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  1. Recently I’ve been reading a lot about topical hair loss treatments, specifically RU58841. I’ve come across so many posts online by users who swear by its efficacy. Many argue that it’s a viable anti androgen because it works just as well as Finasteride but with less side effects. What I’m curious about though is if it’s so safe and effective why hasn’t it ever been approved by the FDA? Why hasn’t any company conducted a complete clinical trial on it and attempted to get this out to mass market? If this truly is a safer alternative to Finasteride then pharmaceutical companies would potentially be skipping out on significant financial incentives by not pursuing it. It just seems really suspicious to me. The fact that all of these topicals are considered experimental and non regulated gives me pause. I’ve been tempted to use a topical because I can’t come around to taking Fin. I don’t think it’s worth messing with your hormones to keep hair. I don’t knock anyone who does though. I also find the online discourse around Fin to be very one sided with pro Fin people constantly downplaying the experiences of people who have side effects. Even though it works for a large percentage of people there are still many out there who’ve gotten irreversible damage from taking it
  2. Hello all, I was set on getting a FUE procedure in the near future to fix some temporal recession on my hairline. I’m based in Chicago and have done consults with a few doctors. However, a big point of contention for me is having to shave my head for a FUE. Since my hair is longer at the moment I’m worried that it won’t grow back to this length after I shave it. Im 32 and my hair quality isn’t what it was when I was in my 20s in terms of overall thickness. I never was a big fan of FUT because of the scar but now it seems like a more plausible option because of not having to shave my head. Who are some quality US doctors who specialize in FUT? I’m looking for someone reputable but also cost effective.
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s super helpful. I agree with you that embarking on the HT journey probably entails multiple procedures down the line. The way I see it, I just want to preserve my hair through 45ish and then whatever happens, happens lol I think I’m going to reassess getting a HT and postponing until late next year or 2022. I’m going to give Finasteride a shot and see what happens
  4. I was very close to getting PRP done but backed out when I read that there’s very little research that supports it being a viable option for long term hair growth. I think I’m gna give Finasteride a shot
  5. I’ve never been told what my Norwood level is. I’ve had a few HT consults and none of the doctors mentioned anything. Thanks for the great advice. I actually spoke with a doctor this afternoon who said if I were to experience side effects I’d know in the first two weeks and could stop without any kind of long term or everlasting effects. I think I’m going to give Finasteride a shot and then reassess things later next year
  6. Thanks all. These are valid points. I’m very torn at the moment just because of the potential side effects of Finasteride. I’ve read the clinical studies and data; the science is very reassuring. Again, you just can’t predict if you’ll end up being that unlucky person who has an adverse reaction. At the same time, I def don’t want to spend money on multiple HTs if they’re just temporary fixes and not addressing the cause of hair loss that will continue to occur with native hair
  7. So I’ve been thinking about getting a HT for a while. I’ve always had thick hair throughout my teenage and young adult years. I first noticed a little thinning on my crown when I was 27 in 2015 and immediately began applying Rogaine 2x a day. The results were fantastic as I’ve been able to stave off a lot of potential loss in that area. I’m 32 now and over the last year I’ve started to notice temporal recession that’s drastically impacted my hairline. Luckily, I have bangs and a “messy” hairstyle look that allows me to conceal it. Im still on Rogaine but the crown is starting to thin more, which isn’t surprising considering the natural aging process. Im extremely hesitant to get on Finasteride because of the potential side effects. While clinical studies point to only a small percentage of men getting these side effects, it’s still impossible to predict if you’ll be one of the unlucky few. Ive had a few consults and have been told that a reasonable FUE HT of 1600-1800 grafts would be suitable to fix my hairline. With COVID affording me the opportunity to work from home I’m looking to bite the bullet soon and getting it done. However, as I’m researching I’m seeing lots of posts claiming HTs are a waste of money if you’re not willing to commit to Finasteride for the rest of your life along with it. Is this true? Taking a DHT blocker is helpful, no doubt, but it seems counter intuitive to get a HT and still have to take prescription drugs for the rest of your life to maintain it. I understand the logic behind it because DHT is the root of the problem but the discourse around this topic is super one sided IMO. I’ve added pics of my hair for reference. What do you all think? Do you think Finasteride is something I absolutely need based off of how my native hairs currently look at 32?
  8. Hey all, I’m looking to get a FUE procedure done in Chicago and have already done a few consults. I’ve been told I have mild recession and need between 1500-1800 grafts. My question is how much should this type of procedure generally cost? Is excess of $20k too much? Obviously every doctor is different and you get what you pay for. But I’m trying to get an understanding of what a reasonable expectation should be for a successful procedure at a reputable doc.
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys! Konior’s work is very impressive and he seems really ethical. Getting a HT is a big decisions and today’s options have become very convoluted making it difficult to find gems among all the rubble
  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Is anyone familiar with Dr Carlos Puig and the International Hair Institute?
  11. Hello all, I’m new to this site but very interested in getting a hair transplant done to restore my hairline. It’s a little difficult finding reputable quality advice online since many clinics these days are investing in SEO and publishing fake reviews. I was hoping someone could speak to any experience with good doctors in the Chicago area?
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