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  1. I agree, I had my procedure with Nadimi recently also (3 weeks ago) and she does such a clean job I’m sure it minimizes shock loss!
  2. I say just ride it out and see how the thinning progresses. The other alternative is to try body hair grafts, but that is probably not ideal for large area. Would it be possible to shave or is there a bad scar in back?
  3. Looks great! Any specific reason you chose Konior over Nadimi given that her waitlist is shorter?
  4. Was using topical minoxidil for past 6+ years without noticeable side effects. However, for past few months I’ve noticed dizziness when standing from a seated or lying position. At first it took me a while to figure out it was the minoxidil, I thought I was developing cardiac failure lol. Took a trial off minox and noticed my dizziness went away and my runs increased dramatically in just a few days! I’m sure it was having subtle cardiac effects for a while I just didn’t realize it! 😂😭
  5. Anyone try topical finasteride that is not formulated with minoxidil? I get side effects from both oral fin and topical minox so looking for last ditch treatments! 😭
  6. Interesting theory...I think TRT in general is risky, there are a lot of things we don't know about long term effects like prostate cancer and heart disease especially in younger men. Not to mention infertility and once you start on it your body becomes highly dependent on it (ie testes stop working) and it may be difficult to stop using it. Another route that I was potentially interested in was taking something like Clomid, an oral medication which in men does raise overall testosterone without your body becoming dependent on it. I wonder if this could be a way to also counteract
  7. I wonder if this could be alopecia areata? Maybe a local steroid injection will help
  8. awesome thank you! do you know by chance where to get these or do you have to ask the compounding pharmacy to specifically make it?
  9. Can you post some pics of your current situation?
  10. Are u getting side effects? Why such a low dose?
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