style your hair without trying so hard to cover bald areas and sometimes more importantly is the feeling that you are no longer worried about losing your hair and how bad it's going to look next year or the year after. Just the idea that you did something about it that made an improvement is a great feeling for some men. It can be even better when it doesn't totally change the way you look when you see yourself in t
  9. If right now you schedule the next surgery for several months from now then by that time you will have waited the extra months. At that time you can adjust how many grafts you need and where you need them on the morning of surgery. If you are going back to the same Dr then he will know what was done on the previous surgery. If you are going with a different one just be sure to tell them in the consultation that you feel like you are still getting some growth from the last one, so you may need less grafts than it looks like now.... or you could get the original number they estimate and end up w
  10. I dye my hair dark brown about once a month. That was my natural color when I was younger before it started going gray. Now that I've had a lot of beard and chest grafts I can see the color differences between the body grafts and the head grafts if I don't dye it. Dying it all once color makes it less noticeable that I've had body grafts done.
  11. If you have 100,000 hairs on your head and they each grow for an average of 4 years, then that means 25,000 hairs will fall out per year even if you have no hair loss. That averages out to about 68 hairs per day which is why it's said losing 50 to 100 hairs per day is normal and is not necessarily a sign of hair loss.
  12. Have you started taking Minoxidil or Finisteride recently? Those can cause a hair shed soon after first starting on them. Are you taking any other medications? Some medications can cause hair loss.
  13. Yes. If you max out on FUT strips then you can still usually get some additional good FUE grafts.
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