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  1. Hi Everyone, I thought I would add this observation as I haven't seen anyone mention this. Below is a picture of one of my hairs. (I have sacrificed to give back to this forum. 😭) Interestingly the tip (oldest part of the hair) is really thick, it then thins out, and thickens back towards the end (newest part). Visually I can see this on a few of the hairs on my head, but not all. I assume that the non-uniform thickness implies that this is a graft that never shed. (which is why not all of my hair is like this) I assume the thinness in the middle of the hair is due
  2. Hi All, Today is exactly 8 weeks post op. So I thought I would add a few more pictures with a few comments: 1. No new growth yet - but this is to be expected. 2. Shockloss of native hair in the recipient area and left donor side (see forth picture below) 3. My hair grows very slowly at 1 cm every 4 weeks... I'll update next at 3/4 months.
  3. Looks awesome man! Congrats and keep us posted over the next few months.
  4. @rob7331 - South Africa I think Dr Demirsoy's first South African patient
  5. Below is the 4 week (28 days) update. The shedding / shock loss appears to be in full force now... No longer getting any hairs on my hands when washing my hair. Left side of the donor clearly does appear thinner than the right, so maybe some shock loss here, but it's not too bad it's only when wet / direct sunlight that it looks thin. I'll be honest, I have read about this phase hundreds of times, but I am still pretty nervous about how this will turn out. 😅 Unless there are any specific questions, I'll probably only update next at 3 months / when there
  6. I think there may be a bit of shock loss on the left side of my donor. But it might also just be the lighting. I have very fine hair, so lighting makes a big difference. I'll be able to tell in another two weeks, once the hair is a bit longer, if there has actually been any shock loss. I can't say that I noticed any hair shedding during the first week at all.
  7. Hi All, Updated pictures from Day 13. (c. 2 weeks) The shedding has begun, hopefully the new growth will kick in fast. 🙄 Donor site looking as good as I could expect. Cheers,
  8. Hi All, Thanks for the comments, good wishes. Below are the Day 8 pictures. I took the scabs off today after several layers of lotion and placing a wet cloth on my head and leaving it there for about 20m. Scabs just rolled of, much easier than the donor site where I had to apply a bit of force to get the scabs off. Holding thumbs for as minimal a shed as possible now. 😅 Cheers,
  9. Hi Everyone, Thought I would add some update pictures. These are from Day 6. I will add more pictures once I have removed the scabs in the recipient area. Cheers,
  10. I paid for room service with my credit card and just had enough cash for tips. 2000 lira seems a bit excessive. But you can always change it back in the airport? I only had Euros on me, and the room service staff / taxi staff were happy to accept tips in euros...
  11. Hi All, I had written a previous post explaining the generic stuff about my situation as a pre-amble to my surgery, see link below for the context: I had the surgery on 23 November 2020 and the below is my initial feedback /review. Organisation: Muzaffer, Dr Demirsoy's assistant, is the point man for the entire process. I cannot stress enough how much it helps to have a single point of contact for everything from hotel bookings to explaining post op care. He's a great guy and shows a keen interest in your wellbeing. I don't have experience of how other operations are ru
  12. @MagnificentAl thanks! I have never seen someone mention ice packs, but that makes sense!
  13. Hi All, Long time lurker. I've been looking into getting a hair transplant for a few (3/4) years. I've been on the fence for a while, previously I could get by with concealers. But to be honest I am tired of having to go through the process of applying the concealers in so much detail. It makes life very restrictive. (I loved the rain as a child, now not so much. 😅) Some basic details about me 1. Age - 29 (30 in Feb) 2. Medication - Finasteride 3 times weekly for the last 2.5 years. (I actually started when I was 25, took it for a year and stopped for about a year. That wa
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