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  1. No. Keep in mind that you can not even wash your hair properly for the first few days.
  2. Legend, What you think is terrible would be a dream come true to me. I would love to be able to date girls in their 20s for 20 years due to them thinking I'm 10 to 15 years younger than I am before finally starting to look my age.
  3. Spanker, I'm happy for you and your hair looks great, but I think you give finisteride way too much credit for "saving" you. You were a very easy hair transplant case. You have thick hair, no loss in the crown even at age 40, and your temple peak areas are further forward and thicker than many men ever have even before they start losing their hair. Believe me, if finisteride was able to keep us all from losing any hair none of us would be bald. Sure it works to some extent, but I'm willing to bet that even if you never took it you still would have some decent hair. Also... why would you want a higher hairline? You only did 2200 grafts, so you couldn't have moved it too far forward in the first place. It looks great where it is. I think possibly either any higher or lower would not look as good. Those thick temple peak areas is what makes the whole thing look better than it would if you didn't them
  4. Here are a few from this forum. I know there are more.
  5. What's always been more curious to me than why the Drs don't post is that there are hardly any posts from patients of those Drs posting in the Results Posted by Patients section of the forum. Thats not something that you can control, but I do wonder if some of those Drs actually do much hair transplant business anymore since we just never hear from them or about them from patients. This is not a complaint, just a curiosity.
  6. I will agree that it certainly looks like you have good leg hair for this. I would try a test session on one area of your scars and see how well it turns out.
  7. I don't have a problem with the work itself, but I really wish clinics would stop trying to make it appear better than it is by misclassifying the severity of hair loss. This gentleman was a NW 5A and was nowhere near a NW 7 as it states in the title. I'm posting the NW scale just to show what I mean.
  8. New hair always starts as thin, fine, wispy hair. It's no different whether it's a transplanted hair or a new hair from a follicle that recently shed the previous hair. If you had shock loss late, then expect the hair to grow back late. It's going to be about two months behind the transplanted hair if you figure the transplanted hair fell out after one month and the other hair fell out two months later.
  9. The only one I know who has used leg hair as donor is Dr Umar in CA as you mentioned. There may be others that have done it, though. Whether it's actually doable in your case depends on your leg hair, but it's no really a good donor source. Is there a reason you don't want to use beard or chest hair? Those work much better if you have hair in those areas.
  10. It is exactly where it should be at 5 months, just like it was where it should be at 4 months, 3 months, and 2 months, yet you keep on claiming it's a failure every month even though you see it improving each month. You can't possibly say you don't know that it takes up to a year or more for final results. You are on these forums. Anywhere you read on here you will read the same thing about how long it takes. I'm also 100% sure your Dr told you it will take a year for the full results.
  11. BeHappy

    First consultation visit

    Spex has several times posted some good questions to ask. Here is one of the his postings on this subject.
  12. BeHappy

    Advice Needed

    You already have a FUT scar, so you should look into the possibility of having another FUT by one of the better Drs on this site. They may be able do a FUT along the same scar line and make the scar thinner while also getting a decent number of grafts. I would at least look at that possibility with some clinics before doing SMP or body grafts into the scar. You can always do SMP and/or body grafts later if you still need it.
  13. When did you have the FUE procedure done? This matters because if it was recent, it will most likely look much better after it heals which could be several months or more if you had some shock loss in the area. If it was done some time ago and it actually has been over harvested, then you can try looking into either having some SMP into the area or putting some beard grafts into the area.
  14. I've had roughly 3550 beard and chest grafts done up to this point with just under half of them taken from the beard and slightly more than half taken from the chest. Mine has been done as several smaller procedures rather than a single large one. The last one was just done a few weeks ago. Once that grows in I may post pictures, but that probably won't be until sometime over the Summer.
  15. Hey Legend, Has the transplanted hair continued to grow or has a lot of it been falling out over the past week?