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  1. Question for everyone. How many grafts would be needed for more density? I'm not much concerned about the crown at this time. Moreso the front and mid scalp. Would 1000 be reasonable?
  2. Overall, yes I am happy w/ the results. I knew going in that I would need more than one procedure.
  3. Great progress!! Such a change from 5 months on up! I'll be hitting 4 months in 1 week. Thanks for the updates!
  4. Today I hit the 3 month mark. It's difficult to fully appreciate in the photo but there are a lot of hairs growing on my scalp in areas that have been bald for years. The hairs are very thin and don't show up well in bright lights. I do believe I suffered some shock loss, especially after comparing this photo to the pre-op photos, mainly on my mid scalp and donor area. However, everything has healed up nicely in back and I've been able to cut down to a 2 guard w/o any noticeable scarring. I love being able to see my new hairline when I look in the mirror. Looking forward to the next few months.
  5. Looking really good! I can't wait until I'm at the 4 month mark. I'm about 2.5 months behind you. Did it seem to grow quicker from 3 to 4 months?
  6. I'm approaching 6 weeks post-op and it seems to me that I have a little bit of growth. It looks like a few small black hairs are popping through my scalp. I'm pretty sure these weren't there before. I'll try and post some pics later. Will these hairs shed too?
  7. You can see in the photo of my donor area that my left ear seemed to droop. That was a weird side-effect I experienced post op. However, it returned to normal after a few days passed and all of the swelling went down.
  8. I was told that I had a good donor supply. I may consider another surgery down the road for the crown but it won't be for a few years. I paid up front however there were other options. The Dr. suggested Propecia to maintain what I have. My immediate family are the only ones who know because they live w/ me. I took 10 days off work to recover. When I returned to work no one really asked anything. I've used a light dusting of fibers to conceal some areas on top and the scars on the back of my head are now covered w/ hair. I just hit the 4 week mark today.
  9. Hello everyone. I am a 42 year-old male. I would classify myself between a Norway 4 and 5. I underwent my very first procedure w/ Dr. Panine in Chicago last month to rebuild the front 1/3 of my scalp and hairline. I am currently a little over week 2 post-op and feeling well. There are tiny hairs all over my scalp that were not there prior to surgery and I also have a hairline again which is quite gratifying to see. It's now the waiting game for me. I began experience hairloss in my late 20s. At least this is when I started to take notice. I could tell my hairline was receding and I also began to notice a decrease in density. Hairloss continued throughout my 30s becoming far more noticeable around age 35. My hair could no longer cover bald spots on my scalp w/o constant adjustment. I finally got on Rogaine at age 40 which seemed to help slow the process down. I began to accept my fate and started using fibers to help conceal the thin areas. For whatever reason I stumbled across the idea of getting a hair tansplant again and decided to look into it more. After watching hours of FUE procedures on YouTube I did some research and decided to make the call. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Panine in Chicago after researching his credentials and looking through before and after videos. His experience in the field and results were astounding. I met with both he and his assistant Stuart and felt incredibly comfortable with everything they had to offer me. Stuart has been and continues to be extremely supportive both pre and post op. If ever I had or have a question he is more than happy to answer it for me. The procedure took around 12 hours to complete and it went just as I was told. Dr. Panine has an amazing staff. Pain was at a minimum and was always taken care of as soon as I made a comment about it. Dr. Panine did all of the extractions and incisions himself, which was something that was very important to me and a major reason why I chose him. He had an assistant help him insert the grafts which I was aware would be the case and they both worked together during the implantation stage, one on each side of my head. The assistant was immensely professional and always did whatever she could to make me feel comfortable throughout the procedure. His entire staff was like this. When the procedure was complete I was amazed on how well the recipient site appeared. Outside of some redness it almost looked as if nothing happened. I'm used to seeing bumps and blood all over the scalp in other patient's photos. However, Panine's work was amazingly clean. I'll let the photos do the talking and you can see for yourself. Photos are pre and post op.
  10. When did you begin using Minoxidil after your HT?
  11. W/o the use of Fin can we expect the transplanted hairs to be relatively permanent? I understand that if a patient undergoes chemo or they have other health issues that arise this could influence the life of the hair follicles. I was just curious what you all have to say about this. I've been told different things by different people. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, paddyirishman! That gave me a nice boost in confidence that I made the right decision.
  13. From what you're saying I guess it's a matter of making sure it is done correctly. I did do quite a bit of research before making any decisions, had 2 separate consults w/ 2 different surgeons and Dr. Panine seemed the best fit. I looked through his before and after photos and they looked amazing. So for you personally would you say that if given the opportunity to go back in time you would do it all over again?
  14. I'm scheduled w/ Dr. Panine next month for a 2500 FUE procedure. I'm 42 and have been ever so slooowly thinning/balding since my late 20s/ early 30s. It really became noticeable in my mid 30s when I could no longer style my hair the way I was used to w/o scalp showing. Now I guess I'm around a Norwood 4 or 5. Just noticed how bad the crown is getting in a photo that was taken of me from behind. Yikes! Anyhow, my plan is to rebuild the hairline and leave the crown alone for a possible future procedure if I choose to go that route. I'm being pretty reasonable about this. I just want to be able to look in the mirror and have a decent age appropriate hair line again. The crown doesn't really bother me all that much to be honest. I have been taking Rogaine for about 3 years which seems to have slowed things down but it's really difficult to tell to be sure. I have explored the option of Propecia but I really don't think I want to go that route. I also use Caboki fibers which does a great job of filling in the thinning areas of my hair. I use it everyday and have gotten quite accustomed to the process. I'm pretty excited about having this procedure done but would like to hear others' opinions who have already had it done. Was it worth it? Would you do it again if you could go back? Thanks!