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  1. The crown is slightly thin, but I don't think you have enough loss there to try doing anything about it at this point. Focus on fixing the front for now.
  2. You can easily dye your hair if the gray starts bothering you too much. Most people look younger when they dye their gray hair.
  3. There are no perfect clinics, so you're not going to find one. There are certainly some very good ones, but if after contacting 30 clinics you are still not ready to go through with it, then maybe you should take a step back and stop thinking about a hair transplant for a while and spend a few months to see how you feel about yourself. It's OK to decide not to have a hair transplant. Some men shave their heads and are fine with that. Some men think there are other things they would rather do with their money. Take a little while and just look at your life and where you want to go and how you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now. Not just the hair part of it, but everything overall. Where do you want to be in life and how can you get there. If after a while of thinking about that you realize you really want your hair back (or decide hair isn't a big deal to you), then you'll be in a much better position to make a decision that's right for you and you probably won't be so paranoid about it. Another thing you can do to make your list of clinics smaller and feel better about a decision to go with a certain clinic is to take some time to decide what style and type of hair transplant suits you best. Most Drs seem to have a certain style of doing hair transplants. What I mean is one Dr will usually do straight hairlines, another will usually do rounded hairlines, and others will usually do widows peak type of hair lines. Then there's some who are much more conservative and do high hairlines, ones who usually do aggressive, low hairlines, some do much more temple point work than others, etc. Find out what you would want your hair to look like and then look at photos from those 30 clinics and weed out the ones who don't generally do the look you want to see yourself with. Look at some older photos of yourself with hair. Most people generally want to get back to their previous look. If that's what you want then find a clinic who seems to create that type of look. Some of the clinics you rule out may be excellent at hair transplants and have a ton of great results, but if you're not going to feel like the look is "you" when it's done, then you will have been better off choosing someone else. Don't be afraid to rule out great clinics due to that.
  4. BeHappy

    Delete post

    You could go to the post and edit the content to delete parts of it or all of it. You can't actually delete the topic though. You could also send a message to Melvin the moderator and ask him to hide it. Depending on the post he may or may not do that.
  5. QUESTION: Let's say that you freeze some follicles now and in a few years hair cloning is a real thing and you're ready for a hair transplant using your frozen and now cloned hairs. Does this require THEIR Drs to do the hair transplant? That's a potentially huge issue because even if you think the current Dr is great, there's no way to know who will be in charge or how many Drs will be doing these procedures in 10 or 15 or 20 years from now. You could be stuck going to some unknown Dr who you would never pick to do a hair transplant on you. Is that worth it? Not to me. If their follicle freezing and cloning is actually a successful operation they could end up being a hair mill with techs with hardly any experience doing the hair transplants to try to keep up with the demand. So my question was would you have to use their clinics or are the cloned grafts your property and they will send them to the hair transplant Dr of your choice.
  6. The biggest problem I have with this is that the actual procedure (the reason why they are freezing your hair) doesn't yet exist and nobody knows when it will be available. It could be 10 or 20 years. Even if the technology to actually clone the hair and then use them did exist, then freezing them for years before that still doesn't make sense to me. At the point in time that you are losing enough hair to have a hair transplant, your donor should still be great. Clone some hair and have a hair transplant with the cloned hair, so you hardly touch the donor area, and THEN freeze some grafts for cloning later if needed in case your donor doesn't hold up over the years. I can't see any possible reason for freezing them years before and paying for years for them. EDIT: So I guess if you are having a hair transplant now and want to make sure you have good donor 10 or 20 years from now for future sessions, I guess it may make some sense, but then I'm back to the first sentence in that the actual cloning doesn't yet exist.
  7. It looks good. It sounds like you have an above average donor. Just make sure you save some donor for possible future use if you lose more hair. Don't use everything up in the current thinning areas because the area may get bigger over the years.
  8. Were you going back to the clinic every day to let them wash it? The clinics that do this for patients usually do a really good job of washing, getting the area clean and getting the scabs off. If the clinic is doing it I wouldn't worry about it. I do think it's possible that younger guys may heal faster than the average rate. EDIT: Also just to add, some guys take a long time for the scabs to fall off because they are too afraid to touch them for too many days. The first few days you need to be careful, but after that you can start lightly rubbing, but some people are afraid to do it. That's one reason clinics do a better job of it. They can also get a much better view of what's going on than the actual patient can, so it's easier for them to clean it better than someone blindly trying to do it in the shower.
  9. Itchiness can happen in both the donor area and the recipient area for several months after the procedure. Some people get it worse than others. At three months I wouldn't worry too much about it yet.
  10. I agree. I was just joking with you. That's why I put the smiley face.
  11. Oh great! Now you're making it even harder for him to decide. 😀 One thing you can try, although it's not always easy to do, is to meet some actual patients of a few of those clinics. Seeing some hair transplants in person and up close is so much better than relying on a clinics photos.
  12. I don't personally know Melvin. I never met him, so I don't know what his donor situation is or what his current hair loss situation is (is he still losing crown hair? I don't know), but I totally get what you mean. However donor hair is finite, so you don't always have the choice to get exactly what you want. A lot of times it does come down to choosing either a lower hairline with not as much density or a higher hairline with thick density. We all want more hair and some people feel like it's not really worth spending thousands to still not have what they want. I totally get that. I see a lot of "after" pictures of some guys that look fine, but it isn't what I would have chosen to do. But everyone is different. I think generally most men are looking to get back to what they used to look like before they lost their hair or at least close to that. Men who had high hairlines when they were younger are usually OK with a high hairline because they are used to it. It looks like them when they look in the mirror. Getting too low a hairline for them would make them not feel like themselves. The idea is to get back to the younger you. This goes for straight hairlines and widows peak hairlines and everything else as well. Guys who always had a widows peak are uncomfortable with too straight of a hairline, etc, etc. I think some people and especially the Drs. should pay more attention to that. I think more Drs. should be asking to see older pictures of their potential patients to try to design the hair style in a similar manner to how it used to be. I think there would be more happy patients that way. I understand why they don't. They don't want to give the impression that they can get you totally back to that look, but I do think explaining that they are using it as a reference and then creating the plan for that patient would really help.
  13. Joe Tillman has a much higher hairline than Melvin, so actually some of the area that Melvin's is see through, Joe Tillman's is non existent. It looks fine on Joe, but Melvin wanted a lower hairline which happens to look fine on Melvin. If you are a NW 6 and the see through look in bright lights would bother you then you should think hard about choosing a high hairline. You don't just have more grafts because you want to have more. For example, the difference in hairline placement between Melvin and Joe Tillman is more than 2000 grafts worth, so Joe can get a more dense look for at least two reasons. One is because he doesn't have any hair at all in the area you are telling Melvin he needs more. That is all part of the illusion. Two is because since he didn't use a few thousand grafts to go lower with the hairline, he can use them to increase the amount of grafts in other areas.
  14. Take a look at Natures Way Biotin Forte with Zinc. I think it has the same (or mostly the same?) ingredients at a much lower price. I've never tried it and not recommending it, just trying to save you some money if it looks like it may have the same ingredients.
  15. I agree, but you can stay healthy without weight training. I do a lot of walking with a bit of jogging and some push ups along the way. My blood pressure a few weeks ago was 110/78 and my cholesterol is in the 160s. My BMI is slightly higher than I want it to be and hangs in the 20s and that's at 52 years old and no medication. My numbers have been in that range for years. But as a man I don't want to be skinny. That's for women. I want to be muscular. It's not easy to lift weights regularly when you know it's making your hair fall out and you've already spent tens of thousands of dollars for multiple hair transplants to try to keep your hair and you don't have any available donor left.