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  1. Hey all, I’m looking to get a FUE procedure done in Chicago and have already done a few consults. I’ve been told I have mild recession and need between 1500-1800 grafts. My question is how much should this type of procedure generally cost? Is excess of $20k too much? Obviously every doctor is different and you get what you pay for. But I’m trying to get an understanding of what a reasonable expectation should be for a successful procedure at a reputable doc.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys! Konior’s work is very impressive and he seems really ethical. Getting a HT is a big decisions and today’s options have become very convoluted making it difficult to find gems among all the rubble
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Is anyone familiar with Dr Carlos Puig and the International Hair Institute?
  4. Hello all, I’m new to this site but very interested in getting a hair transplant done to restore my hairline. It’s a little difficult finding reputable quality advice online since many clinics these days are investing in SEO and publishing fake reviews. I was hoping someone could speak to any experience with good doctors in the Chicago area?
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