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  1. You should definitely start off by shaving the corners first to see how it looks and if you like it. then you can discuss removing the grafts by FUEing them out and placing them somewhere else.
  2. Dr Feller used to advertise that he did small FUE sessions that he called lunchtime FUE. I think it was in the range of 200 to 500 grafts. I don't know if Dr Bloxham of Feller and Bloxham still does small FUE sessions. I can tell you I've had two sessions of just over 600 FUE grafts done by Dr Dorin at True & Dorin. He estimated that he would do 500, so I know they will do a session as low as 500.
  3. Well it looks like NY has come a long way since my lawsuit over 20 years ago. At that time the state of NY and state of NJ both refused to even look at multiple claims of people without proper credentials performing hair transplants. I was in a lawyers office while he was on the phone with the NJ Attorney Generals office and they told the lawyer that we couldn't sue for medical malpractice because we couldn't sue a Dr if he wasn't present during the operation and we couldn't sue the person performing it if he wasn't a Dr because you can only claim medical malpractice against a Dr. They refused to even look at it and there were multiple claims plus a class action with 120 previous patients involved. Most of the people involved continued to practice hair transplants for years after that. We never got an answer of why anyone needed to have a medical license if there was no penalty for not having one.
  4. That's basically it. It was done mostly in the 1980's and early 90's to fix a receding hairline. This was in the days when hair transplants were done with 4mm plug grafts, so the only way to get somewhat of a natural looking hairline was to do a flap. Once hair transplant grafts got small enough to look natural in a hairline flaps became outdated.
  5. Nonsense. If a tight scalp or restricted blood flow were the reasons hair falls out then hair transplants wouldn't work. The transplanted hair would fall out and with FUT all of the hair on your head would fall out as you would now have a tighter scalp in the donor area as well. This is obviously not true. That doesn't mean I don't believe that there's a possibility that the botox injections may work. It could be that whatever is in it restricts DHT from affecting the hair follicles the same way finisteride does. I'm just saying their reasoning as to why it works is totally off.
  6. I'm curious as to why you want to go with FUE if you already have a FUT scar. Usually it's best to go with another FUT unless there is some reason to switch such as being stripped out or the strip being taken in the wrong location. If the FUT strip was done correctly in the proper zone then the next FUT will run along the same scar line and you will still have only the one single scar.
  7. What I think he is trying to tell you ( although he didn't explain it very well), is since you only need a smaller size session in the frontal hairline area, it may be better to do FUE because he can get as many single hair grafts as needed for the hairline with FUE because he can pick which grafts to use and also FUE grafts are usually thinner (less bulky as they have less fleshy meat on them), so he can pack them tighter together to get you more grafts per square cm and thus more density. If you had a large area to cover then FUT would be better as he can get a lot more grafts from FUT and since he would be doing a large strip there would certainly be enough singles for the hairline, so he wouldn't have to worry about getting enough of them or trying to split some doubles to get enough singles.
  8. I don't know if it's a good idea to pay less (although it depends on what a Drs techs are being paid compared to how much other Drs are paying theirs), but when you get a few great techs with some years of experience working with you it may be better to pay them a bit more to stay rather than get a new low paid inexperienced tech who may truly ruin your business because the results of what those techs do really matters. The cost of living in the USA is higher than many other countries, so it will probably always be more expensive than some other places.
  9. You don't have to worry about laxity if it's your first hair transplant and you need less than 3000 grafts. You will most certainly have enough laxity for a 2000 or so graft session. The difference in estimates may simply be because neither of them have actually seen you in person and they have to make some guesses about your hair quality. If there are any hair transplant Drs near you that you think may be at least somewhat decent then you should think about having an in-person consultation with them to get a better idea of how many grafts you will need. You don't have to be considering that Dr to actually perform the procedure, but it will at least get you an actual live consultation. Then you can compare that to the non live consultations you had with other Drs. It's just to hopefully provide e better idea of what you can expect.
  10. The Dr gave you a very high hairline, so hopefully that will allow you to get some decent coverage over the large area. I hope it works out for you.
  11. Looks like you got some good growth according to the pictures, but I don't really like the hairline design. It's too low and too rounded at the temples.
  12. Without knowing any additional details of what happened it could be simply the Dr and tech discussing what to do which is normal. For example when I was having my FUE done, as they remove a graft they would place it down and then remove the next one and place that one down next to the first, etc creating a small pile of grafts. Then the Dr would say something like "Ok. Let's get them in solution before they dry out" and the tech would pick them all up and take them. Or he'd say something like "Squirt some solution on these" while they are still taking some grafts out and placing them in the pile. So it could have been just some simple conversation between them about what's going on. As I said I don't have any other details on our specific issue, but if that's what it sounded like then it's totally normal. You want them talking to each other about how best to take care of your grafts.
  13. Photos are flat, but the actual crown is dome shaped, so there's a lot more surface area to cover than it looks like in photos. It doesn't really take more grafts in the crown than it does for the front. For a frontal 3rd you can easily do 3500 grafts to fill it in somewhat densely, so wouldn't you think it would take 3500 to fill in the crown?
  14. Thickening up that existing hairline is a good move. It doesn't take so many grafts and it will look like you lowered it because it won't be so see-through. You can always go back later and lower it more if you're not happy with it.
  15. I'm curious as to why you didn't do a few hundred beard grafts on the 2nd FUE. Did you feel like they didn't grow well?