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  1. FairPlay to him. It’s literally made him look 8 years younger
  2. No chance he went to hair of instanbul. Expect it’s a mega expensive job from LA
  3. Your in safe hands with Demirsoy👍🏽 Had mine done with him a year ago and very pleased. Also got a WhatsApp group with 9 others that have also had theirs done with Demirsoy and everyone’s results are very good
  4. If you are very nearly slick then probably not, however it’s managing expectations because if you are that bald, you are probably going to need at least 2 transplants to be happy with it but it will never be perfect
  5. Thanks Cosmo👍🏽. I think you are right where the hairline is and the main thing is that it looks completely natural without the LEGO look
  6. Really pleased. I think sometimes you need to look back on photos to realize how much better it is now. Cheers!
  7. Below update photo now sitting at just over 11 months. My previous update photo was actually 9 ish months, not 10.5 months* this will be my last progress update post. I will get a second transplant if my crown progresses to lose anything further but I’m saving it for when I actually need it. Let me know your thoughts?
  8. A great result! Your hair has come so far from where it was and a crazy before/after photo👍🏽🔥
  9. You’re in safe hands with Demirsoy. Also had mine done with him in January and very pleased overall with the results 👍🏽
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