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  1. This is the sort of idea that I wanted when I went for my first hair transplant as I was already wearing a hair piece prior to that. The biggest issue with a hair piece is the front is always noticeably fake unless you have curly hair like Gatsby and can hide the hairline. I wanted the front half transplanted and wear the hair piece for the crown and then maybe 20 years later when I was into my 40s and didn't worry so much about the crown being thin I'd get rid of the hair piece and do a thin transplant to the crown so it wasn't completely bald. Today with body hair grafts being available I co
  2. Let the FUE grafts grow in first before deciding anything. It may turn out that what you have is good enough.
  3. There are several factors other than which Dr to go to that can affect how many grafts you can get on a 2nd procedure. 1. The amount of grafts taken on the first procedure. It's going to be less likely to get a large number of grafts on a 2nd procedure if you had 4500+ grafts taken on the first procedure than if you had 3000 or less grafts on the first procedure. 2. Scalp elasticity. Some guys have tighter scalps and aren't going to get as many grafts than someone with a lot of elasticity and loose skin. 3. the width of the first scar. Since the Dr has to cut out the previous sc
  4. If the Dr is telling you that he thinks the scar may be too deep for FUE to grow plus you want to put a few grafts in other areas then I think the best thing to do is excise the scar and take a small amount of good hair with it to use as the grafts for you eye brows.
  5. Do not get a second scar unless absolutely necessary due to improper placement of the first scar and even then you should try to use as much of the first scar as possible and only veer off of it in places where necessary. I'm guessing that you were told something like: We can get 2500 grafts if we go along the existing scar, but we can get 3000 if we create a new scar below it. If that's the case then go for the 2500 grafts along the original scar. DO NOT CREATE A NEW SCAR. Two reasons why you should not create a new scar: 1. It will be harder to hide the scars because you will
  6. You are not currently shaving our head. It's the men who have buzzed or shaved heads that have a much tougher decision to make because if they don't get enough coverage they were OK with shaving it if they had to and they'd rather shave than only have partial coverage. If buzzing/shaving is not something you want to do then the decision becomes much easier. With the frontal half filled in with hair you will look much better than you do now even if you don't get the crown done. If you are thinking that you may shave it down if it gets worse then you should try that first before making a decisio
  7. I like that you created a small widows peak in the center. It gives it a more natural look than if the hairline just went straight across.
  8. During my FUTs years ago the area just above my ears is where I had a dull pain on and off for a long time. Most of the time it wasn't much of an issue, but It would come on if I tapped the area with my finger and if I really bumped my head anywhere I'd get a searing pain in that area above and towards the back of my ears. It took a long time for that to go away.
  9. The front half is almost all transplanted hair now. You probably have been losing any remaining native hair over time and that's why it is thinner, so I wouldn't worry much about permanent shock loss in the front half since that should almost all be good, strong transplanted hair. I'd probably opt for putting 2000 grafts throughout the front half into the mid scalp and scatter 1000 throughout the crown. With only 1000 spread out in the crown your chances for a lot of shock loss there are much lower than if you put 2000 there. Even though 1000 in a crown isn't much it will make sure you aren't
  10. If you are considering doing half now and then going back in a few months to finish the second half then you should ask about having donor only taken from only one side on the first procedure and then use the other side for the 2nd procedure. The reason to do this would be because if the entire donor is used in the first procedure, donor area shock loss could make it not possible or practical to do another round until the hair lost from shock grows back which could take 9 months or more.
  11. I had this happen to me a few times. Usually it's just a few grafts. I think there are several different scenarios. This is my opinion based on having many hair transplants, but I'm not 100% sure of these. 1. Some of them will just suddenly start to grow after about 6 months to a year. I think these are the ones that never shed in the first place and just hang around. 2. Some of them will eventually shed on their own after 6 months to a year and then a new hair will start growing soon after. It's as if they wait until the next hair cycle to kick into normal growth 3. Some
  12. I can't see any pictures, so I can only give you general advice. At 2 months you are in the middle of the worst part of the healing and growth process. You probably have some shock loss that's making the donor area look worse than it really is. A lot of people get depressed around the 2 months mark because of that and the feeling that you are going backwards and it's taking forever for any improvement to be seen. Just hang in there a few more months.
  13. If it really is stress related hair loss then a hair transplant won't work. You need to eliminate the stress. However without knowing any additional information and reading that it has lasted for 4 years or more I will say that odds are that it is not stress related and is male pattern baldness. Instead of stopping minoxidil you should think about adding finisteride.
  14. Gatsby, How much hair loss did you have when you had your first hair transplant? What would you change? Would you go with the hair piece sooner than you did?
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