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  1. I am an Indian but from the Southern Part. Yes. I have rescheduled because of the current situation. I did not know Covid resulted in Hairloss. Thanks for the Info.
  2. Given the current COVID crisis in Delhi,Haryana, I am really worried and stressed. I am extremely worried about the negative scenario (less probable yet..) where I am tested Covid Positive after my HT and trapped in Delhi/Gurgaon. Any suggestions from Indians in the forum regarding that? https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/live-news-lockdown-in-delhi-night-curfew-covid-cases-noida-gurgaon-ghaziabad-temperature-pollution-21-april-2021/liveblog/82166929.cms Also I am worried about implications of Covid infection on my HT. Can someone explain?
  3. I used it for around 6 months. Hairfall stopped completely. But there was NO significant growth.
  4. Yes. I got your point. I am skeptical that it has no systemic side effect. Not an expert, but my thoughts are when used for long periods some amount of finasteride will get accumulated in system and it will take months or years for systemic side effects to show.
  5. Does anybody in this forum has any experience with TrichoStem regeneration? What are your thoughts? From their YouTube videos, it seems like a good alternative to Finasteride & Minoxidil.
  6. Ignore the red lines in the images. It was drawn as expected hairline which I realised later as unreasonable 😅.
  7. I would like to present a crazy idea. History: I am a NW2 aged 28 with good crown and mild scalp density. Family history is such that no major baldness NW4 (with low density) at age 60. My prediction of my future hair loss is very slow receding of hairline to NW4(with low density) about the age 50. Idea: To use crown and midscalp grafts as donors for hairline lowering. Reason: If donors are taken from safe donor zone, then after 10 years I might need another transplant since hairline is permanent and the native hairs behind the hairline will fall and it will look really bad. S
  8. yes. I am really skeptical when someone says topical finasteride has NO side effects. Need more data to be conclusive.
  9. I am a NW2 and aged 28. No sign of rapid baldness or hair loss. I have very slow progression of hair loss. I am planning for HT to lower my hairline little bit. I DONT WANT TO TAKE FINASTERIDE after transplant. My queries are.. Will all the transplanted hairs grow even if don't take finasteride after surgery? Does transplanted hair fall after sometime? or is it permanent? I have read the transplant hair also undergoes miniaturisation and eventually fall off. I comfortable being bald in my late 40s. But I am skeptical about whether my hairline will look bad if only surrounding nativ
  10. From the interactions I made with Eugenix till now, I can confidently say that they are NOT business minded. In fact at first they told me that HT was not required at all and to go with medications. Based on my further request they suggested me 1200 grafts. I made a request (which I don't want to disclose here), for which they gave me more than what I asked. So from my personal opinion, they are not money minded at all.
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