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  1. Both of those drugs were originally created for something else. Minoxidil was originally tested as an oral medication for high blood pressure and some of the test subjects were growing hair, so they decide to make a topical spray for hair loss. Since they had already developed the drug, why not make some extra money on it. Finisteride was first used as to treat enlarged prostates and it was eventually realized that many of the men were regrowing their hair, so they did some trials to see if finisteride was in fact growing hair on men who took it. So again, the drug was already created and the company figured they can make more money with additional uses.
  2. What I really like about this is how they placed scattered hairs along the hairline to give it a much more natural look than various other clinics hairlines. Some clinics have been pretty good at this, but there are too many that create sort of a wall of hair at the hairline which can make it look like a hair transplant. You can really see the difference if you compare this hairline results to some others.
  3. The 12 month pictures all have a photo filter to make it look air brushed to blur and smooth everything out and make it look better. It looks like it was a decent result, so why be deceiving and try to make it look more than it is by faking your photos. That's a big thumbs down by me for that. Be honest or don't post at all. 👎
  4. The biggest issue I think that holds back a cure for hair loss is that (at least in the USA) insurance doesn't cover it, so there is no incentive for the pharmaceutical industry to work on it or for anyone to seriously finance it because they won't be able to charge high prices that the insurance companies will pay for. There is only so much you can charge people before it will be priced out of most peoples range.
  5. Yep. My first hair transplant session I paid $18.50 per graft for 60 grafts of size 3.75 mm each + $750 for a scalp reduction + $150 for a guarantee to double the amount of hair that I had, not have any scars, and never run out of donor hair. Yes they did a scalp reduction at the same time they did a FUT. They must have known there was no way the scalp reduction would work with a competing FUT trying to stretch it back... and they did that 5 times.
  6. I went from a thinning crown at 15 to about a NW 6 at 22 and then NW 7 (except that I had a hair transplant) somewhere around age 30.
  7. Four months is usually when it is just getting started, so you should be seeing some growth over the next few weeks. I don't know if crowns grow in slower (although I've heard some people say that). Crowns are usually implanted at a lower density than the front, plus the direction of hairs planted to grow away from each other due to the crown whirl can both make it appear to be slower growing.
  8. It looks really good from where you were before. Is that around 12,400 grafts total with all three procedures? That shows how many grafts it actually takes to cover a large area. Some people think 4500 grafts is a lot and should cover, but not when the patient is a NW 6 or NW 7.
  9. I never felt that waiting list time was a good indicator of how good the Dr is. Hassson and Wong, for example, has two Drs performing transplants in one location. Therefore, even if they each limit themselves to one patient per day, they are still able to do twice as many transplants as a clinic with one Dr doing one per day. It seems reasonable that the clinic with one Dr will have a longer waiting list. There's also marketing. A clinic with an ongoing two month waiting list may feel like they can slow down on the marketing, so that they don't get so backed up, while another clinic even with a one year waiting list may, for some reason, keep pushing the marketing. The clinic with a long waiting list may also only perform surgeries 3 days per week while other clinics may be doing them 5 days per week. There are simply too many variables to determine that a long waiting list means that the clinic does better work or is more prestigious.
  10. If you already had FUT why wouldn't you do another one? If the scar was made in the right place then a second FUT would go along he same scar line. Then you won't have to shave the back and side of your head.
  11. Your plan sounds reasonable, but you really just have to wait it out and see how everything heals and how much density you get in the area already transplanted to get a better idea of how to proceed with the second transplant. If it turns out you can only get 1200 more, you may want to put 800 into the crown and use the other 400 to thicken up the area that was just done. It really depends on how it turns out, but I'm thinking that's probably be where you will be. Just chill for about 6 months and then start taking a good look at it.
  12. Looking good. That last picture looks thin, but it does look like there are a lot of thin, short hairs that should thicken up over the next few months.
  13. I don't like how low they went in your donor area. It makes it harder to cover the scars with them being all the way down to to the back of your neck.
  14. I bought a smaller sized foreclosure that was not very old (20 years old at the time), but was trashed on the inside. That enabled me to get a very cheap house that I was able to easily afford and redo the inside enough to move into and then finish as I got the money. That was 14 years ago and I was able to pay it off in less than 7 years. Once it was paid off I was then able to try to repair my hair transplant from many years ago since I no longer had a mortgage on my house.
  15. As I get older I am finding that I need to eat a lot less to maintain the same weight. A combination of weight lifting ( doesn't have to be heavy) and cardio really helps to increase the metabolism and burn off the calories.