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  1. Since you are in California and would prefer staying nearby then take a look at Dr Parsa Mohebi and Dr Sanusi Umar. Dr Umar does a lot of extensive balding cases.
  2. So it sounds like if you can just add a bit of pumpkin seed oil and emu oil into your minoxidil you will get an improvement over using minoxidil alone. I would say that's the way to go.
  3. You're going to need to have it done eventually or else you will be stuck with a band of hair on the hairline and nothing behind it. You are almost there now except that you still have enough surrounding hair to cover it if you comb it a certain way. Why wait until you can't cover it? Since you will definitely need to have it done at some point, just take care of it now before it gets so bad that it bothers you every day.
  4. If you only need some frontal work done then you can try what Legend007 did. Let your hair grow long and have them shave only an area in the back where they need to extract grafts and the recipient area in the front. If you grow your hair long enough you can let your hair cover the donor area pretty well. Don't try to have only a thin donor strip shaved though. That's where you will end up with an irregular area due to too many grafts being extracted from a small area. Legend007 had 2500 grafts, so if you only need 1700 you may not need to have as large a donor area as he had. Check out Legend007s thread here
  5. It looks like they possibly did not insert the grafts deep enough meaning the holes that were made for the grafts to be placed into were not made deep enough. This may or may not turn out OK. The hair is supposed to shed, so that is fine. The skin coming off with the shedding grafts could just be dead skin portions that were sticking out due to not being placed deep enough. The excess portions sticking out will shrivel and die, but the underneath could be fine. It's hard for me to tell.
  6. you should definitely wait another 6 months before deciding on what to do as transplanted hair usually softens up a bit after a year or two. At that point you may want to consider a very small FUE session to scatter a few grafts behind the currently transplanted ones to sort of blend it into a transition to the native hair. That might be a better alternative to removing them.
  7. It's normal. The shedding period is usually anywhere from one week to 3 or 4 weeks. It's different in everyone. It can even be different with the same person having a second or third procedure.
  8. I agree with this. A lot of people think the difference in hair characteristics will be an issue, but my beard and chest hair that was used has softened over time and become more like my native head hair.
  9. I have been unhappy with my hair transplant since the first procedure in 1989 when I complained about them not creating the hairline that was agreed to and I complained about the FUT scar which was not supposed to exist. For the hairline I was told they would work in both directions over the next few procedures putting grafts further forward until we get to the hairline and working backwards to fill in the crown. For the scar I was told the hair all grows back in over time and I just had to wait and if there was any scars left when the procedures were done that they would get rid of them, but I had to wait for that until everything was done. Over the years that I was going through the process with them they did lower the hairline slightly, although nowhere near to where they drew it on me, and they just kept creating more scars as in those days they made a new FUT scar for each procedure rather than using the same scar line. The entire time they kept telling me there would be no scars when they were done. Over 30 years later and 30 hair transplants with number 31 scheduled in less than two weeks I am still trying to get back to where I was when I first started, so I can then finally actually begin to get an improvement. It's been rough.
  10. If you never cut your sides short and don't plan to then you should probably be looking at FUT rather than FUE.
  11. I don't know how much crown area you have to cover or how much hair you currently have there. Obviously you must have some hair in your crown if you want to have SMP to add to it to make the scalp less noticeable. I also realize you said you were not likely to opt for more grafts, but if you are going to spend thousands on SMP to color your scalp to make it look like you have more hair, then why not just spend that money to do a small hair transplant session to add a few hundred grafts in the crown instead? At least then you will actually get real growing hair for your money.
  12. Some people will get hairs that don't shed and just continue to grow. If you get a good amount of hair that grows without shedding then consider yourself lucky as you may have a very short and easy ugly duckling phase.
  13. In the second picture it looks like there are a number of tiny hairs growing, so let's see how much improvement you get in the next few weeks.
  14. This looks like it's turning out really well so far. Your hair style lets you cover it and basically by pass the ugly duckling phase. Good job.