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  1. It looks super nice, but some pictures in daylight to see the quality is possible?
  2. wow it looks very good, in the coming months it will look even better
  3. Everything looks very good, I am positive that your result will be in line with your expectations, Dr. Demirsoy is a very good doctor, I had a hair transplant at his clinic 9 weeks ago and I hope it will be a good result
  4. Good evening, three weeks and a few days ago I had a hair transplant at a clinic in Turkey, a few days ago I started using minoxidil and my scalp started to be very dry, should I change the minoxidil? to worry about this situation? thank you
  5. thank you for the answer makes me more confident, I look forward to the pictures next week
  6. hello, some changes, can you post some more pictures? My case is similar to yours, on November 3 I have an appointment with Dr. Demirsoy, good luck
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