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  1. So I am on day 4 of FUE. One day 3 when the numbness went away, I could not sleep because of the pain in the donor area. Hoping this goes away soon.
  2. I have an appointment with Panine on Monday and I can possibly have surgery as early as November.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I just filled the consultation info for Konior and sent him pictures. I am looking to get the FUE completed asap. Does Panine have a waiting period? Is there a price difference between Konior, Nadimi and Panine ?
  4. I just saw Dr. Puig's consultant. She was nice but I learned that PUIG had some lawsuits and lives between Texas and Illinois.
  5. Hey guys. I am looking for good doctor in Chicagoland Area. I had a consultation today at International Hair Transplant. Dr Carlos Puig has several law suits and is not a part of this group. I was told that I need 2500 units and it would cost $11,250 with FUE method. What do you guys know about Dr. Carlos Puig? Who should I see next?
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