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  1. Question for everyone. How many grafts would be needed for more density? I'm not much concerned about the crown at this time. Moreso the front and mid scalp. Would 1000 be reasonable?
  2. Overall, yes I am happy w/ the results. I knew going in that I would need more than one procedure.
  3. Great progress!! Such a change from 5 months on up! I'll be hitting 4 months in 1 week. Thanks for the updates!
  4. Today I hit the 3 month mark. It's difficult to fully appreciate in the photo but there are a lot of hairs growing on my scalp in areas that have been bald for years. The hairs are very thin and don't show up well in bright lights. I do believe I suffered some shock loss, especially after comparing this photo to the pre-op photos, mainly on my mid scalp and donor area. However, everything has healed up nicely in back and I've been able to cut down to a 2 guard w/o any noticeable scarring. I love being able to see my new hairline when I look in the mirror. Looking forward to the next few months.
  5. Looking really good! I can't wait until I'm at the 4 month mark. I'm about 2.5 months behind you. Did it seem to grow quicker from 3 to 4 months?
  6. I'm approaching 6 weeks post-op and it seems to me that I have a little bit of growth. It looks like a few small black hairs are popping through my scalp. I'm pretty sure these weren't there before. I'll try and post some pics later. Will these hairs shed too?