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  1. It takes several sessions to get most of the hair because you have to space the extractions out, so they don't all overlap each other and create one huge scar. There needs to be some space between the punch holes for the skin to heal. On the second session you go in between where the first session was done and extract a some of the remaining grafts. It will take several sessions to get most of the grafts out.
  2. The chest numbing is what hurt me the most. That is painful! My beard area wasn't as bad, but still hurts. The chin I think is the most painful part of the beard area for me. I agree that the head numbing is the easiest to handle. I have some questions for you. I don't know if you answered these because there are a lot of posts on this thread. You still have some very thin hair throughout your entire head. Are you still able to get more grafts done? If so, do you plan on doing more? Are you happy with the results so far?
  3. BeHappy

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    Well I'm OK with mine 😀
  4. You think this result looks poor? In what way? The patient clearly has some early thinning going on through his midscalp and will most likely need further surgery to fill in that area and probably the crown as well in the future. I don't think filling in the hairline with 3000+ grafts is the right way to go when you can see he is thinning throughout. What will he do later when the rest of his hair falls out if he already use 3000+ to get a low hairline? You can't just consider what it looks like today. You have to consider the future as well. I think this results looks pretty good and certainly looks a lot better than where he started.
  5. Everyone washes/shampoos their hair. Plenty of men with thick hair wash it every day. Unless you are in the first 2 weeks after a hair transplant surgery then wash and shampoo your hair normally and stop worrying about it.
  6. BeHappy

    FUT Closure Question

    It's extremely rare that this happens because the Dr checks for laxity before cutting the strip, so he knows approximately how wide he can go. However it did happen to me long ago during a scalp reduction. I had 5 scalp reductions and this was the last one done. It was actually done to remove some large plugs, cut them down, and place them into the frontal third. Anyway, my head didn't have much laxity left from all the previous surgeries, so they weren't able to completely close the wound. They used stitches to close it as much as they could and then put a bandage over it. It healed OK except with a wide scar in the area that they couldn't close. I've since had grafts placed over that area.
  7. If you grow your hair long and don't plan to ever have a buzz cut or fade the back and sides then you should look into FUT rather than FUE as it is generally much cheaper and it is done without shaving the donor area. There are also some Drs who will perform a procedure without shaving the recipient area as well.
  8. This will vary depending on the facility. Where I went they required a deposit when I booked the surgery and then the balance was due the morning of the surgery. At the end of the day when the surgery was done we settled the balance. If they did more grafts than expected then I paid the remaining balance or if we did less grafts they will refund the appropriate amount.
  9. I think you should also be asking the donation center if they have any policy of how long someone has to wait after having surgery before they can donate plasma.
  10. Here's what I would do: Color your hair so it's all one color and then have someone take a video doing a comb-through of your donor area.
  11. BeHappy

    Advice for 25yo in UK

    If you do get a hair transplant, here's my personal opinion on your hairline placement. Don't try to make the hairline curve down to meet the sides. That rarely looks natural and is one thing that can make transplants look fake. Instead you should let the hairline go more towards the corners and bring the sides forward a bit. In other words the sides should be brought forward to meet the hairline, not the hairline being brought down to meet the sides. See the edited photo I'm posting with the red line showing the idea of how I think the hairline should be. This is my personal opinion, so take it or leave it.
  12. I don't think you should take finisteride at 16 or 17 years old because you are still developing. Besides that you seem to think your hairline has been that way for some years, so I would not bother with meds for now. I personally would not get a hairpiece because they can be even more embarrassing than a high hairline. I have experience with wearing a hairpiece at 20 years old and it was worse than doing nothing. Women at that age want to run their fingers through your hair and play with your hair. It's extremely awkward when they do that and suddenly find out you have a hairpiece. I would continue looking into transplants, but for now just research some Drs and look at results of others to get an idea of what you need and who you should go to. This way when you get to age 21 or 22 you will be much more ready to go through with it if you still want to at that time. I do agree that it's much better to have hair when you are young rather than wait to 30 or 35 like some people may suggest.
  13. Computer simulations for something like a hair transplant is a very effective sales tool because it shows the person what (supposedly) the hair transplant will look like on HIM. The patient gets to see HIS face with hair rather than someone else's face. The picture is instantly recognizable to the patient because it's what he remembers he looked like maybe 5 or 10 years ago. That can get someone easily excited to get started. That is a much stronger picture in a persons mind than looking at pictures or videos of someone else that they don't know. The patient needs to be careful when presented with this. It needs to be backed up with actual results of other patients. I'm not saying it is either good or bad because I do think there are merits to having an idea of what certain hairlines and temple work will look like on a particular persons face because every face has different features. A simulation can let you decide how low the hairline should be or how much recession in the corners there should be for YOUR face. That can be a very good tool if used correctly.
  14. BeHappy

    eight month regrowth?

    Mostly after that point it's a thickening of the individual transplanted hairs as they grow and mature for the next several months. This does gives the appearance of more hair, so it can look like new hair is still growing even if there's not actually any new hairs sprouting.
  15. BeHappy

    untrimmed hair

    You are way over thinking it. It's been more than 3 months since your hair transplant. You can do normal activities. Stop worrying about it.